Monday, 18 July 2011

McCann's Where Pennyless In 2007!

Look at Gerry's shoes... see the hole in them... doesn't this prove the McCanns were that broke in 2007 that Gerry couldn't even buy a new pair of shoes for their holiday to Praia in May 2007!

If you think the McCanns were financially secure in May 2007, then why did they use the fund donations from the public to pay for their £350,000 mortgage for their home in Rothley, not once, but twice!

Didn't Kate's uncle Brian Kennedy state publicly that the fund would also pay for their legal fees!

I find it suspicious that Teresa May stated that Police officers will have to accept pay cuts or jobs will be lost, said the Home Secretary as she warned of two-year pay freeze saving £350 million in March 2011, then along come the McCanns with their demand for a publicly paid for review of their (FAKE), case in an open letter to PM Cameron, and he throws £3.5 MILLIONS into the McCanns' REVIEW on the following month... now doesn't it all sound like a public money laundering scam to you, cause it certainly does to me, after reports that the public donations to the McCanns fund had dried up in February 2011, it looks like the Mccanns will stoop to anything to get their hands on public money, and even fake a child's abduction for it!