Friday, 31 May 2013

Yes we WANT a TRIAL! In the Name of a Rose:

Hi dear Readers,
Now you have a chance to also sign the petition towards a  Trial  for the McCanns on a site which will give our Cause a bigger boost: Change.Org, because their networking works all around the world. You can help all these efforts by sharing the Petition from the site by clicking on the Social Networks, and by copying the link below and email it to your Family, Friends and Contacts:

Here is the full link:


Don't forget to sign, share and comment! 

In The Name Of A Rose, and JUSTICE,

The Lost Marketing Ploy blog.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

This Case Needs A Trial : Petition

I've always been baffled, stunned and even horrified about the fact that the McCanns have never been tried despite the number of contradictions and flaws in their police statements and their friends'; the EARLY LIES about the "forced entry"; their abnormal attitude towards police and press - who would EVER call a police officer a "FUCKING TOSSER" during an interrogatory about the "disappearance" of their Child? Well, the mother DID.
Please search for yourselves by reading the official police files (PJ Files), visiting the sites which, for years, have collected facts and statements (you will find some of them on this blog side-links). Watch truth-seeking  videos, join discussions, visit blogs and if you agree with me / us, then you are welcome to sign my petition and to share it.

In The Name Of A Rose,
The Lost Marketing ploy Blog.