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La situation est GRAVE, mais pas désespérée!


Aucun reportage sur le RÉCENT Tribunal McCanns /  AMARAL, Lisbonne, Mars 2012?!

Bien! Au moins on en dormira + ! PLUSSSS! Ah ah. Eh oui, les Médias n'ont PAS reporté. Les Vilains!

A + pour davantage de détails... Notez qu'AMARAL A GAGNÉ.  Mais a-t-il recouvré TOUS ses livres? J'en doute. A +!


NO MEDIATISATION OF THE RECENT MARCH 2012 COURT in Lisbon, Portugal, McCanns Vs. AMARAL. Nope! NOTHING AT ALL! British People or Residents here are NOT allowed to get information when it does NOT suit the McCanns or their Protectors / Sponsors.
Surprise surprise? See a recent blog post here for more info... Well, LACK of it!

Isn't it sickening to KNOW something but actually only a few people in this country, "Great" Britain, are able to discuss it, because all the "REST" of the People haven't even been INFORMED about it?!

As this French title says, borrowed from a famous French Comedy Movie: "The situation is GRAVE, ( !), but not desperate!" Very GRAVE I'd say. Gravily GRAVE.... Shallowly.

Sang sur les rideaux / Blood on the curtains
Food for thoughts...

Maddy Woz ere

Thursday, 29 March 2012

NO Photo Of Kate's Pregnancies?

Bit weird, isn't it. The Celebs from Leicestershire/ Praia, Algarve would, for sure, cashed on a £ Million if only they had provided some photographs of Ms Healy "wearing" a wee bump, with a caption: "My Pregnancy With Madeleine".
Another wee bumper could have been: "Here! You all want to see Maddy's health records? HERE they ARE!"

But NO. Nothing, and still nothing new in that department for the PJ. No Health Records / Files of any sort. TA-BOO! And the CC (Credit Cards) records / account statements copies are equally TABOO.
Though, imagine the financial BOOST it would have given to the FUND!

Here is something I have spotted from my readings (and it's brought me BACK to an OLD Topic of MINE on the "3as"' former forum... I'm glad that Thoughts Do Stick!!!):

maternity ward pic?
Post" juliet on Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:22 pm

I've seen a photo which looks as if it's taken in a maternity-type ward - with a bed and so on. The funny thing is that Gerry looks like the mother - IIRC he's on the bed with the newborn and Kate is sitting by looking fresh and dressed and in no way as if she gave birth in the last day or so. Do not have a clue where the pic might be found.

It makes you think though - esp as Kate never seems to talk as if she really carried and gave birth to Madeleine. It's all "the pregnancy was so easy", "when Madeleine appeared" etc...the last bit is how adoptive parents talk. "When dhe came to us," sort of thing.

Was Madeleine carried by a surrogate mother? Was she adopted?"

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--never mind, Jill Harvern always finds a good "reason" for EDITING, or CENSORING (as long as her precious Ads aren't!) re my "Questions To The McCanns" (Click!)



 All that low-life got is a MERE 12 months imprisonment AND he's banned from working around Children for ONLY 10 years!

Why ten years? Normally people like that would get banned for LIFE from working with Children. Why 12 months jail? Has the police tried to investigate on  the  SOURCE  of  the  MATERIAL PHYSICS TEACHER ANDREW WARD was using?? Tell me, after his healthy 12 months' break in a cosy jail, how can he ever be prevented from buying a laptop and viewing LIVE footages of kids who suffer sex abuse, again? ?

That bastard was also hanging around BEBO! collecting GIRLS' PHOTOS - advice: if you're on social networks, make sure your account is set for strict privacy...


First article:

Canon Slade teacher admits child porn charge

9:00am Wednesday 21st March 2012
A TEACHER has pleaded guilty to taking indecent images of children and storing extreme material on his computer.
Andrew Ward has been suspended from his post at Canon Slade School in Bolton.
Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to six counts of possessing indecent photographs of children, six charges of taking indecent photographs of children and one count of possessing extreme pornography involving animals.
It is understood the images ranged from levels one to five, five being the worst, and the computer had thousands of images and videos stored on it.
Ward, aged 46, was suspended from the Bradshaw school in November after police executed a search warrant at his home.
His computer and storage devices were seized.
The offences occurred between October 24, 2010, and July 1, 2011.
Ward, of Crompton Road, Lostock, has been bailed to an address in Leeds, and will be sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on April 11.
His solicitor, James Towey, made an application for Ward’s name and address not to be published.

But The Bolton News opposed the application, and it was refused.
Parents received a letter yesterday from the school, which said: “We are writing to inform you that a teacher from this school has been charged by Greater Manchester Police for offences regarding the possession of indecent images of children.
“The school is most concerned and saddened by the nature of the allegations.
“We are co-operating fully with the police investigation together with the Bolton local authority and the Diocese of Manchester to support their inquiries.”

A spokesman for the Diocese of Manchester said: “We are shocked by the nature of these crimes.

“The diocese takes all incidents involving the safety and welfare of children very seriously. Any abusive or inappropriate use of the internet by staff employed in CE schools is completely unacceptable, and staff found guilty of such abuse should be subject to the full weight of employment and criminal legislative powers.
Against such a backdrop, individuals should then be held to account for their own behaviours and actions.”


Original Comment

"I went to Canon Slade and we all thought this guy was wrong, we called him a paedophile behind his back and even made remarks to other teachers about him. If the staff as CS didnt show the students blatant ignorance, as if we knew nothing then this dangerous man would have been caught sooner. He was suspended once before, for supposedly locking a girl in a stock cupboard, turning off the light and feeling her up. Why was he let back into school? Yes Canon Slade is a good school, but it's because the students are willing to learn (even when their teachers are incapable) but the fact that CS put me and others in danger because they refused to listen and deal with the situation (and embarrassment) makes me sick."

Ladies And Gents, no you're NOT watching The Dafty News right now. As you can read, this has TRULY HAPPENED. That "school" has been warned about that PAEDO way before he finally got caught, as you can read. But as usual, who are Children? Teens? Obviously, "garbage to just ignore".

Monday, 26 March 2012

Kate On The Twins' Early Memories

In the SVT Swedish show that Kate and Gerald attended to benefit their launch of BOOK "madeleine" in April 2011, Kate said that it goes through her knowing that the twins Sean and Amelie McCann CAN actually remember lots of daily life experience BEFORE the 2007 holiday. It's clearly making her feel uneasy, as I could well notice, so I 've just decided to post this, just to share it, in case it could help the search for... Madeleine or her shadow. I wonder why this mother shows uncomfortable at her children's early memories? Gerry then carries on, explaining (as he has noticed the mayhem!), showing much concern about the "vile garbage" that's on the internet in discussions, etc, and what they will think of it as they grow older, mmh, well if it's that much of garbage, then they shouldn't care, should they? It's the TRUE FACTS that, in my view, frighten Gerry. Oh, sooner or later... Someone will help the truth a little bit more through! This, I have no doubt about. Frightening for *Some* indeed...

A friend of the blog has reflected upon this as we were privately discussing it and has sent me this:
"Take one monster man that SEAN was going to fight

Take two little toddler kids and FEED THEM THE ABDUCTION STORY

Take two little toddler Kids and describe WHAT THE BIG BAD ABDUCTOR LOOKED LIKE.

Take two little toddler kids and GO OVER AND OVER THE DESCRIPTIONS AGAIN

Take two little toddlers and teach them enough that THEY DREAM OF THIS ABDUCTOR. 


The McCanns have  painted and made sure the twins HAVE A FALSE MEMORY OF WHAT HAPPENED. " -Well thought, but I wonder if it will work though? What will they say when they realise both parents FABRICATED THE FORCED ENTRY "EVIDENCE"? Family and closed friends reported they telephoned them late at night on the 3rd May 2007 and CLAIMED that the WINDOWS HAD BEEN SMASHED! FALSE. The SHUTTER was JEMNIED! FALSE.

 Telling The Tale

("Not me, but Kate. I thought she was a bit over-protective". Who needs a pink prince to spin a good story? Not Gerry, he's a Born Communicator!!! You've really wasted money on Clarence Mitchell, Gerald!
Click Here for the SHOW (starts at 39 minutes)

And hang on, by the way: see ... Just a hypothetical thought as there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE that the McCanns were 'actually' in their apartment WITH the Children on that evening, after the kids were "sleeping". I think we're slowly getting there.... read on The General Info And Links (McCann case) Page on this Blog. The KELLY's BAR is also interesting as TANNER mentioned Gerry watching football on a tv "documentary" (British Tale) - and that I have been tipped-off about this bar, The Kelly's in PdL - one good bar with lively ambiance, REAL QUIZZ and...
LIVE FOOTBALL on large screens.

(Feel free to add anything you wish in the Comments below! Every little bit of Info helps Madeleine... or her Memory)

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Where INCOME from a BUSINESS SCHEDULED RACE is far more "important" than the FACTS...

Yep, not ONE second wasted. Yet.. my question is:
1) How did the McCanns "know!" that they'd be FREE from court for the race??

Another question wandering through my brain:
2) HOW could they raise money BEFORE the race?

And yet another question, perhaps the most important of all:

3) WHY DIDN'T THE BRITISH MEDIA REPORT ON THIS LASTEST COURT??!!! After searching high and low, the ONLY links I get is: a- Mercedes Blog , b- Joana Morais blog with Mercedes' translated post (see a- !) on it. After this if you gogle " McCann, Court, Lisbon, Amaral, March, 2012 " all you get is: this blog of mine, the 2 ones I've just mentioned, and, so far, just another blog or two, like "Little Morsals". Well, fatty arses, are you still hibernating in the BBC Lounges? What happened to Anaorak...??? and to EVERYBODY ELSE? "Maddy WAS here" tv documentary - or MOCKumentarium!!!!

ITV? Anyone else who has always been "on the rolling BALL"?! SKY!!!  Seriously, This Is London SHIT and all SHEETROLLS, the SEXpress, The Slow, Slow telegraph and all..... The Tit-tits DayLight... We have YOU ALL SNAPPED! You and your (big?) ZERO BALLS!

Cause when it's not JUST QUITE to say: "Ooops this time the McFuckers didn't win" (copyright a Friend) (yes I need to keep me off the carter fucking!), it's: "THE NAZI SILENCE OF AUSCHWITZ"!!!!!

Here's a CLEAR view, the result of a previous search, when I already was very DUBIOUS about that GHOST COURT...:

What's all this about now? Look at the MAYHEMS in dates! "Kate runs for charity again-- 17th March 2012- today's the 15th and the McCanns were just in COURT! (wtf?!)

Social Services condones fake medical evidence to suit their objectives!!!

Social Services condones fake medical evidence to suit their objectives
Posted on March 17 2012

Another day, another leading media article hits the headlines over State operated child trafficking. That is where Social Services are on bonus schemes for the removal of children from families and selling them into the adoption market. This is the story of just one of the ‘experts’ used by Social Services to achieve their ends. A leading psychiatrist faces extraordinary claims he deliberately misdiagnosed parents with mental disorders – decisions which meant their children were taken away from them. Dr George Hibbert faces being struck off over his conclusions that hundreds had ‘personality disorders’ after assessing them at his private family centre. Read more... !"

Posted in Hollie News | Tagged @Holliejustice, Dr George Hibbert, Family Justice Council, hollie greig, John Hemming, Ken Clarke, Social Services, State operated child trafficking | 2 Replies

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

COURT: "Judge orders immediate return of books"

One bad day for Cruella Devill'... ;)

McCann Case: Judge orders the immediate devolution of Gonçalo Amaral's Book

14 March 2012 | Posted by Joana Morais

Following the ruling of the Court of Appeals of Lisbon on October 14, 2010 in which the judges decreed that Gonçalo Amaral's books could be sold, revoking the first judgement of the Court a quo [lower court/court decision's that was appealed] that had granted a banning injunction, and in a new legal setback for the McCanns, we can now confirm that the judge has ordered the immediate devolution of the 7.500 copies of the book "Maddie, the Truth of the Lie" that were entrusted to Isabel Duarte, lawyer of the McCann couple. The lawyer has, of today, 10 days to fulfil that order.

On the other hand, we are also able to confirm that one of the several claims for defamation made by the McCann couple against several Portuguese persons, specifically one targeting criminal psychologist and university professor Dr. Paulo Sargento as been archived by the Public Ministry. Nevertheless, and according to information that was provided to us, the McCanns' lawyer, Isabel Duarte, intends to proceed with the claim despite not having the backing of the Public Minstry.

More news on this subject, on tomorrow's edition of Correio da Manhã.

In Spanish at Mercedes's blog, with muchas gracias for the breaking news.

Poisonous Chemtrails


Why are chemtrails visible on radar?

Why are respiratory illnesses surging?

They're organising meetings, leafleting, and running 'chemtrailing awareness' days, including a Portsmouth group.

May 12th Rye demo. Why not turn up? Make a bigger street presence.

July - a chemtrail awareness musical event. Speakers. Music.

It's happening. Resistance is starting.

Donate. There's a Facebook account where details are given. (TAP - is there? Can't see one) - Just send us your bank account details, I'll publish them and Tap readers will pay in direct soonest. TPTW tend to get in the way of funding if they can.

TAP - I'm worrying about the chemtrails I see in the sky where we live, and the strange smells on the air in the evenings. So much so I'm reconsidering moving my family from the Philippines, as we've been planning a long time. Why would I want my baby son to breathe Strontium, Aluminium, Barium and Uranium? The bastards shoved an unauthorised vaccine into him the day he was born. It's my responsibility to try and keep their filth out of his tiny (though growing) body as regards their air poisoning programmes. He's staying put until the chemtrailing Battle of Britain is over. I'm going back to join them soon, for a while, but the chemtrailing fight is my fight. Who's trying to kill us every day? Let's deliver the message to as many people as we can.

Youtube comments -

We need chemtrail awareness events every week not just a day.... this event that I organised was well advertised locally and even then I had to say it was a Environment Awarenesss event to the venue and council, you try to organise an event that actually says its a Chemtrails awareness event and see what shit you get from the authorities, it was a start just to show people whats possible, and considering it was just one person efforts with a sponsor...

These events need to be properly publicised. I would have gone to it if I had known about it and lots of other people would also have gone.  We need to have a chemtrail awareness day throughout the UK.

Gregory Pitchford writes -

The is one fight that is getting out there. Even my family who is far removed from the world of conspiracies is beginning to see the light when it comes to Chemtrails. There is a product that can help your body defend against the metal toxins. It is called Zeolite. I encourage you all to take it. I have seen the positive effects of this product first hand.

From Chemtrails UK on Facebook -

Jim Marrs explains the kind of world we live in where TPTW can spend billions trying to poison humanity.

For more on the environmental effects of chemtrailing -

Facebook Links - Tiyana Maksimovich-Binno

Other reasons to be optimistic -

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"Was Madeleine Abducted?"

"Was Madeleine abducted?

Four years after she disappeared in Portugal, Madeleine McCann has not been found.

Kate McCann has written her account of her daughter’s disappearance and the  aftermath
By Enid O’Dowd

You’re meeting seven neighbours,

with eight children under

four between you, in one of

Ranelagh’s many restaurants,

only 120 metres or so from your

homes which you can’t see from

the restaurant; what do you do

about childcare?

That was the ‘almost’ equivalent

dilemma faced by Kate and Gerry

McCann and their friends on their

holiday in Praia da Luz in May

2007 – except they were not on

their home patch as you were

in Ranelagh. The group, which

became known as the Tapas nine

and six of whom were doctors,

decided to make 30 minute

checks. This system, Kate claims,

had worked on previous evenings

but when she checked at 10 pm

on Thursday May 3rd, Madeleine

was not there and, despite an

international search involving the

Portuguese and UK police and

private detectives, she has still not

been found.

Last month Kate McCann published

“Madeleine - our daughter’s

disappearance and the

continuing search for her”. In the

foreword of the book she states

that her “reason for writing the

book is to give an account of the

truth”. Isn’t that odd phraseology

- surely there can only be one version

of the truth?

"McCanns... Unusual People Or Liars?"

You Tube Humour

Oh Maddie Maddie
(watch the Ice Cream bits)
Do NOT miss SCOTTISH MOTHERS' DAY!!!!! 25th March 2012 ;)
-on week earlier for England - Happy *MOTHERING* Day ya' all (and the Bitch)! ;-}
 Hold Tighhhtttt......

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WHICH "relation(s)" to 'Information WithHeld'??- to Madeleine...

*The exemption under section 27 exists to protect the United Kingdom's international relations, its interests abroad and the United Kingdom's ability to protect and promote those interests. [full PDF here]

Section 27 consists of two different kinds of exemption:

Section 27(1) focuses on the effects of disclosure rather than on the type of information. Information is exempt if its disclosure would or would be likely to prejudice any of the matters mentioned in section 27(1)(a) - (d):

a) relations between the UK and any other state

b) relations between the UK and any international organisation or international court

c) the interests of the UK abroad

d)the promotions or protection by the UK of its interests abroad

Section 27(2) protects confidential information obtained from a foreign state, an international organisation, or an international court. Section 27(2) describes information by reference to its origins and the circumstances in which it was obtained.

SteelMagnolia - The McCann's HAVE NOT Been Cleared !: #McCann Affair : PJ Inspector Caught In Internet T...

SteelMagnolia - The McCann's HAVE NOT Been Cleared !: #McCann Affair : PJ Inspector Caught In Internet T...: A fake profile in the internet enticed an investigator of the Maddie Case into indiscretions by Tânia Laranjo/Eduardo Dâmaso One of the ...

New: Portuguese "Review" Oporto

Main link, Sky News:

Copyrights: SKY NEWS

also see this interesting page with interlinks:

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Pat Brown: " The Way They Want Us To Believe It"

Many sources

Pat, talking from Praia:

"“We have a situation here where there are two parents who have refused to cooperate fully with a police investigation – who have refused to answer questions, who have changed their stories and fled from jurisdiction – but who have then taken their story - in the way they want us to believe it - to the media, asking people to donate money to fund a search for a child who, statistically-speaking, is almost certainly dead!”

“I can understand bereaved parents doing some crazy things, but never have I seen parents like this before! Their actions have opened the door to speculation.”

“My other reason is to show support for Gonçalo Amaral and freedom of speech”.

Amaral faces trial for defamation of the McCanns over the publication of his book, “The Truth of the Lie” in which he maintains that three-year-old Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5a on the night of May 3rd 2007. His trial was originally set for February 9th -10th, but postponed. Brown decided to take advantage of her booked flight to see if she could learn anything new by visiting the crime scene. And did she?

“Yes, absolutely. I discovered more about the situation on the street; I learnt about the locks on the doors and how they work; how the shutter and window would be impossible to open from the outside; about the kind of terrain here – but my line of thought has remained the same: there are two simple answers to this crime”.

“The simplest answer is that Madeleine was abducted by a local predator (in which case she would almost certainly have been killed within two to three hours) – and the second simplest answer is that she died in a tragic accident and her body was disposed of”.

“To eliminate the second simplest answer, we have to establish without doubt that there was an abduction – and that hasn’t happened”.

Does she believe, like Gonçalo Amaral, that what’s needed is a reconstruction of the night Madeleine went missing?

“Hell yes! And that’s what they have consistently refused to go along with – all of them
: the McCanns and the rest of the Tapas group! The McCanns particularly have been their own worst enemies. They could provide answers in a number of ways: by taking part in a reconstruction, by submitting to polygraph testing. You see, they have to be eliminated in order for the first simplest answer to be the highest probability!”

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pro photographer owns Maddy photos! Why?

Here is one result from an internet search. If you google :Madeleine McCann photographer , you will get lots more results. This early article below was raising the question: Is Paul Grover the same man as the one from the professional photos agency? I can assure you now that we were a lot of people to search on this, and the answer is: Yes!
So why is that? Why were all these 'dolled up' pics taken by this professional photographer? To which goal? And whoever good parent would want to have such a photo like this below taken?
Doesn't this seriously araise curiosity, if not severe suspicion, to the mind, when we know that all these pics were sold at top-wack price to the press - was this a whole pre-organised strategy 'just in case' this kid would go missing by any chance? Or is it pure coincidence?.... In any case , I think that NSY (The Met) should need to ask this child's parents about the need to pay a photographer, who usually SPECIALISES IN CELEBRITIES and other VIP's, (so imagine the BILL it must have reached... for people who needed to serve themselves out of their public fund to pay 2 months of mortgage, it's rather STRANGE, no?) - and possibly quizz this man too, Mr Paul Grover, and his agency. Collect statements and compare them - and I've just been told that the 'heavy blue eye-shadows' is also from the same photographer. Information to check upon, and I would welcome details about this, if true.
Many photographs of "Madeleine McCann" have triggered angry comments among the public, who has massively described these pics as 'heavenly material for paedophiles'. -See forums and other internet comments and reactions since 2007.- Photos have always been a key function of the campaign " Find Madeleine"..., even these that did not portrait the child as she was looking like at the time when she went missing. The early posters showed a much younger child, not to mention the interesting statement of Silvia Batista:

"[...] As she said earlier she was alerted about the disappearance of Madeleine between 22.30 and 23:00. She was at home and was informed of the event via a telephone call.
She drove immediately to the Ocean Club where she arrived a few minutes before elements of the GNR popped in.
After she arrived she went immediately to the apartment A5 where she found several people inside the apartment and outside of it. She entered in the flat but soon left without having spoken with anyone, because she was informed that elements of the GNR were in the principal reception. She went there to meet them.
When she came close to the elements of the GNR she found that behind her was
Gerry, Madeleine's father, accompanied by another man whose identity she doesn't remember. Then Gerry kneeled down, hit the floor with both hands, positioning himself as if he were a praying Arab, and screamed twice of anger, what he said being impossible to understand. Then Gerry stand up and accompanied her (the witness) and the other man in the car of the GNR to the apartment A5.
She entered the apartment and asked for the passports of all elements of the family, and also photographs of the missing girl. She went with Gerry to the GNR car to hand over the requested documents. She mentions she did this, as well
as other tasks, at the request of the GNR Commandant, because she could translate their questions and the missing girl's family's answers.
She remembers Gerry gave the Commandant of several photographs of the missing girl. They were postcard-like pictures, taking into account their size and shape and seemed all the same to her.
She understood also that since the very beginning either Gerry or the others insisted on stating that Madeleine had been snatched, all using the word "abducted" instead of missing, and all showing much interest in informing the press of the situation. [...] "


[source: ty Paulo]

A strange picture of Madeleine, from Paul Grover (*)

Is this the same Paul Grover from REX FEATURES, "Britain's leading independent photographic press agency and picture library, supplying a daily service of news, celebrity, features, and stock photos to all national newspapers, magazines, TV, web and other media in the UK and in more than 30 countries worldwide"? Or is it just a coincidence? The picture was posted at one of the several sites organized and promoted by a McCann special support group, a secret organization which has members in more than 25 countries. The site was set up on May 9th, just six days after Madeleine McCann disappeared.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I BELIEVE! ~ Les Croyances

Je Croie En Dieu*

* I Believe In God.

I also Believe that Madeleine's Parents should NOT BE PUNISHED!

Let's take this back (or "bachhh*... as the mother says in exaggerated *accent") to the Early May 2007 story event.

What these people want you to believe in, is that they have "SUFFERED ENOUGH". So here comes the Human Factor. You can't beat it. You see it everywhere: at Home, Trust me, I'm you partner. Yes I do go away and you're not invited, but trust me, it's for the best.
Then you see it with your Kids: Trust ME, Mum, I'm a Teenager!
You see at school too: Trust ME, I'm a Teacher.

Then you GOT to trust your neighbour: Trust me, you know I'm very busy with the local Church, OK you need to keep an eye on MY kids - but I know you'll go it for free - you'll be here no matter what, cause I'm not at home - I'm at the Church Friday Night Meeting.

-By the way, the School Head"master" (Mistress!) is there too - every little helps, even you whom we never even say "Hello!" to. You need to TRUST, these days.

So what about the McCanns? Well "WE" "NEED" "TO" "TRUST" "THEM".

-and BELIEVE. T_R_U_S_T_____I_N___G_O_D___A_N_D____T_H_E___MC__CANNS.

No more, no less. You fucking TRUST, or you DON'T.

(If / Eff you don't(ttt), you arrrre IN for PERRRSECUTIONNSSS!)

-Last Word Village- Kate is Intox at this time, midnight, the Hour of Crime? Fuck off... You're well PAST it! Now Leave Us, and GOD, *Alone*, Amen.

EMPTY FILE?! Gerald McCann CATS system registration # 19309

Did Jim Gamble Sanitize Gerry McCann's CATS File 19309?

Gerald McCann CATS system registration number 19309

Source: Himself Blog

"This topic of discussion is far from new, though no less important for being that, but it is doing the rounds currently on Twitter. Much of it revolves around this claim by a certain 'KaOssis.' Posted verbatim.

Gerry McCann was convicted for child sex abuses in 2002, althought the evidence has been hacked and emptied from the case file by someone who has access to the National Sex Offenders Register, namely Jim Gamble though the CEOP mainframe connected to every police station crime files in the UK, the reference for this conviction still exists in the judiscial reference files and confiemes that Gerald P McCann was placed on the Child Sex Offenders Register following conviction in court, and is still on that register today! .

Much more than that I don't feel it's necessary to post; principally because there are mountains of stuff to be had by searching the net:

Gerald McCann CATS system registration number 19309

Failing a Google search, you could do worse than paste these URLs into your browser. It is the comments that are of much interest as anything else, and of course, those by KaOssis.
There are just three issues in this hypothesis that I would like to mention, the first of those being importantly, the date that the, CATS system registration number 19309, was registered. That date having to be pre-March 2007 to have any significance.

Secondly, irrespectively of date; why is the file empty?

And thirdly, Gerry McCann's claim that he had is wallet stolen, or more importantly, his credit card. Because if we are to attach the same significance to the missing credit card that the writer does, I.e. McCann had to show that his credit card had been in a third party's possession, should various nefarious online activities concerning said card, ever come to light."

See "Good Quality Wristbands" Blog
to read more.