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Amaral's Book The Forbidden Investigation to be finally published in UK

Yes, Finally!


ABOVE: Goncalo Amaral claims that Madeleine McCann died in a Praia da Luz holiday apartment in Portugal 27th March 2011 By Daily Star Reporter

THE police chief sacked over the bungled hunt for Madeleine McCann is trying to get his once-banned book published in Britain.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Goncalo Amaral said he is desperate to have his account of the search on sale in the UK.

And he welcomed Kate McCann’s book about her daughter’s disappearance, which is to be released soon.

Mr Amaral claims that Madeleine died in a Praia da Luz holiday apartment in Portugal.

Earlier this month he had an injunction banning the sale of The Truth Of The Lie lifted by the Portuguese courts.

He said: “I have the right to publish any book in the UK and the British people have the right to be able to read and know about what may have happened on the night of May 3, 2007.”

It was then that Madeleine, aged three, vanished from the apartment and has not been seen since.

Last night the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they would be making no comment about Mr Amaral’s plans.

Mrs McCann’s book, simply titled Madeleine, is due out on what would be the child’s eighth birthday, May 12.

Any proceeds will go towards funding the family’s search for Maddie. "


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Desperate Kate!

Paul Drockton's Blog Talk Radio Interview With FAKED ABDUCTION Author, Steve Marsden

Faked Abduction

The author on Paul Drockton’s Blog Talk Radio

Posted on 18. Mar, 2010 by admin in Audio

Hear the full interview with this player:

Interview Transcript

Paul: Good afternoon, this is Paul Drockton, you’re listening to the Paul Drockton radio show and we’ve got a special guest today, Steve Marsden who is also a published author. And we’re going to talk about the er, the potentially faked abduction of Maddie McCann and basically, just to get this started …Brian, er Steve is basically a British citizen and moved to the United States a few years ago and he’s done quite a bit of work with er, er, computers and programming. He’s also a licensed pilot, and drives or fly’s British aircraft. In addition to that he studies history, photography, soccer, rugby, travel, and he considers himself quite the expert on ['cadaver'] and done quite a bit of research on what we refer to as the DaVinci Code. In fact he’s been to Rosslyn chapel quite a few times.

So, let me ask yer, erm, er Brian, what do you think er is the most critical thing we need to know about Maddie’

Steve (Brian): That’s a good question, really er Paul and thanks for having me on the show today. Ermm…the story, story’s just exploded from, you know, three years ago May 3rd when she disappeared.’s just been, a government conspiracy, a British government conspiracy to er, cover up the true circumstances of the disappearance from day one. I think that’s the most insidious aspect to the nature of the British government intervening in the case. They didn’t let the Portuguese police get on with their job, and er, this was exploited with the British media to a sort of a propaganda campaign against the investigators like from day one. And erm…

Paul: So when you say investigators, who, who, who would you name as, or who would you consider to be the investigators of this story’

Steve (Brian): Well he main investigators were the Portuguese CIE which er, the PJ which er judiciario they’re like the equivalent of er, probably like the FBI in the USA. they’re, they’re, you know, higher than the sort of average police guy on the street and erm, the leader of that investigation was Goncalo Amaral and he was on the case from day one and through till October 2nd 2007.

Paul: Can you kind of give us a review of what the, er Portuguese FBI found in this case’

Steve (Brian): Erm, well they were investigating it, getting you know, they were, they were pretty much led in the investigation by this group known as the Tapas9 which were the nine people, Madeleine’s parents with seven other couples ‘ seven other people er…sorry, er three couples and another lady. And they were kinda leading the investigation down the road of abduction but with very little evidence. And…the

Paul: How, how are these …I’m going to interrupt you as we go along because some people are not as familiar with this as…you know, you are obviously and we wanna make sure that we cover some of the questions that they probably have, so we’re talking about seven individuals …are these individuals like co-conspirators …would you…are they, are we talking about a paedophile ring’ What, what exactly are we referring to’

Steve (Brian): Erm, each of the couples, as I say, there’s four couples and another lady so that there’s nine people, nine adults and eight children in the group. They were just friends erm, in each of the couples were at least, like

Kate and Gerry the parents of Madeleine they were both doctors, er, in the other couples there was at least one doctor so they all knew each other from medical school, erm, they went out on the vacation to Portugal for one week, the vacation was organised by one of the doctors within in the group, David Payne…and erm, you know, they pretty much went on what a lot of people would consider an adult holiday er vacation. They went erm, they left the children each day in a daytime, sort of day care cr’he facility and then in the evening they would go out socialising and leave the children back in the apartment so, you know, first question is….

Paul: Were there other children that were with Madeleine’ Is that what we’re talking about here’

Steve (Brian): Well, each of the couples had their respective children you know, so according to their own alibis they had left the children each night in the apartments while they went out socialising.

Paul: Gochyer. What was the oldest child’ Do you know’ I mean…

Steve (Brian): Well, they were all toddlers pretty much, babies in arms or kind of, you know, in strollers or you know, three, four year old. That sort of age range.

Paul: So are we talking about…. they basically locked these kids up at night while they went out and partied’

Steve (Brian): Well that’s a good question because on the original er witness statements on the day after she disappeared on May 3rd …on May 4th witness statements from Gerry and Kate they spoke of erm entering the apartment from a locked door. So clearly in that case you’re right it was locked, but their alibi soon changed to er, entering the apartment through the patio doors which they claimed to have left open.

Paul: So….I guess what I’m trying get at here is you know, very minimum this is a case of neglect, I mean if you’re talking about toddlers and I’m assuming they’re still in diapers [diapers = nappies] or at least some of them were…

Steve (Brian): That, that…absolutely in diapers …they even mentioned that so yes absolutely.

Paul: So minimal charges that could have been filed here were child neglect charges, the fact that they left them er, reportedly left them unsupervised and er, okay, I apologise so ….In, in your book you talk about er, there’s certain questions that er… 48 questions that Kate did not answer. So Kate’s the mother of Madeleine correct’

Steve (Brian): yep, yep that’s right. Kate Healy.

Paul: Okay, so tell us a little about what their story was and then tell us, you know, where you see the holes.

Steve (Brian): Well the very first, we have to look at the very first story in the police file, the witness statements from the day after er, she went missing when they were taken into the police station to give their first account. So the very first account erm, were that ….

Paul: would it be okay if we took calls through this show as well’ Oh I’m sorry Brian,

Steve (Brian): Oh yeah. Absolutely.

Paul: I’m gonna take one, take on right now

Steve: Okay.

Paul: Give me one second …okay so, …we lost the caller so…okay, I’m sorry, go ahead…

Steve (Brian): Okay, so, so , yeah…I’ve got a chapter in my book how the story unfolded and basically, it…. this, this was unanimous that the window and the shutter into the bedroom, the children’s bedroom had been jimmied open or broken, erm, every single person that spoke to the media in the hours after the, er disappearance said that the window had been broken and she’d been snatched through this window, but the interesting thing is that when we see the police forensics erm, dusting the shutter and window for prints on the morning of May 4th, those prints were subsequently found to show that there was only Kate’s and, I think, the police officer who probably examined the window on the night, they were the only prints found on the window. But 94 days after the disappearance and this is crucial, Kate was still telling the world that the window had been smashed open.

Paul: the window, the window was intact and someone had actually appeared to jimmy the door, correct’

Steve (Brian): NO! No, there were no signs of damage whatsoever

Paul: Hmm, just the fingerprints on that door perhaps, so the bottom line is what we’re talking about here is perjury pretty much. Did she say this in court or was there…something else like that’

Steve (Brian): No, they never had any inquest and they never erm, they were never formally charged. Nobody’s ever been formally charged with any offenses in connection, apart from there’s a few people who tried to collect money on behalf of the official Madeleine Fund. Obviously that’s sort of…

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…okay, so Brian let’s back outta here and so what you’re saying is this, that er there is no signs of forced entry correct’

Brian: Correct

Paul: And the question I’ve got is that, how much money has this lady rasied er for this fund’

Brian: Oh, the family erm wasted no time in setting up like an official er fund to collect the money, er within days of the disappearance and it was a well oiled machine, they used a very high powered firm of London lawyers to er, set the fund er going and erm, that was kind of a mystery in itself because the family live nowhere near London so they were well connected with a lot of high powered influential people in setting up this fund which raised probably in the region of 4 to 5 million dollars

Paul: amazing. I mean let’s just examine this, I mean this to me is, you know, again thinking about this case is that here you have a er, purportedly grieved parent…right…and, how, how, what was the time between the disappearance the er setup of this er fund’ This request for donations’

Brian: Erm, well they had a website domain registered on May 11th and she disappeared on May 8th …er sorry, May 3rd so that was what, 8 days. And then on May 15th er, four days after that was the official Limited Company that’s formed.

Paul: To raise, to raise donations. Now what types of activities have we seen that they’ve done to you know, find Madeleine, supposedly even look for her, er where’s this money gone, have they spent it on searching for Madeleine’

Brian: No, the thing is they’ve employed some private detectives in the first years of accounts there was 250,000 which is approximately half a million dollars back then with a group called Metodo3 and staying in Barcelona, Spain, this is an outfit that had no track record in looking for people so first of all the recruitment of this company is called into question anyway

Paul: Yeah, so bottom line is what you’re saying is they brought in a bunch of amateurs er that they knew were not the best people for the job.

Brian: Right, right

Paul…so looks like as if er and you said that was 250,000 …have you seen the other expenditures that were made by this fund’

Brian: Yeah, the company have also spent money on a guy called Kevin Haligen who’s actually awaiting deportation from the UK to the US erm, he’s implicated in some er there was a warrant out for his arrest in, I think in the State of Virginia last year erm, because of some embezzlement kind of, type of er activity in the DC area.

Paul: So we’re talking about er…was he…let me ask you this…was he a produciaree(‘) in this fund, did he handle money er…what role did he play, do you know’

Brian: Who, who are you talking about now’ Halogen’

Paul: Yeah.

Brian: No, I mean there’s no sign that he was connected with the fund erm, I don’t think there’s any signs on the surface if you like of anybody that they’ve spent money with as being ….er..use the word, say money laundering or whatever but I mean, it’s just that the choice of the company that, the people, the investigators that they used, they just don’t seem to have any track so if they’re using donated funds, you know, why isn’t anybody questioning erm, like, surely you’d go to a company that’s had successes in finding people.

Paul: Yeah, which they haven’t…and has there been any, let me ask you this, has there been any efforts in Portugal to find er Maddie’

Brian: No, er when the police erm, the police wound up the case after, almost after a year of the cold case er, because they didn’t have enough evidence to bring about a prosecution so it’s been shelved as a cold case but erm, i don’t think Portugal have ever really followed the line of a missing person in terms of looking for her because they believed that she, she died erm in the apartment, that was their conclusion, that’s why I wrote my book. My book is actually really just about the conclusion and why the Portuguese police concluded that she had died in the apartment

Paul: Let’s focus on that …so tell me; tell me why er the Portuguese police determined that Madeleine had died in the apartment

Brian: Erm, well first of all they couldn’t find any evidence of any …there’s no physical evidence of abduction apart from the Tapas9 saying she was abducted. Erm, there’s no, there’s no, there was no evidence of any person going through that window, there was no scuffmarks there was no…the Lichen [lie-ken'] on, on the window as not marked in any way ermm…

Paul: The moss correct’

Brian: The moss, yes.

Paul: Okay

Brian; So here was no sign of anybody taking her through that window, erm, and you know, there was so many contradictions in the ever changing alibis. So, they brought in erm, a police expert dog handler called Martin Grime who erm, had a cadaver dog and a human blood sniffing dog and er, they brought this guy in and he works for the FBI, he works around the world, his dogs have got international passports so they’re used in a lot of international cases with a lot of success and never had any failures and they went into the apartment, I spoke to Martin Grime personally in December a couple of times and er, he outlined the search procedure to me and you know, when he was introduced into the case erm, he called it a clearing run to go into the apartment, he had no idea or any preconceived notion that the dogs would alert in that apartment, but they alerted in the McCanns apartment

Paul: they alerted for blood correct.

Brian: Well first of all he puts the cadaver dog in there and of course if the cadaver dog senses there’s a dead body then he brings in the blood sniffing dog. So, two dogs were deployed separately but the two dogs alerted in the same places.

Paul: Yeah, that’s amazing, I mean that …so the bottom line is the cadaver dog identified that there was a dead body in that house or in that apartment.

Brian: Correct…and that…

Paul: So…and they also found blood…I’m sorry, go ahead.

Brian: yeah, I was going to make the point …I even asked Martin Grime, I said well what’s the chances of somebody planting some evidence in there because you know, there is a product pseudo scent which is often used to train these cadaver dogs but Martin assured me that his dogs do not alert to the manmade product so he said, the only way he could see erm, you know, evidence of the dead body in an apartment is if somebody had gone to the morgue you know, and introduced a real dead body oe you know, items relating to a dead body in there.

Paul: could cadaver been from someone died previously, I mean, how long does the scent stay in the apartment’ I mean how long….

Brian: Well, the police checked the apartment and there was no record of anybody having died before or after the McCanns stayed in the apartment.

Paul: Hm. So bottom line is er this gentleman is saying this dog will not alert on any artificial substance er, that there would have actually have been a dead body in that apartment for the dog to alert and then the second dog was brought in and found blood …okay…so the question I’ve got for yer is … what’s the response from er Kate and er and these dogs, what did she say’

Brian: Ermm…well, the response was that she said she’d come into contact with six dead bodies in her work as a GP as a General Practitioner in the weeks preceding the vacation

Paul: what did the dog hander say to that explanation’

Brian: Er he didn’t. He said you know, I mean he’s a very professional he didn’t make any opinion ot me erm, because as he says his dogs are just a tool in the process, it’s up to the forensics after the dogs have gone in to…you know they’re, they’re …the dogs are finding a needle in a haystack after that it’s down to the forensic guys to examine the needle. So you know….

Paul: have they been able to document that she did in fact was around six dead bodies before she went into the apartment’

Brian: Well that’s one of these factual things that, you know, we know she said that but there’s been no proof or collaboration of that.

Paul: um hum…So bottom line is er, obviously what we have here is we have every reason to suspect there’s enough evidence there to launch a criminal investigation and obviously it sounds like Portugal ..This is outside of their jurisdiction right now or … you tell me. Would they have to actually bring her back into the country for trial or…

Brian: Well, in Portugal, the way there judicial system works they were actually named as official defendants or arguidos in September, early September of 2007, this was soon after the dogs had gone in, just over a month after that and the legal status as an arguido meant they had to report to a police station every five days, er within every week I think it was, you know, there were certain conditions and erm, that legal status only…er…either had to bring about charges or they had to erm, free them from that legal status. So in the summer of 2008 they were actually released from that status when the case was shelved as a cold case. Now the McCanns told the world that they were officially cleared, well that’s not true they were not officially cleared because they were never officially charged, they were just … er…they had their arguido status er rescinded.

Paul: So one of the things we have here of course is that er, not just manipulation but this is the thing, it sounds as if these people’s stories have changed now, it’s er, it’s basically changed to suit whatever information comes out.

Brian: Oh…it certainly has. I mean that’s one of the noticeable aspects of the case that, for instance er, when the police made their er appropriate international rogatory requests with the British government to er, interview some of the suspects in England in 2008 obviously this was a vacation, most of the people had gone back home so, you know, they had to follow it up with interviews in the UK which they did substantially in April 2008 ermm…

Paul: You say ‘they’…who’s the investigators here.

Brian: Well, the Portuguese investigators then liaised with the British, er the British police in the er the county where the McCanns live, this is Leicestershire constabulary and so most of these er rogatory interviews were conducted in Leicester in England and erm, they also made requests for, you know, documentations for instance the McCanns financial records, the erm, medical records of Madeleine but the British government intervened and would not allow Madeleine’s medical records to be disclosed

Paul: Mmmm….that’s crazy. So we’re talking about conspiracy goes right to the top. We’re going to take another quick commercial break here and then we’ll come back er to the story. So obviously what you’re hearing here is disturbing, disgusting and er this is what we do, this is what the purpose of my radio show is, Paul Drockton radio and also the purpose of my site is to expose these criminals and you know I haven’t asked Brian’s opinion on this but I’m assuming these people, if they are guilty of this are also involved in the occult, Satanism, there’s gotta be some connection, there usually is when we talk about paedophiles. If you would like to make a contribution to this effort er you can go to my website and for as little as $5 a month you can become a sponsor. Or if you have a small business you want to advertise as well we have programmes. And as a site you need over 44,000 unique visits per month and obviously here on our radio show we have thousands of visitors that listen in. So, if you want to be part of this, go to my website deadmansmusings or Paul Drockton and er, click on the ‘urgent’ and become a sponsor for site radio button.

Okay, so here’s a question I’ve got, obviously all this is leading to the conclusion, at least I’m having…there’s a conspiracy going on here and erm, can you tell us more about that’

Brian: Well, the amazing thing is as I say, the amount of British government intervention and when I say that I’m talking about the highest level of cabinet ministers,, er, Tony Blair was the Prime Minister at the time er, Gordon Brown was the Chancellor, both of these people made personal phone calls to the McCanns and notably in Kate’s diary she refers to those people has Tony and Gordon as if she’s got some prior connection with these people, erm, you know, there’s a certain familiarity with these people that erm, transcends a normal persons er, if you like, relationship with the government and that’s never been disclosed and I think as public servants, publically elected servants Gordon Brown and Tony Blair should be made to answer for what they’re real role was in the McCann case.

Paul: um hum…so the bottom line is er, I guess it is a question that the reason, that I’m thinking to myself here is, these other kids that were there erm, were they interviewed, were they talked to at all’

Brian: That’s an interesting point as well you see, er, in Gerry McCann’s interview when he was made an official defendant he claimed that the twins weren’t capable of speech but we have a lot of anecdotal evidence where relatives in the family say oh the twins have asked when is Madeleine coming back so we know they did have a good grasping of speech erm, but they never bothered to speak to the children, the twins, er Madeleine had two er twin brother and sister they were younger, they were two years old, er, but notably as well erm Paul on the night in question the twins were fast asleep and with all the commotion in the apartment they never woke and that was a point noted by several police officers.

As well as Fiona Payne who was one of the Tapas9 erm, and she actually commented that Kate kept going up to the twins and putting her hand on their mouth to see if they were breathing. And with all this commotion for several hours the twins just didn’t wake up.

Paul: that’s interesting. So the bottom line is, is that, okay so they did find blood though, or they did scent blood in the apartment so the question is, is it possible that the, you know, maybe the er, suspected murder took place outside of the apartment’

Brian: Well, I don’t think that er…you, you used the word murder there, erm, I don’t think Portugal has ever claimed it to be a murder and…

Paul: aha…I said suspected murder so…I mean, I can express my opinion and that’s what I’m doing.

Brian: Sure, sure, well Goncalo Amaral he erm, he puts forward the theory that she climbed on the sofa and fell off while unattended erm, I personally don’t believe that, you know, but who am I to say…if she died in the apartment erm, there was some erm reports and early reports in September of 07 talking about a blood spray pattern on the wall er [commencing'] a fractured larynx so you know…

Paul: I’m sorry, a fractured…’

Brian: Larynx in the throat. There’s a branch of forensics that can examine erm you know, where a wound was inflicted from the blood spray pattern on the wall or something.

Paul: Are we talking about literally, I mean this is, you know I’m going to ask the questions, but we’re talking about she could have had her throat slit’

Brian: Ermmmm….I mean, I mean there is no particular evidence in the files or anywhere to say if she died how it occurred and erm, I mean one of the cadaver dog also alerted in a flowerbed outside the apartment er, the veranda was about, I’d say, about eight feet above ground level, so she could have climbed and fallen off and fallen into a flowerbed for example. You know, there’s numerous theories…

Paul: the bottom line is you’re talking about a blood splatter pattern here that seems consistent with someone who er, I mean, if you fracture larynx erm, that’s not going to spray blood, if someone cuts yer that’s going to spray blood and so, I mean this again, I’m just speculating here. But the point is, there’s plenty of evidence there for a, for a criminal investigation and that’s the bottom line is that there hasn’t been one

Brian: Well, the criminal examination was erm, sabotaged by the British government as I say, going back to those records, those financial records that came back from England filled one side of paper and it just basically said that Kate and Gerry had no record of bank accounts or credit cards which is crazy because we know they rented a car er, using a credit card so …

Paul: they covered up their tracks pretty much, I mean in other words there’s no way for either you or I do know what they did, where they were at the time this took place.

Brian: Right, and if there was, you know… peoples spending habits is crucial in any criminal investigation but the Portuguese investigators were denied that knowledge.

Paul: So…you’ve…you’ve got ..erm I don’t know, I’m just going to ask you this. You’ve got 48 questions that Kate did not answer can you get into that a little bit’

Brian: Well, she basically ['] the fifth on every one of those questions er, if you ask me if I can just bring up the questions here…now..

Paul: No, that’s okay, I don’t think we need to get into … you’ve got your book and this will be a good time, tell people how they can get hold of this book.

Brian: yeah, if they visit the website which is erm, they can order it directly online from, form the website, erm, they can order, if they order quantities for 4 to 9 books there’s a discount on the handling fees but erm, at the moment it’s sold, the book is sold into six different countries er the UK, the USA er, Portugal, Germany Spain and Belgium and er, you know it’s provoking a lot of interest.

Paul: Well hopefully it will bring about er you know, I mean this is what we’re dealing with here, internationally, you know, we’ve, we’ve already uncovered erm you know, on this radio program and through our site in numerous paedophile rings that are operating at highest levels of government and erm, you know one of the things that you bring up as well is that you talk about er, David Payne’s paedophile allegations

Brian: Well there was…the British media has commented on the case as it’s gone along but one, notably one piece of information in the British media has never talked about is erm, there was some er witness statements thirteen days after Madeleine disappeared in England, erm, two doctors who were friends of the McCanns went to Leicester police station to make a report about er an earlier vacation in 2005 in the Spanish island of Majorca erm, now on that vacation there was the two witnesses er, the Paynes and the McCanns and erm, there was a conversation between Gerry McCann and David Payne er that was er that was overheard by these two witnesses and er, it was highly inappropriate discussion which they deemed to be sexual and talking about Madeleine

Paul: This was after her death’

Brian: No, this was in 2005. The doctors were concerned er they had, they had concerns about this holiday that they’d be on in 2005 er and she disappeared in 07 so this was two years before she disappeared and so this inappropriate discussion erm, you know, they went to, naturally went to the police to erm, explain their experience back in 2005. Now that information….

Paul: They filed a police report’

Brian: They filed a police report. Now that information was deliberately withheld by Leicester police and not handed to Portuguese investigators for almost six months

Paul: Jeez

Brian: they didn’t send it until October the 24th and er, by that time the chief inspector had been pulled off the case.

Paul: Jeez…so let me ask you a question. These two individuals okay, that we’re talking about, what happened to them’

Brian: Er, do you mean the witnesses or’

Paul: yeah, the two witnesses

Brian: Er, they’ve never been heard of, I mean we know from the police files that they made that statement and erm, I don’t think they’ve been interviewed by anybody. Er, my, my, my sort of guess is that the British media have been gagged on that aspect, a bit like the Hollie Greig case. I think that, you know, talking about the er, Payne/McCann allegations in Majorca is taboo and I think that’s the aspect the McCanns have tried to get Goncalo Amaral’s book injuncted ['] on that basis.

Paul: Okay…so bottom line, let me …we’re going to have to take another break here real quick and erm, what I’d like you to do is if you are around my website is, you’ll see there’s a nice little green band there for the surge ex pro… [snipped]

Okay…so, this is, this is the question alright. Were these individuals, this is what we’ve found in like….let me give you another example in Jon Banay case. They were actually putting Jon Banay in this beauty pageant and er, there’s been a lot of er, evidence that seem to point, you know, that these childhood beauty pageants can also be used to er, erm, prostitute children, you know, for the use of, of paedophile elite and er, were they involved with anything like that with Madeleine’

Brian: Ermmm….I don’t, I don’t see any evidence of that whatsoever, erm, you know, I’ve got to be honest there erm, in fact…in fact..

Paul: We’ve got a caller here….Go ahead you’re on the air. Hello’ Hello, you’re on the air. I’m sorry, go ahead.

Brian: Yeah, erm, I was going to say and I stress this point, that, the actual evidence that we see and all the hearsay from the friends and neighbours of the McCanns is that they were, you know, typical loving parents of, you know, three young children so the bizarre thing is if they were so security conscious, so er, caring towards the children you know, why did they leave them every night’ So there’s a clear conflict anyway erm….

Paul: We’re going to take a call here…I’m, I’m sorry…are you there’ Are you there’ Sorry, go ahead. Are you there’

Yeah, hi, I’m here.

Paul: My apologies, we’re just er…people are hanging up before we get to them. But this is such an interesting topic I mean, no honestly, I want to hear you talk about it so …if you’d like to call in the number’s [number delted] and let Brian have the chance to finish his statement and we’ll get you on the air…okay I’m sorry…

Brian: Yeah, erm, it’s just a mystery all round really and er and it’s just been covered up in a similar way to you know…you’ve had Anne Greig and Stuart Usher on your show recently and so you know the er…the way that the er British establishment can cover these things up. And no doubt this occurred with the Madeleine case. Now I think in the Hollie Greig case they were able to stop a wildfire by fanning the flames before they got too big erm, but in the Madeleine case because of its international erm, publicity and the nature of the disappearance they weren’t, they weren’t able to suppress the stories so what happened, instead of suppression erm, there was a sustained campaign of propaganda and so they brought in a guy who use to work for the British government called Clarence Mitchell who is a er, he worked for the Media Monitoring Unit in the government which is basically the governments propaganda department and he was brought in er, within days of the disappearance and erm, he had a clear hand in manipulating the British press to produce stories that were ostensibly were just that ‘ propaganda, just in favour of the McCanns

Paul: He’s a spin doctor

Brian: He’s a spin doctor, yeah.

Paul: Who pays for this guy’

Brian: Well, initially he was paid for by the tax payer because he was seconded to the McCanns from the Foreign Office so he was actually, initially employed by the British Foreign Office to go around as, as, you know, their PR man.

Paul: mmhmm…so what we’re talking about here is the government, the British Government actually got involved in er, suppressing the story

Brian: Correct. Yes.

Paul: We’ve got other allegations out there right now of er, paedophilia in er, you know, in the highest levels of British government don’t we’

Brian: It would appear so, yes. There’s a lot of stories, I read a story about Mike James recently er, looked very controversial

Paul: Can you tell us a little bit about it’

Brian: What ‘ Mike James’ story’

Paul: ummhmmm…you know, let’s talk about some of the other things that are going on right now. A lot of my listeners are you know, throughout the world and we don’t erm…we don’t …

Brian: Sure. Well, the Hollie one…well obviously the one that’s the topic right now is the Hollie Greig story, I’ve devoted six pages to that in the book as well and erm, you know, that is just an atrocious, an appalling case of erm, you know, these lawyers and especially, what is it, the Lord Advocate of Scotland erm, you know, covering up a story which is erm in the public interest. What I’d like to know is why these people don’t rebut these allegations and they always feel that they have to cover them up.

Paul: Well, it’s interesting you say that because I just published an article today where the sheriff of Scotland came out and er got a gag order against Robert Green. Now they’re calling Robert Green who was a journalist, they’re calling him like an attorney advocate, now the guy doesn’t practise law he just writes articles. So they’re trying to turn this into you know…I don’t know…I honestly…to me the more you cover something up the more people are gonna want…are going to ask questions. I mean, that’s pretty much your experience isn’t it Brian’

Brian: That’s always the way, I mean I’ve experienced that here and in the USA as well. I mean, it’s erm, you know, there’s, there’s…this goes on in every country of the world I’m afraid and it’s seems that the more powerful the more rich these people are they can manipulate the lawyers to gag people and silence them. And erm, you know, that’s the kind of an attitude that we thought that was prevalent say in Russia in the cold war days but this is happening in Britain which is supposed to be a free Western democracy….er…you know, we know, we know it’s not. And we don’t want that attitude, we need openness, we need to be able to talk about these things.

Paul: Well here’s a theory, you know, I’ll throw this at yer. I think that the reason why this case has gotten so much publicity is simply it is a distraction erm, it’s been a distraction. Not only…it serves two purposes…one covers up what the …for the er, you know…for the McCanns but I think the second purpose is that, you know, there’s gotta be a channel for emotion and for energy and er, when the government gives us er a release like in this case, you know, we can all spend money and donate money to the McCann fund you know, and we can go out and hang up posters looking for her…well, that’s, that’s ..all that is, is just a way for them to siphon off the energy that really, really need to be devoted towards exposing these people. Any comments on that’

Brian: Well the fund is certainly a mystery because the McCanns are directors of the fund, they’ve also got er Gerry’s brother John who is the chairman of it and then you’ve got erm, Kate’s uncle Brian, he’s also a director. So you’ve got four family members on the board of directors there, you’ve also got Ed Smethurst, he’s a 30 year Free Mason er, who’s also ….er…now the interesting thing is, the company, the law firm that set up the fund is probably Britain’s, one of the er largest law firms representing Free Masons and Free Masons charities. Now they don’t advertise them on their website. I found that through considerable research.

Paul: Interesting. So we’re talking that the Free Masons are behind funding this er McCann fund’

Brian: Erm, well you know, the, the Bates Wells and Braithwaite law firm behind the Madeleine fund they’re also the lawyers for the Grand Charity which is Britain’s largest Free Masons charity so …yeah, there’s a clear business connection between a lot of Free Masonry involvement and the McCann …er…the Madeleine fund.

Paul: Okay, so we’re going to take one more break here and er …[snipped]

We’ve got a few minutes left here and er…Brian, I am definitely going to have you back on this show and er…go ahead…you’ve got three minutes …what else would you like to tell us’

Brian: Yeah, I’d like to just say a few words for the inspector Goncalo Amaral who erm, was as I say, he was pulled off the case and even Gordon Brown knew about that before he was fired. Erm, the, erm, inspector wrote a book called ‘The Truth in the Lie’ which was a best seller in Portugal where he, you know, he told us about some of the hidden details of the case. And in September of last year the McCanns filed an injunction in Portugal to have this inspector’s book er banned from sale, and after the hearing in January and February of this year the judge actually er held a decision and the book is banned. His book, his opinions about his involvement in the police case and the McCanns have said they wanted the book banned because he is saying that she er Madeleine is dead and therefore people won’t look for her if they believed she’s dead. Erm, one of my websites I have an opinion poll of a 5,000 documented people where two out of three people believe she’s dead anyway. So you know, it’s er

Paul: they’re going to do everything they can to suppress the truth, that’s what this sounds like to me.

Brian: yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.

Paul: Everything. And the thing is it’s not only them, it’s the er British government

Brian: That’s right

Paul: Once again, this is a huge outrage, there’s things we can do and erm, we’ll talk about that, first thing we need to do we need to get your article out er, get the article published and probably a series of articles and also promote your book so people can read this and er

Brian: Thank you

Paul:…there’s other things we can do…one of the things I..we can also do is create a petition for people to sign, demanding that… you know… these things er come out and demanding a criminal investigation into these things. I understand that erm, you know… I’m not… I personally couldn’t care less about what people can do or what they want to do as far as threats and things like that ..erm, but I’m sure you’ve had some of that. Give me some idea of what kind of harassment you’ve had to put up with just to get this information out there.

Brian: Well I’ve been covering the case for three years now with my websites and I’ve had a lot of, I mean, I can vouch for a lot of say hate mail. You know, there’s a lot of people who they don’t want you to investigate this stuff you know, and you’ve got to query why would random people not be wanting you to investigate. You know, why was erm, Martin Smith the guy who saw a man that in, he later pronounced he’s 80% sure he saw Gerry McCann carrying Madeleine in another part of the town late…on that night and er, you know, he hadn’t come forward and er, somebody connected with the Madeleine fund contacted Martin Smith months after this appearance. You know, why are these witnesses being tampered with’

Paul: Yeah, so what we end up with is …when he saw, saw the dad carrying Madeleine was she awake’ Was she alive’ I mean did he say anything about that at all’

Brian: Well in his testimony he initially told police he’d saw a man carrying a girl about ten to ten at night which was ten minutes before Kate supposedly alerted to say she’d disappeared and erm, you know, months later when Martin Smith saw Gerry disembarking off the plane carrying his son, that jogged his memory and he said ‘that was the man that I saw!’ He claims he’s 80% sure in the police files

Paul: Wow. Well we, we sure appreciate you being on the air, we’re gonna start er, helping you with the publicity on this and er…give us one more ..give us your web address one more time so people can buy this book.

Brian: Okay, yes, it’s and er, the book is on sale.

Paul: Awesome. Well it was great having yer and er obviously I’m going to commit you to appearing again on the show so we can talk about this again in a little more detail.

Brian: yeah, I’d like to do that, thank you.

Paul: And er … no problem…and er again this is er Steve Marsden who is the author of the book and the title of the book is…go ahead, it’s all you…

Brian: Faked Abduction

Paul: Faked Abduction and the website you can go to get this book is …


Paul:, I’ll have that in the articles. So thank you very much for coming on the show and er I’m going wrap things up over the next ten minutes. Okay.

Brian: Okay. Appreciate it

Paul: thanks, bye.

Paul: So here we have, obviously there’s quite a bit of evidence here that is not being presented or has not come out in the public and you know, you’ve gotta…it’s just a huge conspiracy and I wonder or not anything, any foul play took place here. There surely is enough evidence here for at least an inquest in Great Britain. Er we have the potential for fraud; we have the potential for erm, all kinds of bad things that er could be here. I mean, we’re talking about er five million dollars erm, that’s been raised for er…or five million pounds, I’m not sure which one, but er the point is, that’s a ton of money er, I think some people deserve some accountability I mean, what have they done with this money’ Where’s it gone’ Where did they spend it on’ The other question is, why don’ we have statements from the other children or other witnesses, why haven’t they been interviewed’ Why has er testimony been suppressed’ The example is the gentleman who saw er reportedly saw erm the father of er Maddie carrying her around at the time she supposedly disappeared.

Er, we’ve got two cadaver dog…er one cadaver sniffing dog that alerted in the home, we’ve got one blood sniffing dog that alerted in the home, we’ve got er reportedly they detected blood spray pattern that would be consistent with some type of damage to the larynx or to the throat. Er, there’s just tons of evidence there. And you know, Great Britain is ….[sighs] this is just another connection in the, you know, the big picture which is..I’ve been trying to convey on this show which is that we are…we’ve been literally taken by these satanic paedophiles and these people are Satanists. No one that worships God would do these kinds of things, would be involved in these kind of things er that we’re seeing, what my colleague Greig, like what we’re seeing with some of these other people that are out there and…we need your help. I mean, there’s two petitions right no on my website that I need you to sign er, one has to deal with Hollie Greig and erm Mr Green, the journalist who just got gagged by the er sheriff who was one of the alleged abusers and er, the second one has to deal with editor Joseph Cannon in Utah here in the United States. Er Mr Cannon sat on a paedophile story er, a leading republican that just resigned from the Utah state house er, came out and admitted that he was naked in the hot tub with a 15 year old girl, who was 15 at the time. We don’t know if she was 15 and I don’t know if in fact their relationship started before that. We don’t know. All we know is what they report and that was she was 15 at the time and that this allegedly happened. This poor girl is being [demonised '] by the Utah media right now, they’re just beating her up because she came forward. And er, literally she has been successful in ending this er paedophile’s career. We’re talking an individual that is in one of the highest elected offices within the state of Utah.

Now as a Mormon, I can’t tell yer how deeply offended I am that er this is being treated the way it is. You don’t go after victims. You don’t persecute people because they tell you er that someone in authority is doing things that are just egregious and I think this is going to turn into bad things, other bad things, other bad things are gonna come out because, you see, once one person has the courage to come out and tell a story then others will follow.

And already there’s reports of another girl in Utah that was also er involved with this guy. And normally a paedophile will have anywhere between 30 to 40 victims for every one they get caught with.

Now getting back to Maddie, we have two witnesses that heard her dad, her father, with another gentleman talking about er sexual relationships with this little girl. And er, this is just, this is just unbelievable that this is being suppressed. And this book is probably one of the things, one of the greatest things this gentleman’s done a ton of research and I really invite you to go through the articles that I’m going to be publishing over the next couple of days about this and I want you to take a look at this book, you know, acquiring it er, we need to support people like this. And er, we also need to support any efforts to bring justice to our children.

And with that said, erm, I wish you the best my friends. Remember God’s in charge, not these people. These people are evil and evil has its bounds and limited in what it can do. God doesn’t have any limitations. And just remember that and just keep everybody in your prayers, keep us in your prayers, keep Brian in your prayers and er, I promise you I’ll do the same and with God’s help we will not only expose these individuals but we’ll drive them back into the darkness where they belong.

Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E)

Labour party members links to paedophile groups !

In 2007 Harriet Harman made the official submission, she was a senior figure in a civil liberties organisation that wanted the age of consent to be lowered to 14 and incest decriminalised. It also defended self-confessed paedophiles in the press and allowed them to attend its meetings. She once advocated the watering down of child abuse images law.

Their involvement with an organisation to which two groups campaigning for the legalisation of paedophilia were affiliated has come back to challenge three leading Labour Party figures.

Before she became an MP, Harriet Harman (pic above) was the legal officer in the late 1970s for the National Council for Civil Liberties. When Miss Harman joined NCCL in 1978, PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, had already been affiliated for three years. Another group, Paedophile Action for Liberation, a Gay Liberation Front offshoot, had also been affiliated to NCCL until it was absorbed by PIE. PIE, which campaigned for adults to have sex legally with children, only broke off its relationship with NCCL when it went undercover in 1982, the same year that Harriet Harman left her NCCL post to become Member of Parliament for Peckham.

NCCL people were earlier involved in keeping the name of an NCCL council-member, Jonathan Walters, out of the People newspaper when it ran an exposé of Paedophile Action for Liberation, of which he was secretary, in 1975. The People still ran the story, but Walters was not named.

Even more extraordinary is the fact that a current Cabinet Minister was running the National Council of Civil Liberties at the time all this was going on.

The Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, (pic above) Secretary of State for Health, became General Secretary of NCCL in 1974. The very next year, 1975, NCCL invited the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation to affiliate. In the year after, 1976, the now-notorious paedophile Tom O’Carroll was invited to address the NCCL conference, which promptly voted to ‘deplore’ the use of chemical castration treatments for paedophiles.

Also in 1975, Patricia Hewitt joined the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, as a ‘straight’, in the same year that Keith Hose of the Paedophile Information Exchange addressed its second annual conference. Hose moved a motion of censure on the conference organising committee for ‘relegating paedophilia to ancillary status in conference.’ The motion was seconded by Trevor Locke, who just happened to be a member of the Executive Council of the NCCL. ‘An awareness and acceptance of the sexuality of children is an essential part of the liberation of the young homosexual,’ the motion went on. It was duly passed.

Jack Dromey, (pic above) whom Harriet Harman married in 1982, and who is now Treasurer of the Labour Party, was also involved with the NCCL. He served on its Executive Committee from 1970 to 1979, so he was there when the decision to invite the two paedophile groups to affiliate was made. NCCL also set up a gay rights sub-committee at the same time, members of which included prominent paedophiles Peter Bremner (alias Roger Nash), Michael Burbidge, Keith Hose and Tom O’Carroll. And of course Walters and Locke were on the Executive.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, commented: ‘It is timely that the ghosts of the 1970′s past should come back to haunt these three leading Labour Party politicians. Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt were in their mid- or late-twenties at the time, but that cannot really excuse the way NCCL came to regard paedophiles as an oppressed minority whose civil liberties needed to be fought for.

‘All three of them really need to explain why they were so friendly toward so many out campaigning homosexual paedophiles in their youth. Why did they allow the NCCL gay rights sub-committee to be stuffed with them? Why were they happy to work with paedophilia supporters on the NCCL Executive? It cannot have been sympathy with child-molestation, so was it a complete lack of judgment or was it moral cowardice?

‘NCCL has now been rebranded as ‘Liberty’ and is doing great work standing up to the Government to defend the civil liberties of us all. But thirty years ago some rather peculiar things went on, and I think we should be told why.’


The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was a UK pro-paedophile activist group, founded in October 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984. In January 2006 the Paedophile Unit finally arrested the last of its members on child pornography charges, with David Joy warned by his sentencing judge that his beliefs may preclude his release ever from jail.

PIE was set up as a special interest group within the Scottish Minorities Group by founder member Michael Hanson, who became the group’s first Chairperson.

Since the majority of enquiries were from England, PIE relocated to London in 1975 where 23-year old Keith Hose became its new Chairperson. Hose had connections with the South London group of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). GLF thinking questioned the family as the basis of an economic, social and sexual system and certain sections of GLF favoured the abolition of the age of consent; their youth group had staged a march in support of this demand (however, it should be noted that the age of consent for homosexuals was 21 at the time, in comparison to 16 for heterosexuals).

Paedophile Action for Liberation had developed as a breakaway group from South London Gay Liberation Front. It was the subject of an article in the Sunday People, which dedicated its front page and centre-spread to the story. The result was intimidation and loss of employment for some of those who were exposed. It later merged with PIE.

This exposé on PAL had a chilling effect on PIE members’ willingness for activism. In the PIE Chairperson’s Annual Report for 1975-6, Keith Hose wrote that ‘The only way for PIE to survive, was to seek out as much publicity for the organization as possible…. If we got bad publicity we would not run into a corner but stand and fight. We felt that the only way to get more paedophiles joining P I E… was to seek out and try to get all kinds of publications to print our organization’s name and address and to make paedophilia a real public issue.’

A campaign to attract media attention was not effective at that time, but Hose’s attendance at the 1975 annual conference of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) in Sheffield, where he made an impassioned speech on paedophilia, was covered at length in The Guardian.

In the same year Hose also attended a conference organized by Mind, the national mental health organization, where it was suggested that PIE should submit evidence to the Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee on the age of consent. PIE submitted a 17-page document in which it proposed that there should be no age of consent, and that the criminal law should concern itself only with sexual activities to which consent is not given, or which continue after prohibition by a civil court.

PIE was set up to campaign for an acceptance and understanding of paedophilia by producing thought provoking and controversial documents. But its formally defined aims also included giving advice and counsel to paedophiles who wanted it, and providing a means for paedophiles to contact one another.

To this end it held regular meetings in London but also had a ‘Contact Page’, which was a bulletin in which members placed advertisements, giving their membership number, general location, and brief details of their sexual and other interests. Replies were handled by PIE, as with a box number system, so that correspondents were unidentifiable until they chose to exchange their own details. Since the purpose of this contact page was to enable paedophiles to contact one another, advertisements implying that contact with children was sought and advertisements for erotica were turned down. The Contact Page ultimately resulted in a prosecution for a ‘conspiracy to corrupt public morals’.

PIE produced regular magazines that were distributed to members. The original Newsletter was superseded in 1976 by Understanding Paedophilia, which was intended to be sold in radical bookshops and be distributed free to PIE members. It was mainly the concern of Warren Middleton, who attempted to make the magazine a serious journal that included extracts from sensitive paedophilic literature and articles from psychologists with the aim of establishing the respectability of paedophilic love

Legal action against members

In the summer of 1978, the homes of several PIE committee members were raided by the police as part of a full-scale inquiry into PIE’s activities; as a result of this inquiry, a substantial report was submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the prosecution of PIE activists followed.

In particular, five activists were charged with printing contact advertisements in Magpie which were calculated to promote indecent acts between adults and children.

Others were offered lesser charges of sending indecent material through the mail if they testified against the five. These charges related to letters that the accused exchanged detailing various sexual fantasies. It eventually became clear that one person had corresponded with most of the accused but had not been tried. After the trial, it emerged that there had been a cover-up: Mr “Henderson” had worked for MI6 and been a high commissioner in Canada.

Steven Adrian Smith was Chairperson of PIE from 1979 to 1985. He was one of the PIE executive committee members charged in connection with the contact advertisements; he fled to Holland before the trial.

In 1981 the former PIE Chairperson, Tom O’Carroll, was convicted on the conspiracy charge and sentenced to two years in prison. O’Carroll had been working on Paedophilia: The Radical Case in the period between the initial police raid and the trial. While the charges did not relate in any way to the publication of the book, the fact that he had written it was listed by the judge as a factor in determining the length of his sentence.

In 1984 The Times reported that two former executive committee members of PIE had been convicted on child pornography charges but acquitted on charges of incitement to commit unlawful sexual acts with children and that the group’s leader had fled the country while on bail. It was announced that the group was closing down in the PIE Bulletin as of July 1984.


In 1978-9, the Paedophile Information Exchange surveyed its members and found that they were most attracted to girls aged 8–11 and boys aged 11–15. In 1978, Glenn Wilson and David Cox approached Mr O’Carroll with a request to study the PIE membership. A meeting was held with the PIE leadership to vet the survey instruments and, after approval, these were distributed to PIE members in the course of their regular mailing. Wilson and Cox went on to use the data in writing their book – The Child-Lovers – a study of paedophilies in society

Despite the fact that PIE disbanded in 1984, the name still seems to have some power and crops up from time to time in discussions, even in parliament.In the discussions of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill in 2000, Sir Paul Beresford had this to say, for example:

Lightheartedly, I should like to ask the Minister to put himself in the shoes of a well-known paedophile–perhaps we could call him Gary, and imagine a little more hair and some high-heeled shoes to add some character. As a paedophile, Gary believes that it is acceptable to have sex with children. He thinks that the bulk of society is completely out of step. He belongs to a group called the paedophile information exchange, and he and his disgusting friends use the internet to exchange data, ideas, names, photographs and even films related to their paedophile activities. That is all stored electronically, and protected by a sophisticated encryption system.

Other members of P.I.E

David Joy, once No2 in P.I.E

Joy was given an indefinite prison sentence after police raided his home and uncovered more than 1,100 images of children in magazines, books and on computers. Some of the images were in the worst – level five – category. Police also found photographs, believed to have been taken by Joy with a zoom lens, of young children in swimwear on beaches. Now free and living in Loughborough

Thomas O’Carroll

A FORMER teacher who led a worldwide campaign to legalise paedophilia from his County Durham home has been jailed.

Thomas O’Carroll, 61, was the founder of the now defunct Paeodophile Information Exchange and was caught after an undercover police officer infiltrated the group.

He was arrested at his home in Shildon, County Durham, in January, and charged alongside his co-defendant 67-year-old Michael Studdert, a former priest from Surrey.

Studdert, admitted 20 counts of making indecent pictures of a child, one of distributing indecent images of a child and one of simple possession of such an image of a child between January 12, 2001 and January 26 this year.

O’Carroll, formerly of Leam Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, has admitted three counts of distributing indecent photographs of children between January 1, 1994 and July 4 last year.

Police investigating the pair found an Aladdin’s Cave of child porn at Studdert’s country mansion in Hindead.

Studdert had amassed the library containing at least 100,000 images in all types of media at his luxury home set in 17 acres of land.

But to Studdert’s apparent relief Judge Roger Chapple sentenced him to four years imprisonment and gave O’Carroll two-and-a-half years jail.

O’Carroll, of Leam Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, defended his images of children as “artistic street photography”

Whats Wrong With Madeleine's Neck?...Take A Closer Look!

Well here it is, the deliberate use of a paint program to cover up something very sinister on Madeleine's neck, and it's on the original photo that the McCann's published themselves!

So what is being covered up on Madeleine's neck on this photo, because it look's like someone's attempted to paint out what could be strangle pressure marks with a photoshop manipulation program, and if it's not strangle pressure marks, then what is it and why?

The McCann's are invited to give us an answer!

Are The McCann's Working For The Nazi's?

An EXCELLENT post by Blackwatch, The Sargents Inn Blog, which seriously needs more public awareness due to it's connection with the McCann Case! I hope Blackwatch dose not mind me reposting his Blog here with active links.

The Sargeants Inn
\\ Homepage : Post

Grooming the McCanns: Amber Alert, the Prüm Treaty and Government Interference in the McCann Case

Author Blackwatch (of 12/08/2009 @ 11:30:48, in Madeleine McCann - Political Dimensions, viewed 6541 times)
How The Madeleine Case Supported the Extension of Amber Alert System and the EU's Prüm Treaty To The Remaining 27 Member States - And How Downing Street Obliged

In response to the question, how will the McCanns be remembered, one Mirror Forum member wrote:

“they will become a leading force in the world to get rid of the hidden evil in our society, and to out those who try to cover up for the tragedies these criminals can cause”.

For a couple who were at this time suspects in their daughter's disappearence, the statement brokered something of a paradox; just how could these two ordinary individuals who had been openly pilloried for their routine negligence transform themselves into credible figureheads for law-enforcement overnight? Within the time it took to finish one glass of wine and discover one of your children missing, the McCanns exchanged their prison-issue denims for outfits tailored to a more 'practical' design.

And what at first had sounded like a most absurd suggestion by one deluded forum member steadily acquired some semblance of authority.


Retracing our steps to mid-July 2007 and we find ourselves standing alongside hundreds of dumbfounded uniformed officers at the Dorchester Hotel, invited from our seats by senior personnel to applaud one Gerald P McCann at the Police Bravery Awards. First we’d had the poignant video of his daughter, then the speech praising both UK Officers and the Polícia Judiciária, now we had the standing ovation. And for what? Just what were we honouring? Gerry’s contribution to ‘what’ exactly? One of the serving South Yorkshire officers receiving an award there that night described it as one of the most surreal events of his life. Sitting at his table was none other than Gerry McCann, 1500 metre junior running medallist and celebrated kidnap personality. And he wasn’t just down on the guest-list; Gerry was guest of honour. It was like having Mark Stanley - the man responsible for shutting the doors on the Herald of Free Enterprise as it left Zeebrugge - guest-of honour at the annual Maritime and Coastguard awards.

Naturally, not even this prepared us for what was to come. But just how did we get to this stage?


In mid-June, in an interview given to the Catholic newspaper, The Tablet, Gerry McCann told of an "extraordinary experience" inside the church in Praia da Luz just days after Madeleine's disappearance:

"I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions .... I can't say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night. The next day I was up at dawn, making phone calls."

At this point in time Madeleine has been missing, presumed abducted, for little more than 3 weeks. But in what can only be described as an epiphany or profound breakthrough, Gerry McCann is sufficiently inspired and transformed enough to pursue a totally new direction. At a time when most people in his position are coming round from the effects of a mild sedative Gerry decides to resign his position at Glenfield Hospital and spearhead a campaign on behalf of missing and exploited children everywhere. His mission starts modestly enough; a meeting with SOS Crianca, the main child welfare non-governmental organisation in Portugal and then to London for a meeting at the Headquarters of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. And then things start getting a little giddy. Gerry visits the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children in Washington, bonds with the US attorney general Gonzales at the justice department, grapples at the White House with the First Lady's deputy chief of staff, Sarah Armstrong and follows it up with a mid-afternoon jog up Capitol Hill for meetings with Democrat congressman Nick Lampson and Republican Senator Robert Shelby.

And then, of course, we have that ill-timed appointment in Edinburgh with Kirsty Wark who interviews Gerry at the Edinburgh International TV festival, shortly before he and his wife are declared formal suspects.

Not bad for a couple from Leicester who were presumed reckless enough to leave their daughter unattended for several nights of the week on a jolly old Summer Holiday with their mates in Portugal.


In comedy, timing is everything. Get to the punch line too quick, too slow, don’t weight it right, don’t say it right – and the whole collapses. And it’s much the same in politics. Get the audience on your side and they’ll pretty much laugh at anything. Sometimes you have to wait for the right time and sometimes you have to adlib. But if you get them when they’re laughing already you ‘re as good as home and dry.

And it’s in this way we might look at Gerry and Kate as warm-up artists for the Tony and Gordon Show.

Gerry's timely statement that 'Portugal has no DNA database of known sex offenders' also coincided with Blair and Brown's plans for extending the UK's National DNA database and creating a single European-wide database - from those that drop litter to those with traffic offences. The DNA database, they argued 'should include all'. His statement also coincided with Britain's plans to join the controversial, Prüm Treaty on June 12th - a decision widely criticized by opposition parties, human rights groups and a good proportion of the British Public, who had begun to foster concerns of sleepwalking into a 'Big Brother Europe'. The Prum Treaty, first signed in May 2005 by Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Austria, allowed the police forces of those countries to compare and exchange data more easily.

On June 12 2007, the 27 member states passed a slightly revised version of the treaty into EU law - a move which - had it not been for the emotional furore surrounding the McCanns and Madeleine - would most likely have dragged Blair and New Labour even further into the mire, and upsetting no end Blair's final lap of honour: his farewell tour of Africa and the Middle East.

In 2006 The Guardian ran the headline: “Suspect Nation” and was duly followed up in September 2007 with the headline, Judge wants everyone in UK on DNA database when it was announced that Lord Justice Sedley, one of England's most experienced appeal court judges, expressed the view that every UK citizen, 'guilty or innocent' should be on the DNA database. The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent and BBC News followed suit.

Whilst Brown and the Home Office distanced themselves comfortably from Sedley's remarks, they did not rule it out entirely and the Home Office continues to guage public reaction on the issue using a number of high profile cases as a catalyst for debate (and, let's face it, as a means of testing and building consensus concurrently. See how the whole issue is again now being framed within the Sally Anne Bowman and Ipswich Murder cases, The Press Association, Feb 23rd 2007)

From the very first moment Tony Blair visited the Forensic Science Service's London headquarters in October 2006 he and Downing Street began to extol the DNA Database as a major crime-busting tool. He called for the national DNA database to be expanded to include every citizen. While at the centre, he heard how advances in DNA technology are not only boosting detection rates in current cases but also helping police in reviews of so-called cold cases - some several decades old - where there was no new evidence.

In the months immediately following Blair’s visit to the FSS, debate on the issue increased. Noise was produced on both sides of the fence; from the Association of Chief Police Officers (who backed the expansion) on the one side and civil liberties groups and partisan newspaper columnists on the other, attracting the greater volume of headlines in Summer 2007.

And in July 2007 the shit really hit the fan. In light of issues discussed in the context of the Madeleine McCann investigation and Gerry’s statement about ‘no known sex-offenders’ database in Portugal, the EU drive to produce the world's largest criminal DNA database gathered pace. Naturally it was deeply unpopular and controversial. It always had been. Even when the issue had first been broached in February 2007 broadsheets ran the headline: ‘DNA data deal 'will create Big Brother Europe'. The proposition from the EU was that Police across Europe would be given free access to every other member’s DNA, fingerprint and car registration databases.


At a meeting in Brussels, the Home Office agreed to a deal that would set up a network of national crime records across 27 states. All member states would have access to other countries' DNA and fingerprint data, as well as direct online access to vehicle registries. The exchanges would eventually lead to the creation of a single Euro-wide database - produced under the aforementioned, Prüm Treaty. The treaty had been drafted originally by then holders of the EU Presidency, Germany.

Signed initially by Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands in May 2005, the treaty was extended to all Member States in June 2007. The move was hugely unpopular. Brown was to be placed under the same considerable pressure to ditch the treaty as Blair had been under to veto it. The deal - signed by Home Office Minister Joan Ryan in Luxembourg - also paved the way for police from different EU states to set-up joint patrols. (Britain's initial sluggishness in backing the treaty was made all the more ironic by the fact it has the biggest DNA Database in the world - clocking in at around 3.5 million people - but given that access to this information would yield no small amount of embarrassment to the UK, hesitation seemed somewhat inevitable).

The Tories described the so-called "Prüm Convention" as a "sell-out", but such was the attention whipped up by the Madeleine case that it didn't meet with quite the same level of objection from the British Public - who - contrary to expectations - seemed quietly philosophical (and needless to say, compromised) about the whole issue.

All that Blair and the original Prüm signatories had really needed was the public on their side, something to trigger a climate of anxiety about the issue, a pan-European ‘catalyst’ event, a gateway, a prelude. Let's face it, any politician worth their salt thesedays needs a good 'catalyst event', something that greases the wheels of contentious, unpopular policies and legislature both at home and on foreign soil. Just as politicians are accused of hijacking the terrorist attacks in New York and London in the first half of this decade, politicians in this country and in Europe hijacked the Madeleine tragedy for dubious political gain.

It was political opportunism with a compassionate expression, a bunch of flowers and a cuddly toy. Just as 9/11 provided the right moral pretext for war, the Madeleine investigation provided the right moral pretext for extending the Prum Agreement to all 27 member states.

Madeleine’s abduction arrived in rather a timely fashion for Blair and the original member states - helping them negotiate a rather tricky passage, especially if the PM was to hold onto his dreams of bagging the future EU presidency. What better way to rally support for extending the UK DNA Profiling Database and building support for the contentious Prüm Treaty than monopolising the crisis engendered by a missing pre-schooler. It cut through the demographics like a knife through butter, appealing to everyone regardless of age, regardless of class, regardless of gender. It was something children could identify with. It was something grown ups could identify with. Even famous authors and football celebrities. And more importantly (much more importantly) it crossed all geographical boundaries.

Those insensitive 'Where's Wally' lampoons at least highlighted an uncomfortable truth: Madeleine was popping up everywhere, and so too were her alleged captors: if ever we had needed access to other countries' DNA and fingerprint data and cross-border cooperation it was now.

It was the trigger that would launch a fleet of vessels:

"Was this the face that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?"

Historians might be interested to note that Ilium is modern day Turkey: gateway to the 'diabolical Middle East’. Did we envisage Madeleine, just like Helen, being bundled onto a boat by a swarthy looking arab called, Paris?

Had New Labour (and ultimately, the orginal EU states: Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) just been waiting for this accident to happen? Another 'catalyst' event?

Is this what the McCanns were being groomed for: ambassadorial duties for Prüm and Prüm-related declarations like the much touted, Amber Alert System? But who had initially applied the pressure and had drafted the original blueprint for this consensus build? Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain? New Labour? All five? Were the McCanns aware of it or were they just unforunate, unwitting pawns caught up in an elaborate psychodrama staged by Europe’s crafty elite, the purpose of which they could only guess at?

As the Daily Telegraph quite rightly points out: " When Labour took office in 1997, it held only 700,000 samples. By next year, it will hold the samples of some 4.2 million people – seven per cent of the population – and is growing by about half a million a year.”

That’s a lot of bums on seats. And a hullva lot of bumprints.


April 2008
Kate and Gerry McCann fly to Brussels to launch a child safety scheme while Portuguese police quiz their Tapas Seven friends in Britain.

July 2006:
UK: Freedom of Information: Cabinet Office refuses to reveal “personal and political contacts” between the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and Rupert Murdoch.

BBC News - 26 May 2007
Gordon Brown Offers Full Support To The McCanns

Guardian Unlimited - May 27, 2007
Gordon Brown urges police to give more details

The Observer - January 21st 2007
Germany calls for unrestricted across European borders

Daily Express - July 13th, 2007
Gerry McCann at Police Bravery Awards

The Times - August 2nd 2007
The Association of Chief Police Officers Call For Mandatory DNA Profiling For Everyone

The Sun - 24 July 2007
Gerry McCann at The White House

Daily Express - August 28, 2007
Gordon Brown Tells Gerry McCann To Scale Down Media Campaign

Times Online - September 18, 2007
Gerry McCann and Gordon Brown in Search For More Powerful Backers

Daily Telegraph - December 12, 2007
Gerry McCann Nominated For Scot of the Year


The truth behind the McCann's 116 000 alert number

More on Gary Titley - Labour MEP who was fighting Gerry and Kate's corner in June and July 2007.

In July last year, Gerry McCann, told the UK journalists that a pan-European database would "help prevent child abuse and track those responsible for such crimes". He also called for "greater consistency across the European Union". Like Gerry, Gary Titley is very fond of the phrase 'pan European'.

In April 2006 Socialist Group member, Titley was similarly requesting a 'pan-European' emergency call system' - the implementation of eCall from Brussels.

On other another occasion it was 'action to facilitate cross-border mergers and acquisitions in financial services' (oct 2006) And here he is again, on the issue of a Pan-European Defence system: "British Socialist MEP Gary Titley, a leading exponent of a single European arms industry, deplores the current situation, insisting: "We need to establish a (Pan) European defence company. Without one we cannot compete."

In January 2007 Titley addressed the 'Making EU Enlargement Work' conference - an invitation only event held in Central London: "What steps need to be taken to deal with cross-border issues, such as transnational organised crime and people trafficking" "Can effective pan-European strategies be formed – and does an EU of 27 need institutional or policy reforms to achieve this? "What is the key to an effective strategy to maintain sufficient public consent for enlargement in both established and new member states? If this cannot be done, could this be the last EU enlargement?"

Titley was present at a meeting in Brussels in January and May 2007 to resolve the scope and the legal basis of the new Prum Treaty.

Gary Titley is also a member of the Socialist Fabian Society along with folks like Blair and Brown. They appear to approach EU Enalargement with much the same passion as the average US Neocon approaches expansion in the Middle East. They wish to keep the EU door open to Turkey. Something the vatican also supports. I think the McCann's friend Titley was an early campaigner for the Pan-European 'Missing Children's Hoteline, '116-000' through his work with Missing Children Europe. Missing Children Europe partner Oracle (the software company). Titley has supported a number of cross-border surveillance projects (vehicle registration being one). Could be a lot of money in having increased surveillance technology in place. Oracle are the EU ICT Supplier of choice and Orcale have been looking to expand in Andalucia/Malaga - which is where the McCanns' first witness, Mari Olli Pollard lives with her husband (Huelva is also in this region).

In April 2008 the McCanns address the Press in Brussels on the deployment of a 'new' alert number: 116 000

Press Association April 2008

"The McCanns will carry out a presentation to MEPs about the need for greater co-ordination between European countries when a child is abducted.

Their plan includes the introduction of a new dedicated information hotline. They have already reserved the number - 116 000 - but it has yet to go live."

However the reservation of this number predates the disappearence of Madeleine by several months. The number was already reserved. Gerry and Kate had nothing to do with it. Here is a press release from the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children dated December 2006:


The European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children welcomes “116 000” as the European telephone number for missing children Brussels, 20 December 2006 - The European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children welcomes today’s decision of the Extraordinary Communications Committee, reserving “116 000” as the European telephone number for missing children. The European Commission initiated this number as an example of services of social importance in itsdecision “on reserving the national number range beginning with ‘116’ for harmonised numbers for harmonised services of social value”. The European number for missing children constitutes a major step towards strengthening the assistance offered by emergency hotlines across Europe in cases of disappearances of minors."

And it's again mentionened by EU Labour Leader, Gary Titley in February 2007:

Gary Titley went on to champion the McCann's cause directly as of May/June 2007.

Weird how such a massively high profile abduction case fell into their lap at exactly the right time - just as people like Gary Titley and Catherine Meyer set out to lobby MEPS for the implementation of the alert scheme throughout Europe.

Could just be a coincidence.

Catherine Meyer is behind both PACT and a committed campaigner for the US Amber Alert System which the McCanns are looking to adapt for Europe. Her husband is Sir Christopher Meyer - former British Ambassador to the US and now Chairman of the British Press Complaints Commission.

Sir Christopher Meyer was speaker at the Fabian Society's 'Change The World' conference in New York in January 2008.

In April 1999, Catherine Meyer co-founded the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) and a year later, she set up her own organisation, PACT, which works in close association with ICMEC.

Gerry McCann visited ICMEC's HQ in Virginia in June 2007.

The couple quickly became the 'human face' of a powerful and determined lobby.

The strangest thing is not the McCanns are claiming ownership of the 116 000 alert number - it's that everybody in Brussels is allowing them to do so. Given that the McCanns are formal suspects in their daughter's disappearence one might expect Brussels to give this couple a wide girth. If, on the otherhand, the couple's supporters in Brussels and the US knew for a fact that Madeleine was alive and well and that the McCanns were not responsible for their daughter's disappearence - it is quite conceivable that they would continue to lend their support. But they would have to know for a fact.


Quick recap. Catherine and Sir Christopher have been using the McCanns to lobby support for a pan-European Missing Children's Alert System based on the US 'Amber Alert' system - a system that utilises a broad range of telecommunications and wireless media:

"AMBER Alerts are distributed via commercial radio stations, satellite radio, television stations, and cable TV by the Emergency Alert System (where they are termed "Child Abduction Emergency"), as well as via e-mail, electronic traffic-condition signs, and wireless device SMS text messages. Those interested in subscribing to receive AMBER Alerts in their area via SMS messages can visit Wireless Amber Alerts."

Its an area that Sir Christopher Meyer should be more than a little au fait with, as he was named Chairman of the Board Of Directors for GlobeTel in 2005 (until 2006). He nows chairs Globtel's newly formed International Advisory Board.

"GlobeTel is changing the global landscape of how people communicate, interact and transact. To accomplish this mission, we provide our customers with access to an integrated suite of telecommunications products and services that leverage the advances we have made in our Stored Value, VOIP and Wireless Access technologies."

Although there is no evidence to suggest Globetel would benefit commercially from an EU-Wide Amber Alert, it's inevitalble that one company out there will (the world's leading enterprise software company, Oracle currently partner Missing Children Europe in terms of IT systems).

As it is, any such contracts that arise as a result of implementing an EU-Wide 'Amber' Alert are likely to be awarded by the EU's Information Society and Media Commission headed by Viviane Reding.

In the early 1980s Sir Christopher was posted to Brussels where he was active in the UK's representation to the European Union (EU) specializing in trade policy and later returned to Moscow in 1982 as Political Counselor.

The Amber Alert System is now integrated into The Emergency Alert System (EAS) - a national system in the U.S. put into place in 1994, superseding the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) and the CONELRAD System and is jointly coordinated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Federal Emergency Managemant Agency (FEMA), and the National Weather Service (NWS). The official EAS is designed to enable the President of the United States to speak to the United States within 10 minutes (this official federal EAS has never been activated).

The FCC requires all broadcast stations to install and maintain EAS decoders and encoders at their control points. These decoders continuously monitor the signals from other nearby broadcast stations for EAS messages.

30.04.08. Just wanted to draw people's attention to Liz Lynne, the Liberal Democrat MEP from the West Midlands who has been supporting the McCanns and their lobbying for a EU-Wide Alert Scheme. Interesting to see Lynne was high up the chain at Amnesty International for a time. It seems she is involved with a large volume of Human Rights issues. JK Rowling who supported the McCanns also used to work for Amnesty International and is still an active human rights campaigner.

Liz Lynne, a former actor, tried unsuccesfully to have MEPs sign the EU-Wide Alert Scheme in July 2006. She claims it was rejected due to a lack of knowledge and a lack of appreciation of just how successful the Amber scheme was. I believe the EU-Wide Alert Scheme was part of a much broader initiative called 'Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child' supported by Lynne, Glenys Kinnock (wife of former Labour Leader, Neil Kinnock), Diana Wallis and Roberta Angelilli in 2006 (Glenys Kinnock - of Cardiff - also belongs to the Cooperative Party, often synonymous with The Socialist Fabian Society. Ed Balls is preseident of both).

Human Trafficking - especially women and children - was also an area that was targeted by the commsion's report. In fact, it was in 2006 that they first registered the hotline number 116 000 for use.

It makes you wonder just how incredibly valuable the McCanns have become to key lobbying figures in the European Parliament like Liz Lynne and Glenys Kinnock (of Cardiff). The fact Mitchell's PR Machine has raised the spectre of human trafficking on several occasions is also interesting. The Madeleine Case alsmost reads like a case study in the human rights of the child.

Let's face it, it was a 'happy coincidence' that Madeleine went missing when she did for the people behind this declaration:

If I was ever confused why the McCanns have enjoyed so much support, I am not confused now.

They must have invested a lot of hope in the McCanns resolving their declarations to the EU Parliament of the Human Rights of Children.

30.04.08. I don't know whether this is relevant but I noticed Gerry McCann was asked by a reporter in Brussels when he first learned about Amber Alert (Missing Child Alert). Gerry said he learned about it from a friend a 'few hours' after Madeleine went missing (it was asked as part of the Q & A s from reporters during the press address. I think it was asked by a writer from The Sun newspaper).

Last May it was reported in the UK Press Gazette that the McCanns, their friends and their family had invited the 'alleged psychics' Diane Lazarus (of Cardiff) and Amanda Hart across to Portugal to see if they could discover what happened to Madeleine (Amanda is an ex-resident of Portugal and Spain).

What's interesting is that Amanda Hart registered a website domain for her new company on April 28 2007 called Amber Connections Ltd.

Hart registered the actual company name on April 26th 2007 with the UK's 'Companies House'.

This 'psychic detective' company was to specialise in Missing Persons and Miscarriages of Justice. It was to behave in principle rather like the 'psychic wing' of Gerry's Amber Alert Sysyem. (the site has been removed from the server in the last 2-3days but links to a Google Cache of the site can be found at the bottom of this page)

Amanda Hart registered this domain just 5 days before Madeleine went missing. It's alleged both she and Diane Lazarus were then invited across to Portugal by friends of the McCanns. Did Amanda have a clairvoyant experience about Gerry backing Amber Alert and Madeleine going missing?

Amanda Hart alleges she too had a child taken away from her at a very early age:
see her Madeleine - Psychic Tracker diary

Catherine Meyer - the woman behind Amber Alert in the US also had her children taken away from her by her first husband. This is why Catherine developed the Amber Alert System and support groups like PACT:

see: PACT Board of Directors

PACT's patrons include Cherie Blair and Laura Bush.

Did any of these people know each other prior to Madeleine going missing, maybe through a support group like PACT? Not that any of it really matters, as it's entirely likely that once the EU-Wide Alert declaration is passed in Brussels this time around, Madeleine will be coming home. May is the month of miracles afterall. Perhaps tonight's ITV documentary will be enough to tip the 'abductor' into giving Madeleine back.

01.05.08 Didn't bother with the ITV documentary although I might YouTube it at some point. More interesting are some comments in the 3arguidos forum from Clear and DrachenSachen who suggest that only a third of the MEPs required have signed the Amber declaration. There is a good link here:

If anything it brings it right back round to the Prum Treaty. The objective was never really about 'missing children' although that would be happy consequence. The objective was to increase the exchange of criminal data between countries, an objective that was outlined specifically in the updated Prum Treaty of June 2007: more cross-border cooperation, a central pan-European DNA database. Some might wish to argue that this was always about National Security and that the Madeleine 'event' was used to weaken the resolve of those countries opposed to such exchanges. Was an attempt made to use a humanitarian and moral pretext for issues relating more to EU expansionism and homeland security? I think this was obvious right from the very beginning. I think it was hijacked for political gain.

Was the ITV Documentary Madeleine McCann: One Year On aired on April 30th a last ditch attempt to attract more signatures to the declaration? Well tell me what you think after reading the following report releaed by the Press Association on May 1st. The timing is a little suspect if nothing else:

" European Parliament declaration demanding a child alert system opened for signatures last week, but needs the names of at least half the 785 MEPs before it has formal status as a resolution.

So far the declaration has attracted 127 names, but needs at least 393 by the end of June.
A similar initiative failed to attract sufficient signatures two years ago - but the case of Madeleine McCann is expected to tip the balance this time."

03.05.07. ""What is the key to an effective strategy to maintain sufficient public consent for enlargement in both established and new member states?" - Gary Titley, MEP, Amber Alert Campaigner for 'Making EU Enlargement Work' , January 2007

I wonder if either Kate or Gerry can provide a suitable answer?

06.05.07. I've just had an email from Liz Lynne, the Lib Dem MEP who has been supporting Kate and Gerry in their campaign for an EU-Wide 'Amber' Alert System. She explains that it was EU Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security Mr Franco Frattini who first launched the concept of a missing children alert system in 2006 and again in January 2007. It has already been pointed out that Frattini was one of the major 'cheerleaders' for the Prum Treaty which embraced the whole issue of cross-border cooperation between Police across Europe, an increase in DNA profiling and more rigid control of human-trafficking. Frattini reiterated his commitment to this campaign during his speech at the Second Europa Forum on the Rights of the Child on March 4th this year.

What's interesting is that the First Europa Forum on the Rights of the Child occurred on June 4 2007 in Berlin - which happened to coincide with Gerry and Kate's trip to Berlin the following day on June 5th. Frattini and his commission arrive in Berlin to discuss the Missing Children Alert within 24 hours of Kate and Gerry - the commission's future ambassadors - arriving. A coincidence or not?

Frattini, described by the BBC as a 'softly-spoken technocrat' was a member of the Italian Socialist Party before replacing the controversial Rocco Buttiglione as Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security (in 2004, the departing Rocco Buttiglione famously outed Frattini as a Freemason).

Freemasonry, which was banned under Mussolini, flourished under the Christian Democrats in postwar Italy, and remains legal. But it is still viewed with suspicion by the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. It has been a highly sensitive issue in Italy since 1981, when a secret and illegal right-wing Masonic lodge known as P2 — Propaganda Due — was broken up amid public scandal.

Furthermore, Frattini is also vice President of the Barroso Commission led by former Prime Minister of Portugal; José Manuel Barroso.

Other members of the Barroso Commission include fellow Socialist, Peter Mandelson and Viviane Reding. Readers of the Editorial Intelligence thread might recall that the former architect of New Labour and Blair's greatest ally (and fellow Fabian Society member) said this of the media:

'Of course we want to use the media, but the media will be our tools, our servants; we are no longer content to let them be our persecutors."
- Peter Madelson, 'Silence of The Sheep' by Peter Oborne

New Labour have since managed to gain substantial and unprecedented control of the British Media.

Fellow Barroso member Viviane Reding is presently Commissioner for the EU's Information Society and Media, the Commission who are most likely to be responsible for awarding any commercial ICT contracts that might arise as a result of the EU-Wide Amber Alert scheme being implemented.

"The public support shown throughout Europe to the parents of Madeleine McCann has illustrated European citizens' solidarity with the families of missing children and the importance they attach to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our children." - Franco Frattini, 'EU marking Missing Children's Day', May 2007

"What is the key to an effective strategy to maintain sufficient public consent for enlargement in both established and new member states? If this cannot be done, could this be the last EU enlargement?"
- Gary Titley, EU-Wide Missing Children Alert Campaigner, Janaury 2007

"So far the declaration has attracted 127 names, but needs at least 393 by the end of June.
A similar initiative failed to attract sufficient signatures two years ago - but the case of Madeleine McCann is expected to tip the balance this time."

- 'McCanns drive Needs More Support Press', Press Association, May 1st 2008

see also:
Franco Frattini - 'What Should Malta Do With Immigrants?'
'Agreement on a pan-European network of police databases for more effective crime control' , Frattini, Feb 2007
'Commissioner urges adoption of French missing-children system', Frattini, January 2007, Euractiv

15.05.08. Bearing in mind the profile of Frattini and Barroso in this Amber Alert spectacle it might strike some people as a further coincidence that the man who replaced former British Ambassador in Portugal, John Buck is none other than Alexander Wykeham Ellis:


Full Name: Alexander Wykeham Ellis
2005 – 2007 European Commission, seconded as Adviser to the
President of the European Commission
2003 – 2005 Madrid, Counsellor, Head of EU and Global Issues Team
2001 – 2003 FCO, Head of Enlargement Team, EU Directorate

Ellis - the new British Ambassador - served as adviser to EC President Barroso immediately prior to September 2007 when Ellis replaced Buck in Portugal.

Just who is being held to ransom in this case? The McCanns or you and me?