Monday, 21 March 2011

Why not answering the 48 police questions Ms Healy?

...Ms Kate Healy you can certainly answer them now, you KNOW it would RE OPEN the case for your DAUGHTER if you did, so why don't you?
You also say you didn't do the police reconstruction of the events because your friends couldn't find the time (or were not bothered?) to help with this, Easter is coming, with bank holidays, 2 days in Praia Da Luz is enough time to do so. There is NO EXCUSE.
You are not doing any of this, so it's telling the public that really you are not interested in re-opening the case, you are too busy publishing your book instead.
Please make sure you answer these questions in it - which I doubt you will.


  1. Yes Kate, tell us in your book WHY you refused to answer the 48 questions put to you by the PJ, who warned you:

    "Are you aware of the fact that by not answering these questions you may compromise the investigation, which is trying to find out what happened to your daughter?"

    You Kate, replied:

    “yes, if the investigation thinks so.”

    Of Cousre the PJ investigating your claim that your daughter had been abducted thought so Kate, your answer was a deliebrate attempt to prevent the course of Justice in the search for your own child, so tell us WHY did you deliberately sabotarge the search for your own daughter Kate?

  2. (because, because, because, She's the Wizard of Oz!")

  3. Hahahahahahaahahaha, smack on megafundline, the Mccann's are certainly living in a drug fuelled fantesy, cause the Gaspers accuse them of being peadophile's published on their statements from the police, yet the McCann's don't sue them for it, their private investigator Halligen run's off with £300,000 from their fund, and they don't do anything about it, and they refuse to answer 48 questions put to them by the PJ to aid in the search for their abducted daughter and then run away from Portugal the second they get out of the police station... that's the classic reactions of a psychotic schizophrenic running away from reality, so you hit the nail on the head calling Kate the Wizard of Oz, lol.

    I bet Kate McCann's book start's off with:

    "Once upon a time....", hahahahaha!

  4. Once Upon A Time in our Back Garden,....oh but you are giving me some inspiration there.... hang on... waiting for the book, lol. The Halligen scam, I reckon that it's another case of... ya knoww, I really can't see these people who run everywhere to get the maximum donations, profits and compensation huge amounts in courts and really let Halligen get away with it. This really looks like, woops, "The money went missing!"
    Poor McCanns, they have been the victims of so many abductions.


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