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"Madeleine McCann's death 'covered up by parents who faked kidnap' "By The Telegraph Online UK Press

"Madeleine McCann's death 'covered up by parents who faked kidnap', court hears

Madeleine McCann died in an accident in her family's Algarve holiday apartment and her death was covered up by her parents who then concocted a tale of kidnap, a Portuguese court was told.

“She died in the apartment as a result of a tragic accident and the parents simulated an abduction after failing to care of their children,” Tavares de Almeida, former chief inspector at Portimao police station during the initial months of the investigation, told the court in Lisbon.


“These were the conclusions of a police report signed by me on September 10 2007,” he added."

Source: The Telegraph, mainstream UK Press (online)
Since this old news article was published TWICE in a row, well over ONE YEAR LATER,  yesterday and today (please see post below), I might as well make TWO posts about it. It is THEIR headlines I am only reproducing. I have no idea why this huge media is choosing to repost these news, that were sensational, and some would say, "not very helpful to find Madeleine", when no related event but a book on pre-sale is really happening. But this must be coincidence.
Has any marketing ploy become part of a huger marketing plan, by any chance? Or are there some concerned people out there, concerned that a case for a child is archived, with no indication that her investigation would have any good reason to get archived in the first place? The curious matter is left to anyone's guess. We can still write to the media and ask... perhaps we would get lucky enough not to receive a stereotyped letter back in our faces.
It reminds me that, back in 2007, I had had ENOUGH of these media that were (almost all) saying that "Madeleine McCann has been abducted, snatched from her bed in Praia Da Luz", so I massively emailed all these to ask which proof exactly they had to state this. Since they had none, it could only be disinformation - and WHY? Why do disinformation in a little child's case? was my big question to them.
I also chose to write about my incentive around a few public forums and comments spaces. Better not leave these efforts in secrecy... I think that many others joined me in the action, because a little while later, we saw some changes in the general press statements. Maddy wasn't abducted any longer. She was MISSING, difference. Only some media (the type of cheap sheetroll, with a strong odour of racism and taste of ...) were still obstinate into forcing the abduction on. Some jumped from the ditch to the fence, it was an in-between: Maddy was feared abducted. Fair enough, it's very scary to have the thought of any (of YOUR) child abducted.
Some supra-intelligent people with sheer powers like Mrs Justice HOGG were, in a vindictive passion, ordering "the abductor" to come and fall onto their knees in front of her, and confess. She PONDERED that the McCanns were "RESPONSIBLE" parents. I do not know where Mrs HOGG got her child-care diplomas from, do they sometimes come as a bonus gift with tins of sardines? Because, Mrs HOGG, you see, I never knew that an attitude like this of the McCanns in matter of parenting, can EVER be considered as responsible.
So Ok, according to you, Mrs Justice HOGG, they WERE responsible, and Madeleine WAS abducted. She became your "child of Justice" with a WOC. Had you meant a WACK in the poor child's face, you would have done even better, because where are you now? What do you do for Madeleine, exactly? Are you aware of the seriousness, heaviness of HER situation? They were responsible, doing organised child neglect, she was abducted, because they were so responsible, it makes great sense. Your protected parent (the female of them) was writing a diary, where she stated a few things that surely would catch your attention, like the mentioning of paedophiles that want to make HER tear her OWN skin off, but after this, Mrs HOGG, did you see the sort of photos that they were publicly posting? Feared abducted, Madeleine McCann, three years old, WACKED with MAKE-UP. Is this wise you think, for a potential paedophile raptor?
Child-care, you said? Of which kind, may I ask?

So, Mrs Hogg, Mr Cameron, Mr Brown, Mr Blair, Mr Mitchell, Mr Kennedy, Mr Murdoch, Mr Magalhaes e Menezes, now you can all tell us: where is the case for this Little Child, MADELEINE MCCANN, going?
 Do you have a conscience? If not, as we suspect, at least you do have a job the RESPONSIBILITIES of which you have to fulfill.
A PUBLIC job means PUBLIC DUTIES, before private profits.
Or BE more honest: what is the wider agenda? Any thought for the TRUTH and the JUSTICE for this little person? Start by doing what you're best at: your JOB, by the basics, instead of taking the money and laughing your face off Madeleine. Try JUSTICE if you do justice. Try CARE if you really care. And try reporting on the TRUTH if you own newspapers. But STOP messing us all around like that, because we seriously are saturated with your putrefied food, it leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. And some spirits above are getting REALLY over agitated.


  1. Very interesting my friend,

    I was surprised to see this in the Telegraph.

    I think one day soon the tables will turn on the McCanns. They've been getting away with it for far too long, if you ask me.


  2. Hi Steph, thank you and I wish too that something specific will cause the case to re-open. When such a heavy situation is attempted to be permanently kept in secrecy, there usually is one person who lets "the cat out of the bag", somewhere along the long line... so I predict too that the truth will shine up one day, they're too noisy, now The Sun newspaper is at reviving the Hewlett topic again (this paedophile who was dying, and conveniently got all the blame for it, once again with no proof whatsover - even more now that he has passed away), so this PLUS the old article surprising reposted by The Telegraph, EQUALS so much noise at a time where the majority of the people who are following the case wonder how Mrs Healy can find the nerve/ "heart" to write a book - when the best therapy would be avoiding to think back too much in details about this 'trauma'.
    Far too much noise, but, it's interesting, I am waiting for some new slip-ups.

  3. Good article with some valid points MFL :)

    There is something very odd about Mrs Justice Hogg making Madeleine a ward of court. I'm not sure what it is, but my gut feelings are telling me there's more to this than first meets the eye!

  4. Exactly my friend,

    This Mitchell character bothers me. I know he was (or still is) the media monitor for the government. That means he gets to say what goes on air and how it goes on air. This is why I do not believe in anything that comes from the mainstream media.

    Unfortunately the public are dumb and ignorant to how things work. Many still live under the theory of: "Well, they are doctors, they must be innocent."

    In fact, a doctor is more likely to...well, you know what I mean.


  5. Mmmm... what if Madeleine never really existed, the entire abduction being staged for some other reason such as a divertive tactic from Operation Ore and Justice Hogg and the McCann's used a Ward of Court on a none existent child to make the public believe she existed, cause so far from what I read on the forums and blogs, there's an awful lot of idiots out there that are treating this case as if it's like the Biblical Mary and Joseph that lost Christ for a few year's, and the connection to Richard Branson and Biovault's GM cloned Sibblings for body parts program the Labour Gvmnt passed for use in the NHS without the public vote being that all the Tapaheads and the McCann's all work in the NHS and in area's where transplants are a despracy, what implications would this have on the entire justice system in the future as regards to using IVF children just for body parts in the NHS, cause as much as I know about genetics, one can only get 8 embryos from one original embryo, and cloning them is still not been developed as far as science reports, infact, it's virtually impossible for a womens womb to carry a genetically modified embryo to full term, there's too many problems with development of the feotus and neural netwerk by removing certain X chomosomes before IVF implantation! I believe the McCann's are using the abduction to conceal the use of kidnapped children trafficked through Europe for body parts, and the NHS and gvmnt trying to legislate this form of murder by stopping it from being considered as a crime!

  6. Hi All, Sasha, Steph, Ka. Sorry I had to neglect the comments for a while through lack of time. I love reading your posts my friends! All is very interesting from each of you.

    -Steph, re the use of PR's.... this is so absurd in itself. Who would ever need to do so, to protect themselves to that extent, if there was nothing more than truth-seeking in their quests? Anyone would be very respectful of the police, and would not even want to expose themselves to a stranger that they pay so heavily, for high media publishing, when they still have two ther children 'to think of'.
    In all other cases, we hear of police help/intervention, solicitors only if there is a big issue that cannot be sorted otherwise, and media intervention from time to time, no public relation ex-gov-media-monitor!!!
    So once again, this was all so well orchestrated, with also the Bell Pottinger Group early 'rescue' action,(these specialise in REPUTATION!!!) and now some media who write disinformation and lies in such an anti-professional manner, to give free ads for the mother's book, that it, in my views, confirms that all this was about a product to sell from even before the 3rd May 2007.

    -Sasha, the 'Justice Hogg' issue seriously bothers me too, as this one wasn't behaving in a professional way when she ordered "the abductor" to confess and pondered that these parents were "responsible". And indeed, what the need for a WOC, I wonder, there has to be something linked to money, copyrights and law in this! it bothers me even more after reading an article about her. She was, apparently, instrumental in the death of a Baby. She didn't recognise the emergency in the situation and the child under "her protection" died of abuse!

    -Ka, "the Biblical Mary and Joseph that lost Christ for a few year's", ROFL!!!! You always come out with such colourful expressions, you! What a brain. The end of you post is so interesting. "I believe the McCann's are using the abduction to conceal the use of kidnapped children trafficked through Europe for body parts, and the NHS and gvmnt trying to legislate this form of murder by stopping it from being considered as a crime!"
    Do you remember that couple who was arrested for body parts trafficking, etc, in summer 2007, Spain, and media associated them with the McCann's case. "Find the body and prove that she's dead!" said Maddy's father. How surprising a comment from a desperate dad who was convinced that her daughter was abducted. I would have NEVER "Find THE body" and etc, about any of my kids, in such situation. It was like when the mother said, very early, "The police don't want a murder in Portugal."

    This IVF element is i.m.o. too, a key issue in the case. Remember the PJ's question (another unaswered by Kate) on ... 'is it true that you had planned for Madeleine to go for adoption by a relative in the UK?'-they didn't ask that question without a ground for it. I truly wonder if Maddy lived with them, and was actually their daughter, despite the fact that FSS declared that Gerry's DNA was in the samples. After all we never saw any pic of Kate being pregnant, and we can all imagine how expensive she would have loved to sell these pics to the press!
    Body parts are a BIG JUICY BUSINESS, private places pay astronomic amounts of money to couples who sell foetuses and embryos, for the precious STEM-CELLS, and in general, human body parts are well sought after. There well could be something of the sort here, since the GREED that we see in these people, since 2007, it wouldn't surprise me, and the photos and witnessings present anomalies. Who was the real Madeleine McCann, indeed???


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