Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Anthony BENNETT's "The 48 Questions" UNANSWERED BY THE MOTHER -Video on Vimeo! (Take that, You Tube!)

Much better quality video-site than the ads-riddled 'you tube' (champion site for hosting videos that nobody can ever watch in full), who by the way allowed flaggers/ other 'sheriffs' of freedom of speech to delete Tony's work there, never mind because it's all safely reposted THERE, on Vimeo!

-please note that this video is downloadable! ;-) - These are the questions that Madeleine's mother refused to answer under POLICE INTERVIEW. She used her status of "arguida" (MAIN SUSPECT) to choose not to. My question is, again, now that she is not a 'main suspect' any longer, what prevents the Portuguese police from asking these -and more- questions??? In the end as you will see, as the officer asks her if she is aware that refusing the questions will be detrimental to her daughter's investigation, she replies "YES, IF IT'S WHAT THE INVESTIGATION THINKS." Welcome to watch, simply click on the video-title:

by Anthony Bennett

What would your own questions or requests be? Mine is about the Child's HEALTH RECORDS, that her parents refused to hand over to the police - but from which law can't the British police DEMAND these records, and even get them with a warrant? Had anyone else been a MAIN SUSPECT in any other serious case, especially a MISSING CHILD'S CASE, surely they would have no choice in the matter! So once again, here's a flagrant instance of DELIBERATE SABOTAGE of their own CHILD INVESTIGATION! -and obvious PROTECTION. Mrs HEALY, Dr MCCANN: once again, WHY? WHY DO YOU SABOTAGE THE INVESTIGATION FOR MADELEINE?

-You are free to reply my question and views in the Comments space below, be my guests.- M.


  1. First time I've ever heard those questions being read out.

    Seems to me that by not answering shows a sign of guilt multiplied by 48 times.

    Great video!

  2. There's no excuse for a mother of a missing child to refuse to give answers to any question in the aid of locating her missing child, not unless that mother was involved in that childs abduction herself!

    Kate's refusal to answer those 48 questions is in reverse her statement itself that she was actively involved in the abduction of Madeleine, and is thinking just like a psociopathic liar thinks, and whom thinks that if they refuse to give an answer then they're innocent of their crimes!

    Not forgetting the fact that Gerry had in his posession several CEOP training books for police officers ONLY prior to their interviews with which to practice avoiding implicating themselves in their daughters abduction, and the only type of persons to be in that much preparedness of being suspected in a crime would be the abductees themselves!

  3. Hi Steph and Hi Ka, I agree with both of you. I am amazed, in a shocking way, at such a system that allows main suspects not to answer crucial questions - this is protection of suspects, nothing else. It is simply a nonsense, it's contradictory to justice itself. Is it not about time this changed?
    Did the McCanns choose Portugal because of this precisely? Why didn't she want to answer all this, because she didn't want to have to lie a bit more?
    So what she felt that they didn't like her, and she hated them because she knew they suspected her, obviously as she was an arguida, what do feelings have to do when one deals with professionals who were the only ones who could help towards her missing daughter?
    The answer is simple: yes she is guilty, at least of knowing what happened, and very probably for having let it all happen, if not of worse crime.
    I wonder what she is ranting in her book regarding this. I won't entertain their circus so I will not pay to read that! But if I ever come across it, I am sure that I would laugh at every page. I hope for her that she took wriring skills training before starting this because if is anything like her diary... yawnnnnn, and laughing ot loud!

  4. Apparently, Kate behaved like she was struck dumb while being questioned, obviously a guilty conscience kicking in right at the very beginning of being questioned, and as far as I'm concerned, any mother that can say "YES, IF IT'S WHAT THE INVESTIGATION THINKS." in answer to was she AWARE that refusing to answer the questions will be detrimental to her daughter's investigation, obviously dosn't give a fuck about her daughter!

    Hahaha, Kate's book will probably be something like:

    "Those nasty posters in blogs and on forums are all jealous of me because I'm rich and beautiful and they arn't", repeated page after page after page after page after page..... hahahaha!

    Funny how Gerry dropped out of the writing of the book, cause I reckon he's shitting it that Kate's persitent references to her mirror cracking beauty on every page of it will show the world how mentally disfunct she is, lol.


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