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Ask the McCanns your own questions.

You may post your Own Questions to Gerald McCann and Kate Healy here in the Comments.

THE FOLLOWING POST HAS BEEN DELETED BY THE : Jill Harvern's forum, on a great thread of Anthony Bennett.

Link: I have decided NOT to advertise for this place, NOR recommend it any longer, due to the ill censoreship they do practice. Here is the DELETED post by a moderator "Get 'em Gonçalo", who would be among the first persons to loudly disapprove of FREEDOM OF SPEECH INFRINGEMENT though! :

A Few Key Questions:

Re the paedophily-related accusations / indications from forensics / personal reflections over some photos that were published in the Press:

-Why haven't you Gerald McCann SUED your former friends the Gaspars (or at least Mrs Gaspar) for the implication she is making about you re Mallorca?

- Why didn't Dr Payne do the same?

-Why have you never, ever, mentioned this in the press or on your website, and tried to explain or comment upon these severe accusations?

- Why did your friend Brian KENNEDY , a benefactor of your company, visit several key witnesses, among them Murat, Martin Smith and, more essentially, the former bookers/ tenants of the 5a apartment in the Ocean Club?

-Why did you not become interested in the related forensic result for the childrens' bedding, which Mr B. Kennedy visited in private these 5a former tenants about? The reliable forensics by the PT police and labs have revealed a SEMEN stain. In the light of an ABDUCTION, why have you totally neglected this evidence, but believed the "new result" obtained by Mr B. Kennedy, your friend and benefactor? (which was "the former 5a tenants' son's "saliva"...)

- Why when you fear and insist on a paedophile abuction and ring(s), did you publish photos of your daughter that can doubtlessly be seen by paedophiles as dreamy material?

-Why did you remain friend with Dr Payne when your other friends accuse him of behaving like a paedophile?

Paedophile ring(s) related questions:

- Why did you mention this possibility so early (to your family, friends and then even the press) when you couldn't even be sure that you child had run off or not?

-If you were so sure of an abduction by a paedophile, why did you let most of the local people search in the streets for your daughter? (it is not as if a paedophile would walk hand in hand with Maddy in the Praia streets just after capture)

- You've insisted being stalked, watched, even that your daughter was photographed by stranger(s), why did you not immediately report this to the police , - PRE abduction?

-Have you personally contacted Mr John SHORD at the Leicester Police / MI5, with an evidence in the matter?

- If "YES", where is the photo that was taken 3 days before the missing event, as stated by them?

- Do/ did you have personal/other contact with Mr Jonh SHORD?

-This photo - if it really exists- was taken by a stranger, in the open, so why not publishing it, because obviously it would have nothing private or compromising on it for your daughter or yourself, and also, very importantly, it would have helped people RECOGNISE your Child?

- With your fund money that was already huge in amount, why did you not go to Poland with a legal team to demand seeing the accused man of "taking photos then driving off very fast" -or more exactly one of the men/people-? Why has this "track", much advertised by you in the press, been completely abandoned by yourself and your numerous teams of private detectives?

-Why do you think so many people were stalking you, Maddy, watching you all, even taking photos? If the case then why despite all this did you STILL take you children to the creche and kids clubs? Also then why did you still leave all three of them UNATTENDED in that foreign flat, even with an UNLOCKED slide/French window /or front door?

- Why, would you think, you didn't hear / see ANYTHING while your daughter, Mr McCann, was being abducted a few steps away from you?

- If you felt a presence in the flat just previously then why did you keep on practicing the same child neglect crime?

- The presence you felt, was it of a human, live nature (like with noises, steps or breathing, etc.) OR of a supernatural / spiritual nature? (like ghost(s) ).

-Why do you contradict yourselves in statement, Gerald and Kate, regarding the front door and the key?

-And same question for the presence of Dr Payne on the Wednesday NIGHT, who was, according to only one of you, the one visiting your Daughter, while you were away.
What is the nature of this visit? What was the reason for it?


-Why would you say, Kate, that you had a bad premonition about this holiday?

-What really happened on the Tuesday NIGHT?

-Have you or any of your contacts intimidated Mrs Fenn?

-Have you or your contacts intimidated the Nanny/ies?

-Have you or your contacts paid a babysitter to supervise your sleeping children so really they were NOT unattended?

-Have you or your contact paid a nanny during the holiday for NIGHT supervision/ else?

-Have you still got contact with Charlotte Pennington? Did you know her previously?

- WHO paid for the extra bedroom of TWO couples in your Friends at the ocean Club? These had booked ONLY ONE BEDROOM flats. No resort gives a room for free, so who paid for this, why, with which method, (CASH, CHEQUE, BANK CARD, CREDIT CARD?) Is this why you hide your bank statements from the police?

-Do you have common friends with Mr. Goncalo Amaral or Amaral's (former?) wife? If so, did this/ese friend(s) attend the same Charity Gala from The Order Of Malta as Mr Amaral did?

-If your book as you state is to tell the truth why don't you tell it without making any profit, previously to its publication?

-Where was Madeleine conceived, carried and born?

- Did you use a private clinic that specialises only with IVF?

-What option did you choose to discard the redundant Embryos?

-Why is Madeleine so developed, compared to about 4 months earlier, on the Tennis Court Photo with the hat and the sandals and the yellow balls?

-Did you ever have any other IVF child(ren) other than Maddy, Sean, Amelie?

-Was Maddy living with you in Rothley?

-Can you provide evidence (visual evidence with ORIGINAL photos / original medical scans/ other irrefutable document) of YOUR pregnancy, Kate Healy, with Maddy, Sean, Amelie?



  1. Reply as saved and copied, to the Ming Moderator at The So Very PRO- "Freedom Of Speech" Jill Harvern forum:
    (Or should I think that the word PRO is enough in itself!)

    [ Re: WELL DONE SHARON! Last edited by Get 'em Gonçalo on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:47 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Post deleted) Magpie Posts: 38 Join date: 2010-12-05 Re: What questions must the McCanns' forthcoming book answer? - A chance for us all to ask the McCanns to clear up lots of unanswered questions Magpie Today at 11:02 pm] Magpie wrote:"Post deleted."


    "Please take this as a warning not to post such material on this forum. Thank you."

    Practising what you condemn: BREACH TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You could at least expose the words that you don't agree with. Are we supposed to only write what YOU agree with on a discussion forum? My questions were well written and could help in the case. Too bad for you I had kept a copy which a Friend has already published on a blog. I wonder what purpose this place really has. Can you legally delete something without any precise justification? -otherwise others might think you were right, I want them to SEE what I wrote that got censored from you. You could at LEAST show my congratulations to Sharon and my questuions to her regarding some points of reference. Do you know that we used to be friends Get'emGoncalo, on another place? Why have you turned to being a biased fascist? You're pathetic and your action deplorable. You will OF COURSE delete this post as well, no doubt. Do you see yourself as a prison officer on this board? I want you to delete my membership here, and I hope the Others will take heed of this action. I will make sure that your action is known by as many places and people as possible. Heil Get'emGoncalo and GOOD BYE. Mag"

    ---- Some of these dodgy forum-clans-"moderators" have obviously taken in too many lessons from the censoring McCanns. I DO wonder what their real intentions are. I noticed that there are a lot of ADVERTS on that forum...

  2. So many intriguing questions.

    I wonder why your questions did not pass by the passport gate on that other forum?

    Never mind, I am sure they will be able to read them here.



    The McCann's are probably booking the next Virgin space craft off the planet Earth and Get'emGoncalo is probably burrying her head in the dirt to avoid the embarrassment by now, hahahahahahahaa!

    Well done megafundline, these questions put to the McCann's are what most people wouldn't even think about in this case, too shit scared to ask them publically, yet the Law is answerable to the public, and so are the McCann's, they put themselves in the public eye, they should answer in the Interest of the Public!

  4. I totally agree with you, KaOssis.

    Megafund has been an amazing source of information but sadly, people don´t want to know the truth. They are scared. They like the idea of setting up a forum and complain a little bit and occasionally get their hands on some small details but when someone like Megafund comes along with some real hard-hitting questions they run a mile.

    So much for Freedom of Speech. Chairman Mao will be laughing in his grave right now.


  5. Oh I was just posting back to you Steph and Ka but..... as usual..... the screen jumped and I lost it all. The main part was about the HATE I'm getting for publishing this regarding the AMARAL question. I have other questions like why the hell is he publishing yet another book on the case, that's as bad as the McCanns do, no one needs to make profits to tell the truth!!!!
    And don't they want to look at the TRUTH? Why is it SO "offensive" to mention Amaral and the MASONIC CHARITY GALA??!! This was in the NEWS and there's a footage to prove it.

  6. A very pertinent comment from Vanya on the censoring Jill Harvern forum:

    "Is it normal that an investigation is put on hold until the suspect chooses to tell the truth? Is it normal that the police have to wait four years until a book is written for an investigation to reach a conclusion?

    If the suspects don't tell the truth then the investigation is normally shelved? Does that mean the investigators are useless because they can't investigate?

    If that is the case then why don't all suspects withhold the truth for four years until they can make money with a book and close down the investigation in the meantime?

    I don't think so. Therefore the investigation failed didn't it? "

  7. I don't think the investigation failed, I think the UK gvmnt forced the Anglo Potugese Treaty 1386 to protect all Crusaders, ie; Freemasons, from public prosecution, which the UK gvmnt deemed as the enemy against the Crusaders, ie; the public as the enemy of the State, The UK gvmnt has been using this treaty in time's of war deliberately to protect criminals abroad for year's, especially Freemason members. Gerry is a Freemason member and Kate in the Eastern Star Association, the female Freemasons, their Crusade/mission was to perform a ritual of sacrifice in Praia de Luz. So the investigation wasn't a failed one, it was a deliberately sabotarged one by the UK Gvmnt by forcing that treaty of protection of the Mccann's on the Potugese authoritys, a Treaty that should now be discontinued due to it's criminal aspect, as the McCann's real enemy is their own Consciences!

  8. Why did you take cuddle cat to work with you Kate ? Why did you leave the twins behind in Portugal after the " abduction " to go meet the pope ? Why did you have the keys to the church ? Can you explain why the priest was a changed man after meeting with you both ? What did Gerry mean by " Am not fucking here to enjoy myself ? Why did you say the Ocean Club printed off the missing Madeleine posters when the OC did not own such equipment to do a high quality print like that ? Why did you make such an issue about Sean likeing sea bass so much ? Whay happened the blue tennis bag ? Why was the Portuguese police refused Madeleines medical records being sent over from the UK. Why wait till over 5 months to have the twins drug tested ? Especially after Kate making a comment about the possibility on the night of the abduction and also mentioned by Fiona Payne in her police statement How do you have Gordon Browns telephone number ?

  9. What was your ritual for ? Who benefits from such rituals ? You really are sick Kate and Gerry you both need help. Urgently.

  10. Hi Kathie, I like your Questions!

    Thanks a LOT for all your Comments. Am reading all of them bit by bit, you're very welcome on the blog!

    Hugs, Megafundline.

  11. Hi Megafundline, Steph and Kathie, so nice to see real people standing up to the injustice and abuse of power by the McCann's, which other forum's only seem to be doing but never pulling the punches!

    I'ed like to ask the McCann's a few questions:

    WHY, Gerry and Kate, have you published a photo of Madeleine on your book cover that has a superimposed nose from another childs photo on it, because if this image of Madeleine was suposed to be the real Madeleine, then WHY change her nose to another child's nose?

    WHY, Gerry and Kate, have you used photos of yourselves, and also that of several members of your Praia holiday party (Tapas Crew), including that of their children, chopped them up and fabricated your daughter Madeleine with these photo parts, because if you really had a daughter called Madeleine, then WHY fabricate so many photos of her?

    Will you, Kate, give a viable explanation in your book for the reason why you deliberately refused to answer the PJ's 48 questions regarding locating your daughter, if you had a daughter called Madeleine, and effectively sabotarging the investigation yourself... can you explain WHY you did this?

    Is it true, Gerry and Kate, that you never had a daughter called Madeleine, took samples of cadaver DNA from the 6 dead body's you were in contact with prior to your holiday in Praia, and used it to fake a child's abduction that you never had, and had preplanned this criminal act as a mean's of fraudulently obtaining money by deception under the guise of the word 'Charity', and used the Anglo Portugese Treaty as a mean's of concealing your crime's and obtaining protection from the British Government from criminal prosecution because you are Freemason members, and is this why both Interpol and the Portugese Judiciary do not have any blood type or DNA identification of Madeleine to match with any forensic samples to identify your daughter, and therefore you had no intention whatsoever to locate and identify your daughter if found, knowing that your fabricated child would never be found, also knowing that you were illegally profiteering from public donations for a child that never existed in the first place!

    Like all criminal psociopathic liars, the McCann's will never tell the truth, as it is greed for money that rule's their live's, not Love!

  12. Kate , To explain the scent of cadervine on your clothing you stated that you were in contact with six dead bodies prior to your holiday in Portugal. That seems suss to me. I cant understand how you came into contact with six dead bodies when you only worked for two and a half hours a week. Are you a female version of Doctor Shipman ?. Was your financial situation so bad that you had to take your work clothes on holiday with you ? If not , why did you not wash your clothes before going on holiday ? Did young Sean spill his sea bass dinner over you ? Awaiting your immediate response.

  13. Thanks megafundline, I wish Kate and Gerry would hurry up and answer our questions .lol. .... Oigs fly and all that .lol. but, worth a try ha ha ha ha

  14. Gerry, Have you got a problem losing things ? Have you any idea what you done with Madeleine ? Have you any idea where you lost your wallet ? How can you lose a big giant blue bag ? and Gerry could you please try and not forget to answer my questions.

  15. Gerry, I would like to know how you came about thinking up the fund? Is it because you work in hospitals and see ideas like the pink ribbon for cancer and stuff and all the donations that make. Was the fund an illusion to divert attention from you and Kate ? Are you the Paul Daniels of the missing child world ? Please reply.

  16. Gerry ! " Within the boundries of good parentng " Can you please name the social worker that said that ? Gerry, how big is your back garden ? Gerry can you explain Kates brusies ? Why do you seem so annoyed when Kate is answering interviews ? Why are you so on edge when she is talking ? I know fitness and health are good for you but, why did you feel the need to carry on like that when your child is missing ?

  17. Kate, does Gerry abuse you ? Why do you not speak out ? Is their a " secret " That binds you together ?

  18. This is a reply to JANET (Facebook ) Know what Janet aka Kate ? You are irritating, in fact you are like having kidney stones ... more excruciating pain than piles (doh ) You can sit and rant all you want about leaving your kids. Not everyone is like YOU. The TRUTH IS UK public sick of giving McCanns cash thats it, simples. Answer police questions do the reconstruction. Explain, blood, cadaver, DNA, missing holdall, why you both waited 48 hours ( terribly shocking )to go search for your OWN daughter. ANSWER ! ANSWER ! ANSWER ! YOU CANT, CAN YOU ? Enjoy the book "flop" and the remaining cash you got left. Your day will come when you are both behind bars, enjoy.

  19. another thing JANETMARIE JAMES AKA KATE AKA AUNTY JANET. Why is no one allowed to give their opinion on any of your sites , Facebook You Tube ? No big deal cos we are sick of " NEVER GIVE UP ON MADELEINE " ( Coming from parents that took 48 hours to help search for her. Parents that wont help to do a police reconstuction. Parents that VOWED never to leave Portugal ( but pissed off out of it when made arguidos. Parents that reeked of cadaver. Parents that had " anniversaries" when they tell public that she will return. How did they know she was going to be missing on the 100th day ? So enough of the charade, enough of NEVER GIVE UP. Enough of PLAY MADELEINES SONG. Enough of KEEP LOOKING KEEP SEARCHING or do you mean ........ in our pockets for any spare change ? I speak only as a small sample of a VAST majority, enough is enough now. You should be totally ashamed of yourself.

  20. The only tragic thing out of all this was Madeleine had those two as parents.

  21. Well, if the McCann's wont give us answers, then their family certainly did, like uncle Brian Kennedy's first public statement about the McCann's Fighting Fund was to pay for their legal fee's and not for any search for Madeleine, which statement was made withing 48 hour's of the McCann's return from Praia!

  22. and don't you remember on the first or second MONDAY in MAY 2007, when they [the McCanns] had already hired TWO solicitors just to escape the normal procedure in Portugal, which was to give witnessing in front of a judge ina court, regarding the events of that day and night of the 3rd May!

    --then few people then were even aware of the intervention of the BELL POTTINGER GROUP which involves PROTECTION OF REPUTATION!

    -WHICH THE UK GOVERNMENT HIGH STAFF USES - STRANGE, HOW DID THE MCCANNS BEBEFIT FROM THAT - VIA WHO? TONY BLAIR? OBVIOUSLY - OR CHERRY BLAIR - At that early date, not even a fund was set, let alone enough money in it to pay for "legal representation"!

    -add this to the Leicester Police obvious protection - e.g. John SHORD Officer... AND THE ROGATORY INTERVIEWS ETC, WHOEVER COP WOULD DRIVE A WITNESS BACK TO HOME IN OWN CAR... WHAT ELSE, STAY FOR A COFFEE? PAYNE- then the DELIBERATE SABOTAGE is proven, even worse than that: CORRUPTION!


  23. Yep, for sure, we definately have a corrupted Government, police force and legal system, and yep, they're all Freemasons, the result of the Nazi propaganda and brain washing by stealth with fantesy story's about crusades to turn idiots into criminals, now we've got a whole publically paid for Gvmnt and civil services sytem full of paedos, rapists, muderers, theives, and mentally degraded inepts hooked on drugs, money and alcohol... make's one wonder if we should rename England as Bedlam's Island for the neurally impaired, and set off Sellafield to get rid of them all... anyone got a H-bomb, lol.

  24. Gerry and Kate ... How does it feel being responsible for Madeleines death ?

  25. Where exactly are the copies you have of the Goncalo Amaral books?

  26. Well know what McCanns ? Its nothing to do with you what people want to say. People hold you responsible for Madeleines death. Free speech, thats right because when i last checked it was a free country. BANNED BOOKS DONT STAY BANNED FOREVER. What are you going to do about that ? Slowly but surely you are being exposed along with the fake detectives ( Metedo 3 ) and the lies. If innocent why did you have people to protect your reputations ? Not that it done any good anyway. Innocent people dont need their reputations restored and thats a fact. Very soon now justice will be served. Thank God.


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