Maddy Roses and Other Maddies

These are the first ever Maddy Roses as they grew and bloomed from a Rose Tree I planted in June 2007 for Madeleine McCann. Location: our BACK Garden, UK ;)
The very first Maddy Roses appeared in June 2010.



An eye-opening observation by our Blog Follower Leslie (with many Thanks)

Quoted info: "I focused on height of the twins. In one of the pictures of the McCann's kitchen there is Kate standing next to the worktop. An average height of  a worktop is 87 cm ( I'm not from England, we measure in centimeters). I calculated that Kate's height is about 172-174 cm. Then by the same way I measured the height of the twins- in pictures that I sent you. Amelie's height differs in picture 3 and the girl is very similar to "Maddie", but in the other pictures is not. If  "Maddie" was really 90cm tall as 4 year old, she was on the third percentile. So in her 7 years she would be also under the third percentile and would be as tall as the girl in the third photo. What do you think?"

(I will this info regarding kitchen worktops height in the UK, for accuracy in measurements:

"A typical worktop height h is 90 cm, although this will not necessarily be ideal for everybody. Ensure that the elbow height is a few centimetres above the worktop height for the main kitchen user. This helps make tasks like chopping comfortable. If the main user is very tall consider using an enlarged plinth to ensure comfort. Similarly a very short kitchen user ideally requires a lower plinth to reduce the height of the worktop." from  -at bottom page)

Addition from Leslie: "Percentile graph shows how a child grows. These graphs are developed to determine the proper growth of the child and reveal possible anomalies.It's easy to see it on an example: If a child grows on the third percentile then it means that 97% of children (same age and same sex) is higher and only 3 % smaller. If the child is healthy then  grows still on the same or similar percentile( 50th percentile = an average.) Actually it doesn't matter how the worktop is high, the important thing is that the percentile has changed. Because the degree of percentile can vary a bit, but not too much. "

Now let's tale a good look, especially on the # 4 photo!:

Here is one example of a growth chart showing regular growth, -whether a child is average in height, or smaller or taller, usually growth is quite constant, in any case not with wild zig-zagging lines on their growth chart. Percentiles are like "bands in rate" on a chart, as well explained by Leslie in above addition.
Again, Compliments to this blog Follower for these sheer observations and diligent Work.
(Question, point raised by Leslie too: Is this why there is no health-record data available for Madeleine, from the McCanns?

Leslie has recommended the reading of this book:  Not Without My Sister ,
by  Kristina Jones, Celeste Jones, Juliana Buhring
-It's about a SECT. Leslie sums up: "There are some facts quite interesting. The children in this cult have no medical records, birth certificates and because the sect makes money of child pornography, families exchange their children and siblings don't grow up together."
I can add that when a child has flashy-blond hair when toddler, this does NOT turn to "jet" BLACK in just a couple of years (as we see above though for Sean McCann, Maddy's younger brother). Hair could gradually change with time from pale blong to a darker shade of blond, and as throughout the growing, for some people,  it can even turn darker over years, like to a mild/ deep brown shade, but basically a blod type of hair does NOT become BLACK, never, - it's an impossibility!  --If a child has black hair at now Sean's age, like then around 6 y/o on this photo, then he would have been BORN with BLACK HAIR!. NO other way round.

So... What do you think?


Other "Maddies" - "sighted" all over the internet, various dates since the 'missing' event:

-Posted from 10th April 2012-

Source: Facebook April 2012
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And there again, she seems to appear on a bbc tv programme in 2012 also:
As Ka Ossis phoned me when the actual programme was on, we both took a close look and we became amazed at how much this child looked like Madeleine McCann, especially by her profile (side-way). Without intention to cause any offense, as I watched further I thought that the "parents" were a bit of a caricature (of Rod Steward and "wife"...), they were exaggeratedly made-up + like wearing wigs. A circus. Among that circus was a trio of sisters children (who did look like sisters), the youngest of whom could have easily been number one on any UK press page in 2007: "L0OK! IS THAT MADELEINE?!")
It's to wonder why so many 'Maddy-lookalikes' are used for commercial/ causes purpose.
I will keep this section to add more 'McCanns' lookalikes... like perhaps the man who was on a car advert in 2011 (internet) and a lady who looks like Kate on an other advert, recently. It seems that the McCann looks have become an
"OK TO BUY" factor.


  1. I think the use of these " Maddie " lookalikes is to KEEP Madeleine in the SPOTLIGHT. To keep her in the publics thoughts so as to GIVE to the fund. - By keeping Madeleine ALIVE this way keeps the FUND VERY MUCH ALIVE. Just another ' Marketing Ploy ' by the web of evil supporters and backers in the media as this advert has shown.

    1. Exactly.
      The problem is for them, the TEAM MCCANN CORPORATION, that despite all the income they've already gathered via their *Company* "NO STONE UNTURNED".. LOL, they STILL do what they've always been BESt at: SELLING MADDY-PICTURES!

      --WAY PAST 3rd MAY 2007. It's 2012 NOW and L0oK what's happening! Lil Maddies sprouting out EVERYWHERE!


  2. The McCanns are the most disgusting couple I have ever seen. Sitting on TV sofas around the world PROMOTING the BEWK instead of searching For THEIR DAUGHTER - WHO THEY LEFT ALONE in an apt ( NOT A HOTEL ROOM KATE ) cos that's what you have being telling viewers in the United States. More LIES more SPINNING to keep yourselves out of prison. We can't even have an appeal for a GENUINE missing person without you JUMPING on the bandwagon. First we have them wanting MONEY from the Government to support families of missing people. Then we have the NO WIN NO FEE demands to the Government. I hope the Government finds the EVIDENCE against the pair of you. I for one am not happy about MY taxes being used for a review of a dead child. The cadaver dogs PROVED the scent of death was in the apt and no one had ever died there. So we have Madeleine gone and the scent od death. Its not rocket science. Another thing I amm sick of is the rants about hindering the search on the disinformation site Madeleine writing the wrongs. The only ones who hindered the search was you two. REFUSED to do a reconstruction REFUSED to answer the 48 police questions and you moaned about the speed of the police car when it was taking you to view a sighting of your daughter. GREED is your goal to pay your LEGAL BILLS its disgusting. A liars a liar a liar. Guilty guilty guilty and you know it.

  3. OMG we have Madeleine clone in vitro on a fluoride advert. I wonder if the donor in Birmingham knows of what his little off spring are being used for ? This is unbelievable. Then again this farce was all about marketing ploys.

  4. Madeleine lookalikeys springing up all over the place. I am not being mean but she wasn't the most striking child. Maybe that's what was up and Gerry had to do a bit of photoshopping. Kate seems to be obsessed with PERFECT. Kate is a very deranged and troubled woman. A woman prone to having childish temper tantrums with what she says in her book. The smashing up of beds and chanting her foul chant to herself. I find it hard to believe they are Doctors.


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