Saturday, 26 February 2011

Two Entirely Different Tennis Courts!

What's this then Gerry... two entirely different tennis courts!

Who do the McCann's think they're kidding with all those photos of several different children lookalikes of Madeleine, which is plainly obvious to anyone with an ounce of Common Sense, but not only is there more than one Madeleine, there's also more than one tennis court too!

See the photos and judge for yourself, as the court that Gerry is standing next to in the Ocean Club hotel complex the surface is green tarmac with a pink gravel border, the type used in public parks and hotels because it's pretty cheap, whereas the photo inlay of Madeleine standing on the said same tennis court in the Ocean Club hotel complex, the surface is Leisuretex green court and pink border, the type used in professional matchplay leasure centers in the UK.

There's also a watermark on the Madeleine tennis court photo on the green Leasuretex edge, which indicates that just priro to the photo being taken there was a shower of rain, you can just see the rain watermark just along the white line on the green Leasuretex, which prove's this photo of Madeleine was taken in the UK around April and not Portugal, as indicated by the time the McCann's say this photo was taken at the Ocean Club, it was the brightest time of the day in Portugal. But the photo of Madeleine is not that bright and sunny as compared with the photo of Gerry taken a year later at the same time of day as the Madeleine photo, the difference in brightness of the sun is a hell of a lot different between the two photos, and could not possibly be the same global location between both photos.

So not only are these two tennis courts two entirely different tennis courts, the locations of each tennis court are entirely different globally also, which proves that Madeleine could not possibly have had her photo taken on the Ocean Club tennis courts with Gerry, Jez Wilkins and his girl friend Bridget O'Donnell, on or prior to the 3rd May 2007 as stated by the McCann's!

Are the McCann's playing a game of 'Much ado about nothing', because I say the McCann's Madeleine never existed, and Charity out of Sympathy is the game the McCann's are playing is just to generate profit out of the public!


  1. Way-ayyyy!!! ;))(Finally Ka, LOL!!!!) Ah! Now we SEE. I will click on the pic to see it larger. -done, wow it's big!- Yes , oh what a gem, even by looking at the small photo we can see it's 2 different grounds. I had written to PJ to ask for a comparison, I don't know if they ever did it, I should check...(imo they didn't, or it would have proven something and cause some mayhem, which the British gov absolutely avoided, of course)
    ***What a finding!!!***

    (and, it's not as if they had ever stated that Maddy had gone to play tennis anywhere else during these holidays, - cause even if that was on another private tennis court -a house one or else- there was never any instance like that mentioned anywhere. She was always at the creche, and with it for activities, during the day. And YES it DOES look just like England for the LIGHT, mmh! I wonder where it actually was from! AND the girl doesn't look much like the little Maddy on the pool side indeed.

    I had done a search re the "Tennis photo girl" but where is it? lol, what date did they say it was, the second of May = Wednesday? When was it published in the press?

  2. I remember the same eureka moment when this was discussed some time ago, but after investigating the Ocean Club tennis courts it was discovered that Madeleine was standing at the width of the tennis court (as indicated by the arrows in the following photo) rather than at the length:

  3. Thanks for the link to the Ocean Club tennis courts Sasha, but I've thrown it into my Picasa and highped up the DPI to as high as it would go,and it's pretty clear that the Ocean Club tennis courts pink border is clay gravel, and there's quite a lot of scuff's and slide marks which prove's it's clay gravel and not the same pink border surface texture that Madeleine is standing on in the inlay photo above, which is Leasuretex, it's a form of tarmac with a higher grade of rubber added, and a lot darker in colour than the clay gravel used on the Ocean Club courts.

    Sorry to put you out a bit Sasha, but I am correct, the tennis courts that Madeleine is standing on in the inlay photo above is NOT the Ocean Club tennis courts, and prove's that the McCann's lied about that photo of Madeleine!

  4. Way-ayyyy!!! Sooo glad you can see the obvious difference in the surface textures of the courts and the sunlight megafundline, I know I'm on the right track, cause there's no doubt in my mind that Madeleine is not standing on the Ocean Club tennis courts or in Portugal when that photo was taken, not forgetting the waterline that's been left by a previous downpour of rain which you can see clearly on the green Leasuretex surface behind Madeleine, it's a good indication that that photo of Madeleine was taken somewhere in the UK, and around probably in April the shower season.

    It's pretty surprising the police didn't pick up on the obvious difference in the tennis court surfaces between the Madeleine photo and the Ocean Club tennis courts, just make's me wonder if they all need an optical tests and jam jar glasses, lol.

    I wonder if the Home Office and British Gvmnt will ignore the fact if the McCann's get a review of the case and that we're not actually just stareing at a little girl in a photo, but looking at the surrounding infomation, cause I bet they thought we'ed be stuck at seeing the girl's face for decades, which I totally agree is comepletely different from the poolside Madeleine, and about a year difference in age also, and if this infomation is included in the review of the case, then the McCann's have got themselves stuck good and proper in a Catch 22 situation with that Madeleine photo!

    I think it may have been 2nd May when that photo was taken, it was during the match with Jez Wilkins and his girlfriend Bridget O'Donnel was video taping the match, but where's her vid to show that Madeleine was actually there? If O'Donnel and Wilkins don't make their vid of that tennis match between Gerry and Jez public, then they're certainly in the shit too, cause O'Donnell mentions Madeleine being there while she was videoing the match... so let her prove it I say!

  5. Barking mad the lot of you.

  6. Hey Anony-Mouse, too scared to identify yourself cause you can't disporve the two entirely different tennis courts then... Squeek, squeek, hehehehee!

  7. Lol to above the above. What's "barking mad" in such a serious investigation, when it's all about finding helpful, puzzling/ DISTURBING?! elements that demand the RE OPENING OF THE CASE for a check. The DOGS have certainly BARKED!
    -As you have said Ka, if anyone disagrees, then up to them to prove the contrary! I have found this if it may help:

    Keep on the good work Ka Ossis!

  8. Thanks for the link Mag, most helpful they are too!

    I've looked at them all very closely, and the courts at the Ocean Club are definately pink clay gravel borders, there's only shifted gravel marks where players have skidded about and kicked it up, it's no where near the pink border of the tennis courts Madeleine is standing on, and if you look closely, there's a black rubber training shoe mark just behind Madeleine's legs on here photo, and I know that surface is Leisuretex, cause the stuff is really abrasive with cheap rubber trainors and those marks will be there for ages if not year's, lol. So if anyone finds those exact same black rubber training marks on their local Leasure club court in the UK, then they may have located the original spot where Madeleine actually had that photo taken!

    Eddie and Keila may have been barking, but certainly not at the moon, those type's of dog's arn't obsessed with Walt Disney cartoons and fairy storys like the McCann's are, lol.

  9. And your real name is KaOssis is it? LMFAO

  10. Hey anony-mouse stalker, arn't you cleaver you can read my name at the top of my posts, I didn't know C-Sectioned birth's like you had any intelligence being that you still think your still stuck in your mothers womb and dreaming about life instead of reality of the life, hehehehehe!

    Why don't you post anything to discredit the fact that Madeleine in the inset photo wasn't anywhere near Portugal when the photo wat taken, or areyou too scared to wake up to the truth, hahahahaa!

  11. That tennis photo shows a child in stretch cotton shorts which were popular 30 yrs ago and the shoes look dated too. Kate by any chance?

    1. You are right about the shorts as I remember my three girls wearing exactly the same style late 70's/early 80's.

  12. The court is seen through a wire fence that's why it looks like gravel.

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  13. Can I just say - If they were using a photo who was not Madeleine, the actual parent of the child would claim the child is theres wouldn't they? And because this case is well known they would have seen this image. if you get me?
    And also, you saying that Madeleine Mccann doesn't exist, she obviously does, that is a terrible theory, there are photos of Madeleine with the Sean and Amelie.. and also video footage of Madeleine with Gerry's voice in the background.
    Just wanted to state what I thought about this theory.

  14. My Name is John Marshall. I am an independent researcher.

    Whilst I doubt the truth about Madeleine's 'disappearance' will ever be revealed, I am of the opinion that she is dead and her parents are, at the very least, complicit in covering up her death.

    The reason I am posting this response to your written piece is that I am concerned about your sudden jump to 'proof' with little evidence to back up your statement. What you have presented above (your text and the accompanying photo) does not constitute proof, but supposition.. Leisuretex Porous Macadam is indeed manufactured in the UK and used by a number of companies to create surfaces for sporting and leisure events; tennis being one of them. However, to jump to the conclusion that this fact constitutes proof that the cropped image of Madeleine McCann (if indeed it is her; and I have my doubts about the authenticity of this photo) was taken in the UK and not Portugal is a very weak contention at best. In order to establish the veracity of your statement you need to research the manufacturers of Leisuretex Porous Macadam and find out if such a product is used solely in the UK or not. Are there non-UK manufacturers of the same, or similar product? Check with the hotel complex where the McCanns stayed and find out which company supplied the surfaces for its tennis courts and when those surfaces were laid. This is basic evidence gathering.

    You state that the watermark on the tennis court in the photo of Madeleine holding the tennis balls 'indicates that just priro (sic) to the photo being taken there was a shower of rain...'. Not the case at all. There are other possibilities why that surface could have a watermark - research them! You then add to the confusion by leaping to the conclusion that this watermark '...prove's (sic) this photo of Madeleine was taken in the UK around April...'. Once again, this is not the case. The appearance of a watermark on a tennis court that may be in the UK is not proof that it is and to randomly assign the month of April to that photo is ludicrous. The fact that the child is wearing clothes similar to those she wore in Portugal is circumstantial and not proof that she is where you state she is. Research! If you have proof that this photo was taken in April then reveal it.

    It is the lack of proper research that plays straight into the hands of those who promote the myth of the disappearance.

    I would also suggest you spellcheck your short article before publishing as there are quite a few errors. Note: McCanns (plural) not McCann's (possessive) - e.g. '...the McCann's Madeleine...' is possessive and used correctly. Leisuretex and not Leasuretex. Proves, not prove's (the latter makes no sense). Again these errors would be picked up on by those who wish to discredit you with an ad hominum attack. Double check everything before you publish and to avoid legal complications you should avoid the use of 'proof' without having that proof.


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