Sunday, 13 February 2011

New Video: Madeleine McCann - A Sabotaged Investigation

Video Description & Info:

"From blatant lies and contradictions in police statements, to obvious biased protection by the British government of two ex- main suspects - REGARDLESS of the welfare, truth and JUSTICE for a CHILD, we are looking at some landmark facts in this case.
RE MCCANNS' INTERFERENCE IN WITNESSES, SEMEN: in Faked Abduction book (Brian Johnson) p. 397, "The previous occupant of apartment 5a was badgered by Brian Kennedy and a semen stain on the children's bedding was attributed to saliva from this man's son."
"It has to be asked again: Why did Team McCann contact the key witnesses and what right did they have to do so?"
Not all facts or observations could fit in this video, a lot of material is available to study this case in-depth.
-Help from the catholic church
-The hiring of unsuitable, dodgy companies like METODO3
-Rare, unusual, abnormal procedures granted to the parents in both countries: Portugal and Britain, with NO dealing of a heavy child-neglect crime, possession of forbidden substance (CALPOL is banned in Portugal, the mother told the Portuguese police that she had brought some along for THAT holiday);
- The HEAVY mobilisation of far fetched professional bodies TO guarantee the "INNOCENCE" of the couple:
CRISIS MANAGEMENT EXPERT (Alex Woolfall) immediately sent by the Bell-Pottinger group (who closely work with British government, experts in REPUTATION:"we understand how to create, build and protect reputations")!!!
TWO first solicitors who managed to PREVENT the usual COURT PROCEDURE for witnesses,
PRs ( = media 'SPIN doctors'), free masonic lawyers, British Justice with even a Ward Of Court for Madeleine -this might directly interfere with the investigation, Mrs Justice HOGG was CLEARLY on the SIDE of the parents, how surprising...;
EVEN the direct intervention of the then- Prime Minister Gordon BROWN!!! who was on the phone with PJ head (Portuguese Police) 2 hours before the main Chief Inspector Senhor G. AMARAL got REMOVED from the investigation, AS he clearly was suspecting the parents, conducting a brilliant work of truth via logically, limpid deducted factual elements; press manipulation -including the USE of TV, as we see in this video, and so on...
Another BIG point I'd like to mention is that I find it CURIOUS for the least how Dr David PAYNE, publicly accused of PAEDOPHILY, along with Mr Gerald MCCANN by the way (read police statements), have NOT launched any legal action to defend and clear their names, despite the heavy means that Dr MCCANN has in the matters in media use and reputation bleaching!
References and Links:
A Verdada Di Mentira , by Gonçalo AMARAL (also translated into French and other languages)
Faked Abduction , by Brian Johnson

SITES: (POLICE STATEMENTS) (to read AMARAL's book in English, beautiful Credits to Writer And Translator Anna Andress / AnaEsse:)
FORUMS:  --Jill Harvern--
To request / suggest other links please post them onto my channel comments page with a little word. Thank you for watching, thank you for thinking. We will never let a Child down, WE will NEVER forget about Madeleine NOR CASH ON HER. Thank you to my Friends for your elements towards the video. Mag."

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