Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How a Spin Doctor really works:

Parents of missing Madeleine McCann demand phone hacking files

Jan 30 2011 Nicola Fifield, Sunday Mail

KATE and Gerry McCann have demanded copies of their mobile phone records over fears their voicemail messages might have been hacked.

Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the parents of missing Madeleine McCann were concerned they could be victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

Ian Edmondson, head of news at the paper, was sacked last week after evidence emerged that he was linked to the hacking of mobile phones belonging to high profile individuals.

Mitchell, who recently revealed that someone attempted to access information about his own mobile phone account and voicemail, stressed there was no evidence yet to suggest Kate and Gerry had been targetted.

He said: "Gerry has seen his records and there is nothing untoward on his account. An initial assessment of Kate's account also shows nothing untoward, but we are re-examining the records to be sure.

"Yes, of course, we have concerns. We would be foolish if we didn't think that they were of interest.

"But Kate and Gerry have bigger things to worry about and they consider this to be a bit of a distraction from the search to find their daughter."

Mitchell became the family's point of contact for the media after three-year-old Madeleine disappeared from the holiday apartment where her family was staying in Portugal in May 2007.

Mitchell said Vodafone had warned him about two attempts to access his account. He added: "That appears to me to be a blatant attempt to get information.

"I am going to make a formal complaint to the police.

"I have no idea who made these calls but given it was at the height of the Madeleine story with some papers running front page news on it every day, I can only assume it was a journalist."

Sunday Email reporters@sundaymail.co.uk

................sigh. I would hope for real that it REALLY had been hacked so that we all get to know what the F$$K they say. But it's just another SPIN, I know this by experience, (you want the link? please google it, for I am no catalogue of their fanciful fantasies) prebook sale marketing ploy advert (which they are also paid for. Very clever these McCanns...) -sigh again. I start wondering how much PINTO MONTEIRO is PAID to let them make so much FILTHY MONEY on the back of a.... VOICELESS CHILD.

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  1. Oh My God!

    I watched that Spin Doctor vid on full screen and nealy puked, just the same reaction I have for Clarrence Mitchell everytime he opens his gob on tv, EEEEUUUUUUUUWWWWWWW!

    I think the only reason the Mccann's want those phone hacking files is cause they probably have kiddie porn on their Blackberrys, lol.

    Apparently, Gerry only handed over 1 of his 2 mobile phones to the PJ, the 02 mobile, but he also had a Blackberry, and if the other TapHeads also used a Blackberry with another phone and only handed the PJ one of them and not their Blackberrys, then it's probably their Blackberrys that they are scared of being hacked!


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