Sunday, 13 February 2011

To read Amaral's book in English  beautiful Credits to Writer And Translator Anna Andress / AnaEsse


  1. Good day, my friend,

    Wonderful that you have a link to Mr Amaral´s book in English.

    This will be a real help to English native speakers and to those who understand English.

    I don´t think anything will be lost in translation as facts are simply any language.

    Terrific site you have here and bless you for exposing some great truths.


  2. Hello Steph, thank you. I too hope that this will help. Anna Andress has spent several months working for free to give this translation to all, and let us not forget that at some point, for a long time, her volunteer, profit-free great translation was banned, since the book was banned! -whereas the police files were made public and Amaral's conclusions were the same as in the final report. His book is nothing more than the detailed steps that constituted his investigation. I will post a link for this ( PJ Final Report, which states a faked abduction & involvement by the parent!)during this week.
    Many thanks for your comment and your visit!

  3. Thankyou for this. It has been a real eye opener reading the other side of the story. I have passed the links on if you don't mind. X


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