Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Interesting Comparisons In Photographs

Let us look at various elements in these comparisons and spot interesting "anomalies":

The first photo as showed in the British online press was identified by myself as from /around the Christmas time 2006: approximately 4 months before Madeleine (featuring on the photo, next to her little brother Sean) 's missing event. I have used landmarks in videos and photos to determine this date and am certain of it - and can prove it. The second photo shows her little Brother Sean: approximately 9 months after the first photo. 9 months is a significant amount of time in any toddler growth. Which clothes would fit the same toddler 9 months after? And isn't it strange that he was wearing exactly the same outfit, in September 2007, as 4 months before his Sister's 'missing' day? - Isn't it also curious that the exactly same-looking little boy is showed in the public press photo-gallery 4 or 5 months before and 4 months after? -please feel free to comment, I do not forbid Freedom Of Speech - unlike SOME.

Source: Internet various social sites, serious Search & Study, e.g. albums and Dedicated Blogs/Forums, as verified my myself: all edits and comparison grids conducted within reasonable edition criteria(e) - i.e. not obstructing visibility or true rending of the photographed subjects, [=the People]and without any elements added [onto the People]( e.g. with "Photoshop" or "Paint".) All original elements in these photographs/ editions are from public (online) press, initially. Megafundline.
Credits: people who kindly do search, edits, and post on forums, and myself. *Thank you for your contributions* and permissions. Thanks also to many friends online for your constant interest and support, suggestions and encouragement towards the exposure of these comparisons, & other sheer matters in this case;
-and generally, thank you AND Respect to All Of You who heartedly take on your Private Time to CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS THE TRUTH. M.


  1. WOW!

    It's pretty easy to see that even the twin's arn't the same in these photos, like there's two set's of family's but have a twin of Sean, Amelie and Madeleine each!

    No doubt that Sean is two entirely different Saun' in the top photos although they're wearing the same outfits, and even Amelie isn't the same as well as Madeleine!

    Do you think the McCann's are playing a dangerous game of twin's broken up into singular familys and they're using them for their fake sympathy fund, cause it would be easy to play that game with IVF twin's!

    Great post Megafundline!

  2. I don't know, Ka, LOL, me, I'm "lost for counts" here, I've given up trying to make sense in these pics, the only logical explanation I see is an IVF batch indeed OR paid lookalikes, and yeah, if they did it for Maddy then why not for Sean, cause see him in Donegal then compare to the poolside photo with his mum after Maddy went 'missing', it's like seeing 2 different boys, so are we looking at a breeding lab of clones for some space agency or at paid lookalikes, your bet is as good as mine, the whole case is completely crazy! One sure thing is that there are All Excellent Marketing Ploys, gosh, I'm glad I'm not making money with this site or they'd contact me with more "spot the odd ploy out" to publish!!!!

  3. Well, look who was one of the very first benefactors of the McCann's NONE charity fund, Richard Branson, who just happeneds to own Biovault Lab, which did a lot of research on GM clonned enbryos, and pushed through a bill in the Houseof Parliament to use children produced from GM cloning as body parts for transplants, Branson called them Sibbling Saviours, but so far science hasn't been able to reproduce GM clonned embryos, the closest they've got is splitting one embryo into 8 embryos and impregnating surrogate women with the embryos, but not all the children produced from the original embryo would be identical, maybe similar, and being born by 8 different surrogate mothers at varying dates, even year's between them, there's bound to be some distinctive differences between all 8 children, and maybe this is what Madeleine was, a batch of IVF children that Richard Branson's Biovault Lab is using as GM cloned emberyos, because the Bill wasn't passed in the House of Parliament without the public vote for it, the Gvmnt is too scared to actually tell the public that these IVF kids, born perfect with no diseases, will be brought up by surrogate familys as their own children, and before the age of 4 years old, sent to an op theatre and cut to bits for body parts for some decrepid old fart that's already abused and wasted his heart valves and liver all his life, it's just not ethical or moral that perfectly born children should be used in this way, as all the diseases, cancers and disfunctional organs in later life, is natural judgement for our sin's, so to me the NHS and anyone that works for them are totally without God or Faith in their lives, they're like Nazi Scientists in WW2 that thought they could use Jew's children for body parts and make themselves perfect, being desperate to live as long as possible because they fear death itself! Whatever anyone say's about Richard Branson, I'ed still call him a Nazi Freemason that has no God, no Faith and no way of preventing the inevitable cause Natures a bitch, you live, you die, and thats that, but Freemason Nazi Scientists want to be gods, that's what Gerry thinks he is for extending someone's life with Madeleine's body parts, and I bet they're in Freemason uncle Brian Kennedy!

  4. It is Maddy's mouth what is different. In bloder, long haired pics she looks like a child affected with FAS (Fetal alcohol syndrome) in darker haired pics just like normal (unhappy) little girl

  5. Has anyone seen one photo of pregnant Kate?


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