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Please sign the Petition for Madeleine. Please share it too!

Here is a petition for the TRUTH in the Madeleine McCann case, asking for a full public enquiry, meaning that "NO STONE must be left unturned" in ALL aspects, elements and People in the case.

Please sign it and share it:

More info:
Blog Post by Sharon at The Madeleine Foundation. [NOTE FROM BLOGGER, this blog here: I do WARN that NO, absolutely NO personal attack onto anyone at the Madeleine foundation will be tolerated here in the comments- as I saw in other blog-posts comments- or onto any other blogger who is trying hard for the truth, taking on their own leisure time in defense of Little Madeleine, a voiceless, innocent Child who is relegated to the ARCHIVES by the Portuguese judicial system. Since that the McCanns' team uses and abuses CENSORESHIP, so can I, so please keep on topic. Thank you and welcome, Megafundline -on behalf of The Lost Marketing Ploy blog.]

Copy of Sharon's blog-post:

"Why is it necessary to have a public enquiry into missing Madeleine McCann? March 8, 2011

TO THE PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM We, the undersigned, ask you to hold a full public enquiry as soon as practicable into all aspects of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann


( March 8, 2011 --

Why is it necessary to have a public enquiry into missing Madeleine McCann? Let us consider a few salient facts.

This was a British girl, nearly 4 years old when she was reported missing. There are widely divergent views on what really happened to her. The McCanns claim she was abducted. The original senior detective in the case and his team believed the evidence pointed to Madeleine having died in her parents holiday apartment.

When the case was shelved by the Portuguese authorities, their final report left both the above options open, but said there was insufficient evidence to charge any individual with any crime relating to Madeleines disappearance. Public opinion ranges from those who fully support and believe in the McCanns account of events, to those who consider that they have reason to doubt it.

The McCanns recently met with Home Secretary Alan Johnson to demand a re-investigation into Madeleines disappearance and now the new Home Secretary Theresa May has also agreed to meet them. The McCanns own spokesman, Mr Clarence Mitchell, admitted earlier this year that Madeleines disappearance was A Complete Mystery. Despite the McCanns having spent literally millions of pounds, most of it raised from the public, on a string of private detective agencies, none of us have any clue whatsoever as to where she might be.

There has been no court case of any kind which might help to establish the truth about what happened to her. A public enquiry with the power to summon witnesses is the most likely to be able to get to the truth. All those with eye-witness or relevant expert evidence to bring to bear on the subject should be summoned to give evidence, and be open to being cross-examined.

If you support this petition, you will be helping to press the government to hold a public enquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine, probably the only way we can establish what might have happened to her."

Madeleine McCann Madeleine Foundation"

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Contact Information
Name: Sharon"
"Company": The Madeleine Foundation" ---NOTE FROM BLOGGER at The Lost Marketing Ploy: (which is not a company but a public organisation, making ZERO profit, as proved in a recent complete, official investigation, at the incentive of the McCanns (I therefore suggest the SAME action towards THEIR unlimited REAL COMPANY, take note, McCanns and FUND.) May I inform the public that so far the McCanns' FUND has resulted in NO further clue into the investigation, what they call "a fund to find Madeleine" has in fact been used for two mortgage repayments and various private "consultants" like the dodgy "Metodo3" group, PRs (WHO ever needs a Public Relation Consultant in a MISSING CHILD CASE???!!!) and retired private "detectives", what else? I would love to know it. So this fund needs a SERIOUS INVESTIGATION, I am sure that "a vast majority of people" will agree with me.)

For more information, here is the Madeleine Foundation (MF) site link:

Thank You For Thinking.

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