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What questions must the McCanns' forthcoming book answer? - A chance for us all to ask the McCanns to clear up lots of unanswered questions

What questions must the McCanns' forthcoming book answer? - A chance for us all to ask the McCanns to clear up lots of unanswered questions

Click on this title to read an excellent thread by Tony Bennett on the Jill Harvern Forum, and why not join and ask your own questions?

I particularly love this one, as I have shared this for a long time, it's about a typically GUILTY attitude:

-by Get 'em Gonçalo on Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:23 pm-

"Why did the McCann's make excuses for the cadaver scent and blood by saying it could be from rotting meat and dirty nappies. Why did they not DEMAND to know whose dead body this blood and scent belonged to?"

Get 'em Gonçalo -


My own question (Megafundline's) is about Madeleine's Health Records: why did her parents refuse to show them to the inspectors? What did they fear, what is there to hide in these?
Also, I didn't know that parents of a missing child can afford the right not to give child-related documents. In my views and I think, according to the law, this is a must, it has no choice in accepting/ refusing.
I've always heard as police being able to obtain documents or else via WARRANTS.
Why are the McCanns not answerable to the law?
What is it that makes them "Special" and ABOVE THE LAW??

(and same question for their child neglect practice).


  1. Well said Megafundline,

    "What is it that makes them "Special" and ABOVE THE LAW??"

    The McCann's have been treated as if they're not accountable to the Law's in any country, which can only lead to the fact that their close links to ex PM's Tony Blair (the Thomas Hamilton Masacre, Blair signed for Hamilton's gun licence which killed 16 children in Dunblane), and Gordon Brown (2005 Brighton Labour Party Conference speach: "This is a SEXUAL Issue, not a National/Public Issue", Paedophile Agenda!), many other high profile government associations, CEOP Jim Gamble and the Freemasons, not forgetting Gerry was awarded an Honourary Medal by the National Police in the grounds of the Rothley Court Hotel's very own Masonic Lodge, it's not that hard to see the McCann's are being protected by the most notorious secret organised criminal gang on the planet... in the written word's of Gerry, it's all about The Wider Agenda!

  2. Hi Ka, I'm afraid that you are right, it's all very frightening to be governed by "people" like that, who really try so much to push themselves over the limits (with like Hitler and co. were doing, with the "aid" of "super drugs")and they try to convince their poor little selves that they actually achieve something good, which completely messes their sense of balance, care, well-being and their conscience too, and in the process messes a lot of other lives, innocent ones.
    The word "love" is definitely crossed, abducted from their wider agenda, and the McCanns, friends or puppets of these deranged persons, are like this too.
    Blinded by their greed for power and money, having been scanned through the eyes of "the vast majority of people", they couldn't get their act together, and are going crescendo.
    What happened to their daughter, only them and a close circle of people around them know. This shows, they can pay how many people they want to comment for them in public internet discussions, or to represent them in the media, the truth can be sniffed from miles, like the dogs sniffed something else.

  3. Yeah, seem's that the greed for money and fame far outweighs the safety of children with the McCann's, they sound like those Nazi SS Death Squads that worked at Auschwitz, that underwent rigorous training to abolish every trace of human emotion in order to carry out the most unimaginalble crimes on the Jews, pregnant women and children, their experiments were the key factors that created the World Health Organisation we see today, so now we know that those that run the Nazi SS Consentration Camp's have the same psychological mentality as those that work in the NHS, the McCann's are a classic example!


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