Thursday, 10 March 2011

Here we go! The return of the brainwash, marketing strategy to sell the McCanns' book.


SkyNews site on 10th March 2011
-tomorrow's headlines-

"Why the McCanns believe their daughter is still alive. To coincide with Madeleine's 8th birthday and the 4th anniversary of her kidnap a new book by mum Kate reveal all"


A comment from a contact in French , worth publishing in addition (please google-translate it, it speaks its mind! ;) -Thank You to the Sender, x):
"Madeleine a été kidnappée???? depuis quand? Ah ah!: depuis que ses parents l'ont PROCLAMÉ, voilà depuis quand!! et ONT MENTI , NON les fenêtres n'étaient pas brisées, NON les volets n'étaient pas endommagés! NON MAIS JE RÊVE!!!!!

Quels ESCROCS, c'est abominable!!!!!!! QUEL CRIME A ÉTE COMMIS EN VÉRITÉ????? Vont-ils la cracher, leur VALDA? ou VALIUM? ou COCAÏNE?????? Arretez le massacre, on va vous attraper!

Ah les McCanns, vous allez manger bon! quels idiots... c'est RISIBLE."


  1. It translates: "Madeleine was abducted?? since when? Ah ah: since her parents have claimed, that since when! and lied, NOT the windows were not broken, NOT the flaps were not damaged! NO BUT I CAN DREAM !!!!!

    Crook, it's horrible !!!!!!! HOW CRIME WAS COMMITTED IN TRUTH ????? Will they spit, they VALDA? or VALIUM? COCAINE or ?????? Stop the massacre, we will catch you!

    Ah, the McCanns, you'll eat good! what idiots ... It's laughable" ...b.

  2. Hi Butlincat, thanks for your visit and comment. How clever this strategy is, it's never-ending, the McCanns get paid for these articles as well as getting free adverising for their book, while we are witnessing the return of the theory they have invented. "Kidnap", I can never repeat enough that they lied from day one, claiming damaged shutters, "TAMPERED window, even with "SMASHED SHUTTERS"!!! to close family and friends ("Jon, godparent to the McCanns' twins, said: "She was in an absolutely hysterical state - very, very distressed. She blurted out Madeleine had been abducted.

    "Kate said the shutters of the room were smashed.")

    -which was a complete fabrication, after police check! + see video link, + photos, on the MORNING AFTER, everybody could see that it was a LIE, the OC managers were also confirming that it was a lie. The shutters were INTACT, the window too! Following this, they contradicted each other in police statements at numerous times, and the lies go on and on.
    "Heart specialist Gerry McCann rang his sister Trish in Scotland after Maddy vanished from her cot placed between two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

    Trish revealed yesterday: "He was breaking his heart, saying 'Madeleine's been abducted, she's been abducted'."

    Trish said: "When Kate checked, she came out screaming. Maddy had gone. The door was open and the window in the bedroom and shutters were jemmied open. Nothing had been touched and no valuables taken."

    "Kate came screaming back to the group crying, 'They’ve taken her, they’ve taken her'. Gerry was crying and roaring like a bull."

    "They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her."

    (The Mirror's report on the 5th May 2007)

    ...namaste ;)

    More on the LIE, "TAMPERED WINDOW":

    **Trish Cameron: They last checked at half past nine; they were all sound asleep, sleeping; windows shut; shutters shut. Kate went back at ten o'clock to check; the front door was lying open;

    ***the window had been tampered with;***

    the shutters had been jammied open... or whatever you call it, and Madeleine was missing.

    --same link as above- -in video transcript "The frantic search..." to which the child's parent never took part, or ust the dad, vaguely, the mum surely never did, she was kicking the walls inside, instead. She walked to the gate and back and called a friend at 2 am in the... UK, who said she'd get "everything UP AND RUNNING to find her"


  3. Well, if brain's were called Madeleine, that's what the McCann's really lost, hehehehe!

    Apparently, the Mccann's want the entire nation to become as dumb as them cause it pays when the gvmnt has destroyed the econemy deliberately, a paedophiles tactic of holding the public taxpayer to ransome, and like my dad used to say "you can only get somewhere in this country if your an evil cunt!", and it's true, the McCann's have proved it, and it also prove's that they can't tollerate the truth about themselves being exposed to the rest of the world, and the only way to escape that is to turn everyone else into evil cunt's like themselves... or should I say, psychotic cowards, hehehe!

  4. Look at Kate McCanns face all air brushed. She couldnt let Madeleines photo be the only photo on the page, could she ? What a mean attention seeking horrible woman. This charade needs stopping now.


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