Friday, 1 April 2011

The McCann's Photo Trick's!

Ever wondered why so many photos of Madeleine just don't look like the same little girl?... that's because they're not the same little girl, some of the photos are of Kate herself when she was around the age of 4-5 year's old!


  1. The many visages of "Madeleine" are a complete mystery. If this investigatin was normal as standard and not corrupted by the British govrnment with the complacence of the Portuguese authorities, the photos would have been the key element to start with. There was early mention of this, with PJ asking to see RECENT photos -not these they so-called had with them from months/years before.

    See this one : Who's that in the red coat? Plenty thought it was Kate before seeing the captions, and the phone # was for the info-line for Maddy.(see related other pics in full)

  2. You can say that again!

    The varying differences in the girl's used by the McCann's in their published photos and vid's they say is their daughter Madeleine, I'ed say they must have had several daughters, at least 7 of them, and did they call them all Madeleine?

    I had a lot os suspicion about that photo of the girl in the red caot for some time, as yet there's not many matches with the other photos that I can pick out, her nose is twice as long as the poolside Madeleine, her entire facial bone structure is just far too different to be the same child, and her age is at least 5-6 year's old!

    I've taken the photo of the girl wearing the red coat, and put it trhough a few filters to show up any manipulated differences in colour and shades, which showed up two seperate eye's patched into the photo, proving that the photo was manipulated deliberately. I did the same filtering with the girl on the tennis court holding the tennis ball's too, and again, the eye's have been changed from the original photo. So what are the McCann's really playing at using several seperate little girl's and using them for their daughter when it's so easy to see they've changed the eye's in several of the photos deliberately! Why would the McCann's deliberately replace and patch in different eye's onto those photos if Madeleine was real?

    Very suspect that the McCann's took several photos of their so called daughter Madeleine taken months previously prior to their holiday with them in their luggage to Praia, and how come they only took only photos of Madeleine with them and not the twin's also? It just points towards the fact that the abduction was preplanned in advance!

    I'm uploading the photos now so you can see the added eye's patched in on the photos of the girl in the red coat, and also the girl on the tennis courts holding the tennis ball's where a paint tool has been used to conceal the eye patch additions. I havn't added or taken anything away from the photos, just used colour filters on the entire photos to show up any added manipulations, and they sure do show them up too!


    Was this money ever handed over to the master manipulators ?

    The sexy lolita images of Madeleine taken by Paul Grover...Blairs favourite photographer.

  4. TV3 bosses have frozen a bank account holding thousands of euro raised by the Irish public to help in the search for missing Madeleine McCann.

    Almost EUR25,000 was donated by broken-hearted viewers after the station launched its own appeal in June to raise cash to help find the toddler.

    But the cash has since remained untouched in TV3's Madeleine McCann fund bank account in AIB headquarters in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

    TV3 is now refusing to pass on the cash to the official Madeleine's Fund set up by her parents - because it is not a recognised charity.

    And a spokesman for TV3 also admitted the cash raised may never go towards the fund.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHA!... I bet the McCann's are really pissed off about not getting their greedy hands on that cash, they must be desperate for more money, otherwise Gerry wouldn't have stated oputside the courts at Lisbon "We need to create information to help in the search for Madeleine", what he meant was, they need more bullshite to pay for their legal team to keep them out of prison, ennit hahahahaha!

    Thanks for that SteelMagnolia, it made my day, hehehehe!

    Mmm, Paul Grover, I wonder if he's a Freemason member and like's taking photos of little girls in private?


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