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A Sabotaged Investigation- UK Police Malpractice

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To sum up, with no evidence, no base to this statement, a police officer of a high rank from the Met (Metropolitan Police in the UK), Mr John SHORD, sent an official message to the Leicestershire police.
It said:
“Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken.
“Somebody connected to this group saw Maddie, took a photograph of her and sent it to Belgium. The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Maddie was taken.”

An that is a totally UNFOUNDED STATEMENT. There is NO PHOTO, NO PROOF of this, WHATSOEVER! This was solely based on RUMOURS...
How can such malpractice have been tolerated by the British authorities, at a time when both Madeleine's PARENTS Kate Healy and Gerald McCann were MAIN SUSPECTS?! (the John SHORD email was sent to DC Hughes at LP on 4th March 2008)

I wonder if some connections previously existed -or were established by arrangement. If you click on the RUMOURS link above, the article from Anarak will tell you more details. The Spaniard named TOSCANO, who had the information, offered to meet the McCanns, however they REFUSED!

"Toscano, who attributed Madeleine’s abduction to orders from a paedophile network to someone called “El Francés“, was interviewed several times by the Portuguese authorities, but his allegations were quickly ruled out after investigation. The Spaniard had even asked to meet Kate and Gerry McCann, who had refused."

Question: HOW did the Mccanns know that his information regarding, according to this, Madeleine in a Belgian paedophile ring, was not worth of interest?!
Even the BRITISH POLICE was taking to the bait! (and I repeat, without an ounce of evidence)

I find this all STRANGE to say the least. And: Would Anna Stam be connected with the McCanns? To me it's VERY likely. And the Loop would be complete! Loopy Loop.

To be honest I've always found it really weird that the McCanns had REFUSED to see that Toscano man.
That is really fishy. Why would they do that if they were sincere about their claim and the investigation? Imo it was a huge indication that:

1) they probably were in contact therefore Toscano was instrumental in that great action of SABOTAGING the case, all being orchestrated by them in the first place - if not pre-planned , etc.

2) they were not in contact, didn't know each other but the McCanns feared he would suss them out, flairing he was smart (if the case, I've no idea lmfao.gif ) so they prefered NOT to speak with him...

... or more simply they KNEW what had happened so just like for the sighting in Belgium, AGAIN, in summer 07 this time, when Gerry sucked on a lollipop at the PJ station, why bother at all...

...However, ... "Referring to the McCanns’ spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, The Telegraph states that the “revelation” added weight to Kate and Gerry McCann’s theory that their daughter may have been abducted by a child smuggling ring."



  1. According to Interpol and the Portugese police, DS John Shord's failure to provide evidence to back up his email proved yet again another attempt by the Metropolitan police to sabotarge the PJ's investigation, and the fact that the story regarding a paedophile ring photographing Madeleine a few day's prior to her abduction initially came from the McCann's themselves before DS John Shord sent his email to DS John Hughes at Leicestershire police HQ, prove's the McCann's purposely influenced DS John Shord into sabotarging the PJ's investigation on their behalf!

    Dosn't this prove the Mccann's have purposly influenced the Metropolitan police to aid them in deliberately sabotarging the investigation by sending a completely false statement via the Metropolitan police' internal email system and deliberately pervertied the course of Justice!

    So the question is, how did the McCann's influence DS John Shord to get him to send a false email statement through the Metropolitan police internal email system to DS John Hughes at Leicestershire police HQ, which was then forwarded to the PJ in Portugal? There's only one way to bend a copper, and that's to pay him for it, and that's what the public's donations to the McCann's fake chairty fund payed for, a bent corrupted copper called DS John Shord, CO14 Metropolitan Police HQ!

  2. Hi Ka, it is looking to me this way, yet it is my opinion, which is free, it's some core feeling (or "gutt feeling" but I don't like that expression) that I express, just like I feel that the previous Belgian false sighting at a Café Terrace in the summer 2007, claimed with much ado by a lady in the medical profession, and then this whole scam, imo, was directly linked to the case, in some easily guessed temporary arrangements. That's my view, too many 'coincidences' there, can't happen in normal reality, has to happen in well-crafted Fairy Tales!


  4. "year's ago, when I was younger,
    I kinda liked a bottle or two,
    and now I'm old, and very hairy,
    just like a man, and wrinkley too,

    I'm in love with a fairy tale,
    even though the botox hurts,
    I'm in love with a fairy tale,
    I drink until my bladder bursts."

    Hahahahahaa, a very apt song for Kate, hahahahaha!

  5. Heeee heeee heeee Ka!!! the pink world of Crack n Coke ;))

  6. Ha ha you two do make me laugh! I'm so glad others think like me & have put it on public record, thus situation is 'absolutely ridiculous' to use Gerry's favourite phrase! Worse still, DC John Hughes at LP took 6 yes SIX weeks to send to PJ in Porteao, who sent it on to lead investigator next day then he sent it to Interpol a week later. I know there's protocols but surely John Shord should have cc'd lead investigator in to it, or at the least John Hughes should have phoned to inform but oh no we'll leave a 4 year old in the hands of a paedophile gang for another 6 weeks so she can be abused loads more WTF!? Unless they knew it susoected it had to credibility as no context where it came from just 'intelligence' hmmm not from where I'm standing...
    Also you've probably covered this elsewhere but the fact that after the Gaspars gave their statements whoever took them should have phoned the PJ immediately given a paedophile may be at the very centre of the investigation & still hot as only 17/5/07. But no, they shove en in a fax at end of October when all safely back here. And on top of that, he's never asked about it in his rogatory interview here, it's like they only asked about the areas PJ had asked for but maybe the DC1485 Messiah didn't know. Surely this must have been referred to the IPCC? Also strange how David got new phone, can't remember calls etc until pinned down about the London number he ring at 1115pm on 3rd or 4th May (date in file) was the Director of Crininal Intelkigence!!!


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