Friday, 8 April 2011

Oh What Big Pj's You Have!


  1. This seems to be in the right proportions so very well done Ka Ossis for this, it's a mightily good idea!- but we don't know if once on Amelie, how they would fit.(the top of the legs-part could perhaps go more up, once on? ). However:

    -the pjs look by the way like shorts (knee level), and why would a mum buy the exact same pair anyway for 2 girls of different ages, that wouldn't help getting fast for the washings, by commodity mums avoid doing this - so yes it looks like these would fit Maddy more than Amelie. And if they were Maddie's then... ah ah ah, the big lie again since they said that she was wearing them when "abducted".

    -unless the McCanns bought them specially for the occasion, thinking 'mmh... we will keep them for Amelie when she's bigger' ;)

    -had she not said they came in a pack, perhaps wanting to make people believe that Maddy was wearing the other set, and that we "can buy several clothes with different sizes" in the same pack!

    -if so Kate, no no no, we all know that we can't buy anything of different sizes in a same pack. Lol.
    Imo, of course Maddie wasn't even wearing pyjamas (that we see here ;) when she went 'missing' and she wasn't abducted, she wasn't on her own when she died, there was an adult with her. Imo means "in my opinion". Oh and I wonder, McCanns why you get this protection to manage to stay above the law for everything you are implicated into. I hope that a good investigation is on you behind your backs.

  2. That's right megafundline, there's absolutely no way those pj's would fit Amelie, she'ed have to be wearing stilts for her feet to come out of the bottoms, lol.

    Would a mother of an abducted child put another one of their children in the same kind of pj's that their oldest child was abducted in?... noooo way, that's just tooo macarbre, because a real mother's response would be emotional trauma and mental breakdown seeing another one of her children wearing the same kind pj's that her eldest daughter was abducted in, it would give any mother flippin nightmares and constant worry of having another daughter abducted; however, it does show how cold and lacking in emotional empathy the McCann's really are in putting Amelie in the same kind of pj's as Madeleine was suposed to have been wearing the night she was abducted, that's how mentally unfit to be parents these type's of psychotics behave, they just don't give a fuck as long as they get the mortgage paid for, the legal team paid for, the crap detectives paid for, their's and their family's holidays abroad get's paid for, their public relations Clarence Mitchell paid for, and paying the police off, especially the Metropolitan police, they all have a bad habit of taking bribe's cause the McCann's butt buddy Gordon Brown and his Labour gvmnt fucked up the econemy, so the Mccann's know how to get away with anything if they pay for it!

    I did read somewhere that Ameral purchased a set of the same pj's some time during the investigation, but can't seem to locate the story, so perhap's it wasn't true? But what's sussy about that is, how would Ameral get hold of the same type of pj's in the Algarve when the McCann's purchased their two set's of Eeyore pj's in the UK?, or did the Baptista supermarket sell the same pj's and the McCann's purchased their two set's there prior to Madeleine's abduction, cause the Mccann's have never stated where they purchased their pj's from anyway, but that beg's the question of how many set's of pj's the McCann's packed at home for a weeks holiday, because knowing kids that young, instinctively a mother would pack at least 2 sets for each child, and they'ed wear one set while the 2nd set was washed and drying, so did Kate pack a couple of set's of pj's for her children, or did they forget them and bought new one's at the Baptista supermarket when they got there?

  3. Hi Ka, yes it would be macabre, but Kate did this for other items too! She made Amelie wear Maddy's shoes after the 'missing' event! also remember, the 'pool hat'! and the shorts as well from the tennis pic!!!
    I'll try to find the time over Easter Holidays to publish this in photos and extracts of press interviews.

    WHO in the right mind would DO that?! Well Kate Healy so-called mother of 'missing Madeleine' did.

  4. -having said this , I repeat that I think that Maddy never was in pyjamas when she went 'missing'.... and I think that the McCanns well know what's happened to her.

  5. ALL this IN THIS CIRCUS CASE is in my opinion, except from a few solid FACTS that by the way make us goin loopy conversation - so "Bast'!!" I don't have the time or the leisure to feed this or burden my brain with it- a big bunch of 'rumoured things' to make the public talk and wonder.

    Remember the "SERYNGE" so-called leaked element, in the press, who had been reporting on this? - a so-called 'serynge' that was found in the 5a flat.. soon after were about a "bloody footprint"...

    then on and on... the forensics,, 'wow'... lol


  6. Lol, your right, it's all just a marketing ploy, and like I said, there's that many photos of different children, including one of Kate herself as a 5 year old, that's been used as their Madeleine, it's just incredible that so many people actually still throw money into the McCann's fund and can't see the obvious discrepencies in all the Madeleine photos that the McCann's have published themselves, it's sounding more like an extortion racket rather than a fund to locate a missing child. At the end of the day, only a criminal would believe in a lie, especially one that keeps them out of jail, and the ammount of people feeding the McCann's fund must have a lot of crimes to be ashamed of, as it's a widely known fact that Freemasons will use any ransome tactic to boost their own bank accounts, and Jim Gamble was in a prime position in CEOP to access all the police records data for a list of criminals to hold to ransome, and with the McCann's list of the public's name's on their petition to review the case, they're sure to locate them at their most recent IP addresses... like I said, an extortion racket!


    As if these could be Amelie's pj's then, the neck part has even been stretched through MADELEINE putting them on, it shows on the fabric, and it would be way too big for toddler Amelie then!!!


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