Monday, 18 April 2011

Card to The Twins From... Guess Who?

-to illustrate my previous post, here is a screen-capture of the 2008 Telegraph article:


  1. Oh My Goolags!!!

    The McCann's call faking birthday cards from their so called abducted daughter to her sibblings is living a life as normal as possible... WTF are the McCann's on sending fake birthday cards to their kids from an abducted daughter is deliberately lying to them, and certainly no way normal, unless Madeleine never existed in the first place and they're taking the piss out of the public!

  2. Those McCanns are sick in the head. They are brainwashing their children into the " abduction " shit. Just like they try to brainwash the public ..... who dont buy it anymore. One day the twins will learn what those two louts done. Not only have they lied to their families, friends, Police and public it does not surprise me that they lie to their children. Kathie 20

  3. The BIG problem, Kathie20, is that by the time some people (and I think of the Grand Parents for example) WAIT until these Kids realise by themselves what their parents are like, the damage will be done!

    Since that the SS don't do anything about it, since they keep picking on innocent families instead, then SOMEONE should DO something about these Children! Smeone should TALK, reveal ALL and fuck the fact that it's HER Daughter that is involved, sack that, it's the WELFARE of THESE KIDS that she should see, Darling Precious Kate isn't a child anymore! SHE doesn't need protection but HER KIDS DO!


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