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Mind Games To Madeleine's Twin Siblings

Hi Ladies And Gentlemen. As you would expect such a title, had it been in the British press, to expose how vile and horrendous the "abductor" like the swarthy moustache-Man of Gail Cooper, or the other similarly bad foreign raptors "really are",  well now is the time to disenchant  and face reality, away from the fairies and the elves  of   your  childhood  books.

For, Ladies and Gentlemen, the very PEOPLE who have ACTUALLY PLAYED Mind Games To Madeleine's Twin Siblings  are no one else but these children's parents themselves.

Ok let me show you, it won't take a long winded monologue that eats half of your day in reading, and I won't facebook you in a desperate call for fame! So, straight to the point:

UK  News
Card from Madeleine at McCann twins party

12:01AM GMT 01 Feb 2008 Gerry and Kate McCann will throw a birthday party for their twins tomorrow - complete with a card from their missing four-year-old daughter, Madeleine.

In full: The Madeleine McCann investigation They want to give Sean and Amelie, who will be three, as normal a life as possible in the face of the continuing international hunt for Madeleine, who was abducted on holiday in Portugal. Around 30 family, friends and supporters of the McCanns' campaign to find her have been invited to their home in Rothley, Leics.Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said British police did not believe the couple were involved in her disappearance. He said Leicestershire Police child protection officers viewed the case as a "rare stranger abduction".Related ArticlesNew Madeleine suspect lookalike found 28 Jan 2008

-End of quote in this Telegraph article.

Food for thoughts, eh, but, hang on there is also... the monster game...

Press quote:


By Daniel Jones,

Maddie's little brother and sister are learning to cope with their devastating loss by playing a game called Find The Monster Who Snatched Her.

And three-year-old twins Sean and Amelie are also playing a vital role in keeping their mum and dad focused, according to top criminologist Ray Wyre.

He told The People last night: "I think having other very young children has given Kate and Gerry the strength to go on.

"It must be hard for them because the twins are now almost the same age as Maddie was when she was taken.

"But they are clearly a bundle of energy and fun.

"They still talk about Madeleine and even bring her into their games."

Wyre went on: "Kate and Gerry told me they were sitting together the other day when the twins rushed into the room screaming and shouting.

"They asked what they were up to and the twins told them they were going to go and find the monster that took Maddie.

"Then they dashed off to play the game."
He added: "Of course, it's a very sad story.

"But it's healthy that Madeleine remains a real presence in their lives."

End of press quote.
  - end of page or near end- Note: "top criminologist" Mr Ray Wyre is now deceased.

You would perhaps wonder if grieving parents would actually tolerate in their hearts such games... surely it would only revive painful memories to everyone so what was even the point to print this in the press? Had Mr late Ray Wyre wanted to drop a "little point" he had noticed while , deep-down, analysing the behaviour of these "responsible parents", who were so thoughtful to bring a bouquet of fresh flowers to his wife for dinner and had tucked into her home-made lasagna and banoffee pie? Again, FOOD FOR THOUGHTS.
Is it any wonders - if these young twins in 2008 were really taking the initiative to play the monster game - that such ideas could spring to their minds when they received "birthday cards" from their Sister Madeleine? -oh, and GIFTS of course, see:
You know what? I find all this SICK -and sickening. Apart from an "expert in criminology", who would genuinely be needed of course, I seriously urge an expert in Child Protection to lean on this case asap.



  1. One point of interest in this case, is the several references made by both the McCann's and Kate's mother concernes a childs book called 'Going on a Bear Hunt'. Now, the way I see it is, that the constant references made by the McCann's regarding a monster game, and that the twin's said they were going to go and look for the monster that took Madeleine, somewhat resembles Madeleine's story book 'Going on a Bear Hunt', which obviously looks like the McCann's are using children's story books to make the twin's believe is true in attempts to convince them that they had an older sister that was taken by a monster by associating Madeleine's abduction with the 'Going on a Bear Hunt' story book, which is totally irresponsable as parents as far as I can see, turning a child's abduction into a fantesy game for their children. Look at the statements made by Gerry, that he played monster games with Madeleline, he being the monster chasing her around the living room, yet he's not designated himself as the monster with the twin's, so would this be a way of psychologically making the children believe that there was some other monster that abducted Madeleine and that Gerry wasn't the monster to them, like he's trying to now convince the public that he wasn't involved in the abduction, cause it seem's that way to me.

    How can the Mccann's say that they're telling the twin's the truth about what happened to Madeleine and living a life with the twin's as normal a life as possible in the face of the continuing international hunt for Madeleine, when they're obviously treating the abduction themselves as a game, a total fantesy, having laughs about fighting Madeleine's monster, a figment of the imagination, so is this really what the entire abduction of Madeeline really was anyway, total fabrication, because not only are the Mccann's treating their daughters abduction as a game, but they're also turning her into a fantesy for their children, and in light of all the obvioulsy photoshopped manipulated and pasted photos of Madeleine the Mccann's have used, it's plain to see that Madeleine never really existed in the beginning. The McCann's are not only playing fantesy game's with their children, they're playing fantesy game's with the public also!

  2. Yeah Ka, books... sticker books... fairytales and monster books... and, wow, GAMES!

    All in the McCanns' ideology of "parenting" is associated with book characters.. Maddy the umpkin... Maddy the SnowWhite.... Chase the Bear... the HUNT....and movies, don't they love SHREK producers!

    Stories... even when they don't add up they are still stories aren't they? "THe RETURN"... "Safe and Well, " Maddy was once "treated as a Princess" by the vile swarthy Monster Raptor that Little Sean was Chasing... Combatting.. in his implanted Dreams... rich of a New Peter Pan costume surely?

    SICK is the word, there is no other, to me, to describe how this whole case makes me feel! I URGE CHILD PROTECTION ON SEAN AND AMELIE MCCANN, IMMEDIATELY!

    -and let's remember how MANY members of family and friends of the McCanns REPORTED TO THE PRESS on the 4th MAY 2007 what they were TOLD on THE TELEPHONE:"THE WINDOWS HAVE BEEN TAMPERED"! "THE SHUTTERS SMASHED"! = LIES, PROVEN LIES. Here ends the Fairy Tale. Good Night, Sleep Tight, Happy Dreams, lol.

  3. Yeah, you'ed think the McCann's were that mentally imnmature the way they behave, you'ed wonder why they were allowed to have any kids in the first place... are the McCann's too afraid they'ed have to grow up an learn that Father Christmas isn't real, lol. Funny though, paedophiles love living in cartoon and make believe land, make up false story's and lie to children, which prove's the McCann's are no different, so why havn't the Social Services done their duty to protect those children from these abuses the Mccann's are doing to them openly and in public too!

  4. Horrendous!

    This has to be stopped. This is clearly mind-controlling these poor kids to torment them like this.

    What sick parents would go to thse lengths?


  5. It look's to me that the state of the UK Social Services is just as corrupted as the McCann's are, apparetly they said that the Mccann's deliberately neglecting their children to go for a piss up and meal with their NHS pal's was resonable, despite the fact that they all deliberately neglected their children for up to 5 hour's at a time in unlocked apartments for 7 nights in a row while they enjoyed eachothers company over bottles of wine and meals in the Tapas Bar more than 100 - 150 year's away and out of earshot of their apartments, yet the Social Servies snatch kid's that have been left in their own bedrooms with their parents sitting in the living room watching tv, snatched kids from mothers being 6lb overweight, and snatched kid's from their mothers for trying to protect them from paedophilic fathers, and I have proof of that myself! Double standards, apparently you have to be psycho nut jobs and paedophiles to keep your kids and get paid for it in the UK these days!

  6. Exactly Ka, the use of "DOUBLE STANDARDS" term is right on the spot here, there is a deep illness in this system which often changes just like the weather with added CHEMICALS!

  7. Hi Steph, it's to wonder if these were really "Maddy"'s parents... saying this "in passing"... they said a stranger, no hang on several strangers were taking PHOTOGRAPHS of "Madeleine" during that holiday, and they, the 'parents', had the feeling to be stalked and observed, them and their children... "watched..."
    -and as you know even a UK police officer, John SHORD, stated this as FACTS to the PJ and the Interpol! No proof given of course, despite both these bodies asking. Just as it appears, a sheer attempt of blatant sabotage of an investigation!

    Further more, the FATHER himself STATED that on the LAST TIME he was in that 5a flat, at around 10 past 9 at night on the 3rd May 2007, he "felt a presence"...! yet Mr Gerald from Glasgow now a famous "Doctor" has left ALL OF HIS KIDS "sleep" there UNSUPERVISED.

    I'm sure we should directly ask him WHY he did that. And we'd take no shit for answer.


    'Uppity' parents who challenge the authorities 'risk having children taken away'

    By John Bingham 4:32PM BST 06 Sep 2009


    Local authorities are using proceedings in the family courts as "retaliation" against parents who question doctors' diagnoses of their children or challenge other decisions, according to an MP.

    John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley, who coordinates a campaign called Justice for Families, which calls for reform of the family court system, said that the practice was becoming common.

    "Very often care proceedings are used as retaliation by local authorities against 'uppity' people who question the system," he told a Sunday newspaper.

    One family reportedly had all six of their children taken into care after they questioned the need for an invasive medical test on their daughter who was suspected of having a blood disease.

    Although the girl later tested negative for the condition, an emergency protection order remained in place.

    Is this the game the McCann's are playing with the public, and the reason why they're collecting people's name's on their fake petition for a review of the case, is to unlawfully kidnap the publics children if they've questioned the Doctor's McCann's regarding their children, and this mass unlawful abduction is plannedto take place during the 2012 Olympics whilke the worlds eye's are diverted by the press and the media! I bet it is, because Freemasons hate Upstart mothers questioning their NHS employees even though their paid by the public taxpayers... ever heard of the dog that bit the hand that fed it eventually got put down!

  9. ah ah "OMG" Oh My Goolies!!! 2012, wow it seems that "Dear England" has got the patch for The Olympic Games!

    Very Hitlerian these games... VERY!


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