Monday, 4 April 2011

Madeleine's Nose & Eye's Deliberately Changed!

Nothing has been added or taken way from the original photos of Madeleine, only colour filters were used to show up any area's of purposely manipulated site's on the photos, namely the nose and eye's, which is evident that the McCann's, or one of their associates has deliberately painted over Madeleine's eye's in the tennis court photo and added a nose taken from another photo and pasted it onto the face of Madeleine in the red coat photo.... the question is, WHY!


  1. Hi Ka, I'm not sure they would have superposed eyes or pasted others onto existing photos, however most photos are edited or at least enhanced, which is good (for the McCanns) for a book cover to attract buyers, but which is really bad for recognition on press articles and posters. Marketing Ploy... gling gling.
    But in all cases, what is evident to me here is that we're looking at two different kids! So I wouldn't mind the 'parents' ' 'explanation' (in front of a judge I mean) regarding that!

    I'll try to add comparisons on another page when I have a bit of time. See Xmas 'Maddy' in 2006 then this 'tennis' - girl here, what? a kid growing that fast in 4 months?! I've seen enough growing kids to safely say that this is an absolute IMPOSSIBILITY, that girl on the tennis court here above wasn't nearly 4, more nearly 6 years old, and was NOT the 'continuation' of this little girl, normally sized for her age during the previous Christmas time.
    So what have they been playing at, at all, where's the little "Maddy", what happened to "the bigger one", what about even the others?

    Will that answer be in the "madeleine" book? and GOSH Madeleine name writes with a Capital M! never mind capitals in BANKS!

  2. Well, from only using colour filters on the photos of Madeleine, it's evident that a lot of pasteing and colouring with paintshop tools have been added to the image's of Madeline, but why do this if Madeleine was real? My guess is that she wasn't real, like you say, the ammount of growth in height for a little girl in 4 months from the Christmas photo to the tennis court photo is somewhat very suspicious, noteven the bone structure of Madeleine's face is the same is obviously two entirely different little girl's! Look at the airport video where Madeleine fall's on the steps to the plane, she's at least a good 15 inches shorter than the Madeleine in the tennis court photo, and I've already proved the tennis photo with Madeleine holding the tennis ball's wasn't taken on the Ocean Club tennis courts, two entiely different court surfaces, most likely two entirely different countrys also!

    So what are the McCann's really up to by using several different little girl's and portraying heer to the public that these different girl's are their daughter Madeleine?... there can be only one reason behind this case, and that's a whole heap of fraud going on and they're the cover, like why did CEOP Jim Gamble do a extrememly quick runner the minute Teressa May in the Home Office decided to merge CEOP with the Major Crime Unit, and then the McCann's stateing that this would be a loss of child protection on the net, just dosn't warrent the response, as their suposed daughter was allegedly abducted in person, not on the internet, so why would they come out with such an unusual and innapropriate statement for Jim Gamble's resignation? Somethings definately iffy with CEOP Jim Gamble being involved with the McCann's, especially where all those tax paid millions Gamble had his grubby hands on that disappeared to in the CEOP's computer mainframe, cause for the ammount of public money he got out of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, he didn't exactly stop the P.I.E (Peadophiles Infomation Network) from operating on our streets did he!

  3. Please,can I ask you,why Amelie is so similar to Madeleine now? When she was in Portugal in 2007, she looked different. She had otherwise built body and entirely different face. And now,Amelie is "copy" of Maddie.How is it possible?
    Thank you for your answer.

  4. Hi Anonymous 1st May 2011, thank you for your visit and comment. You seem to have a good point, but I can't answer it as I haven't seen any photo from Amelie in years, since the time these parents realised they were putting "their remaining children" at risk by exposing them to the media. So if you could post a link of a recent pic of Amelie this would help your question, thank you if you can.

  5. Hi,give to google " Amelie and Sean McCann" and go to page 39.I have saved photo
    of Amelie without the apple but I forgot where I found it.

  6. Also I found a good video :

  7. Hi back Anonymous, thank you. Another showcase of the precious family I see, with that vid. Yes Amelie is now the spitting image of Madeleine. By height she is about equal to Sean -whose hair is now black. I looked twice to see their height when they are both standing at each side of proud Kate, to me they are the correct size for their age and indeed Amelie is like Maddy's double.

  8. re "Happy 6th Birthday Sean And Amelie" again:

    Therefore if lookalikes or else children were photographed "as Madeleine" we can perhaps now see which ones these were more clearly, like the ones with different noses, and perhaps identify 'the real Madeleine' comparing photos between Amelie now and Madeleine then.
    Another thing that this video can perhaps prove is that Madeleine was the genuine child of the McCanns - if all is genuine in the shown footages.
    The way Amelie hops and moves her hair is 100% similar to Madeleine and I had to play the vid a few times to see who was who, as it was like seeing Madeleine at 8 years old instead of seeing Amelie at 6 years old.
    I also wondered who was the boy as he has black hair, but since I have never seen them grow since the pics and footages when they were little toddlers, I can't say anything else, I can just take things as I'm given to see them, "this is Amelie looking EXACTLY like Madeleine, this is Sean with now black hair."

    right-right, lol. (but I'd take anything coming from the McCanns and circle as an effort to SHOW something, Gerry was thinking... and Kate was forever extraverted, has to be noticed... and still dresses her children as in fairy tales, the lack of taste and tact to use yet another SnowWhite outfit for Maddy's sister was misplaced, it was precisely to SHOW that Amelie is like Maddy... but obviously it must have brought all sorts of memories to Gerald as he was then in deep thoughts.)

    I can't see the point of exhibiting family pics this way on the public net and I personally don't do it.
    For a family who was "the victim of an abduction" it is pretty *strange* to accept their remaining kids to be branded about this way now!

  9. Hi,thanks for your aswer. I think that Amelie who was in Portugal in 2007 isn´t Amelie who lives in Rothley now. I think that in Portugal were different children.I don't believe child can change so much.But I don´t know how is it possible that "today Amelie" is so much similar to Maddy.

  10. Have been looking back to see which was the first photo altered, guess what how about this one she looks 1 years old or less at the time.


    Note the shadows they do not match up, half the picture has the sun coming from your right the other from your left. Not MMC and you can see that the face has been pasted on save the picture and blow it up a bit to 50% you can clearly see the lines, the hair where it meets the forehead and the chin are the giveaway.

    So why fake a photo so early????


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