Madeleine McCann case PHOTOS -all dates-

Madeleine McCann Case-photos - all dates - 

Here is a public internet album with sub-albums for precision: 'Baby & Toddler", "Praia", "Comparisons"...:

Three Maddies on Photobucket

Photos without special categories with older photos, edits and crops in the case:

Curious Is The Word, on Photobucket
Edited versions - in a fair way with only filters- by Ka Ossis showing next to originals (press and book-seller sources):


....a few more photos to be published soon...


  1. The " Madeleine " in the tennis court pic looks alot taller than the Madeleine boarding the plane to Portugal.

  2. Hi Kathie, yes it definitely looks this way, face feature are slightly different from all other photos of approx same date, as well, the girl certainly doesn't look like a nearly 4 y/o, and she seems to 'shudder', + slightly bends her knees (... as if told to look smaller...?)
    -and did you see what our famous Ka Ossis found regarding the TENNIS COURT GROUND?! With her great experience in tennis playing, she has immediately noticed when comparing this ground with a photo of the Ocean Club courts, that these are 2 different pitches! The OC pitches in Prais are cheap, not made for professional tennis, whereas the pitch where 'bigger Maddy' stands, holding tennis balls, wearing sandals, is 'leisuretex' which is completely different, more expensive and more made for professional tennis playing!

  3. Kathie 20 ( and suck on it Gerry )9 August 2011 at 03:59

    That make up pic is vulgar. It looks as though she is half dead and bruised. Those sick McCanns need to be imprisoned from society. Narcissits conmes to mind. They probaly spent their time down on the beach looking at their reflections in the water. VAIN, VULGAR AND VILE spring to mind when you think Gerry and Kate McCann or Ian and Myra.

  4. Kathie 20 ( and take this also Kate )9 August 2011 at 04:03

    Kate should have brought a book out where we have to try and spot the real Madeleine. Or a book like , WHERES WALLY and replace Wally with Madeleine LOL LOL LOL LOL , I better stop giving them " marketing ploys " LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  5. I wonder if " su " is Kates mother. She probably brought Kate up the same way. So she finds that kind of parenting ACCEPTABLE hence the " don't blame the parents " crap. What a deluded person. Su propbably escaped from the asylum for the night when she wrote that diatribe.

  6. Don't blame the parents ? So who is to blame SU ? Who took them on holiday and left them alone every night in Portugal ? So what you lot want is - money given to fund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED ?
    YOU LOT ARE NOT ON. WE WILL FOREVER QUESTION AND DEMAND TRUTH AND JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE. Thank God for Amaral and his book - THE TRUTH OF THE LIE. The book the McCanns SPEND FUND MONEY Trying to STOP it being released in the UK. I wonder WHY that is ? But we all know the answer. TRUTH OF THE LIE can be READ ONLINE and the documentry can also be seen on You Tube.

  7. What happened the fridge and Mccann replaced it ?
    Where did this fridge go too ?

  8. They will not be prosecuted for leaving the children alone becauee they didn't. and the UK Government know they didn't, this being an excuse for the false 'ABDUCTION'.


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