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Transcription Of The Leveson Enquiry [McCanns' Input]

 First of ALL, MANY, MANY THANKS to the Kind Soul(s) who HAVE taken of their Own TIME to perform this REMARKABLE Work! What a Task, it did take You (as as many People it took) a LOT of Hours, and I can't believe that You did it in such a short time - so once again, my admiration goes on to YOU, dear Soul - and to your Aid(s), if it was the case. Intelligent People always work hard when they feel they need to. And I would love to shake Your Hand(s)!

Here is Your Transcription that I have copied from this outstanding Site, the

23rd November 2011. Please click on "Read More" for the full transcript.

Transcript of afternoon session (pages 1-40), 23 November 2011

Transcript of afternoon session (pages 1-40) Leveson Inquiry
November 23 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mother Goose Flew To The Rescue - that was close, wasn't it?

Leveson Inquiry Part 1 of 3 - Kate and Gerry McCann - November 23rd 2011 (Unedited)

And, in THEIR SELECTED words from the VERY CAREFUL and OBEDIENT BBC, since these broadcast the Show today:

Is it only legal that two main participants in an ONGOING investigation should be "giving evidence" regarding a topic, Ethics in the media, which they already have dealt with in the past, anyway?

I won't feed their habit and dependence (and I could even say addiction) to claim against, show up and sue whomever they do not agree with - preferably the people who do not believe their theory of abduction, and show grounds and even facts for it- so I won't waste my time in a full analysis of this laughable performance. However one point that did strike me was when he or she came out with the memory of, freshly coming back from Algarve, they had camera-men from some media houses BANGING AT THEIR WINDOWS, and this TERRIFIED the Twins... What is really terrifying for a Child of that age then is being left on their own in a foreign flat and waking up to see... emptiness, and what else they could have seen, felt, experienced... ALONE, UNATTENDED!

(One could always wonder why in a room that provides the security of their parents in a familiar environment, a knock at the windows would be 'terrifying'... or perhaps it was a case of dining in the back-garden once again? - One can also wonder which account of the truth is the true one in any story we are told.)

Another wow moment was to witness this close correlation between Leveson and McCann. Perks, corner looks, smirks all over... and finally this lovingly protective gesture that Leveson strongly demonstrated, tenderly and firmly, like a mother goose who would extend its wing to show the world that nobody will be allowed to go near its Babies! - see the very end part of the "Show". Nobody is allowed to ask ONE question! Twice it was attempted to be expressed but... I can't even write its content as Mother Goose has proven her abilities to shut anyone who could have a point in criticising younger ones of her own kind.

Ehhhh.... just another one to add to my collection on my Circus At The Comedy Central series. "Madeleine" starts getting used to it. It was THEIR holiday too!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

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Just Another MACHINATION By This Government


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Did London lose the plot over the riots?

I am absolutely disgusted with the public of this country regarding the London riots, no I’m not suggesting that the public is a bunch of criminal scum as some of the papers might like to suggest, but that the reaction to what occurred is what disappoints and disgusts me.

A reaction to what in my opinion was a manufactured for public consumption, controlled, false flag event.
The public responded by agreeing with every piece of propaganda that was fed to them from morning to night and regurgitated so obediently the key statements that were so carefully chosen and delivered by selected popular pundits that those behind this must have been wetting themselves.

I’m not claiming that the event that was supposed to have initiated the riots, the unfortunate killing of a man in what was termed a “deprived neighbourhood” was staged, not at all, simply that the event was high jacked for some other purpose - Call it a gift, for those that needed a catalysing event to kick off their own project.

I saw again during those so called riots what is now becoming a familiar trademark at such events, and that was that as the film crews following the proceedings got up close and personal with the “rioters”, (individuals dressed in black with the now common Balaclava helmets)while the police stood by in what seemed a relaxed manor and within spitting distance of a very small number of perpetrators as they smashed windows and generally did as much random damage as they could, presumably playing up to the cameras, while these policemen who might not have actually been real policemen, made no attempt to intervene.

Does anybody question anything anymore? Bearing in mind that history is full of examples where a government found it politically useful to lie to the public and the fact that modern governments spend millions of pounds of our money on spin doctors and media campaigns to engineer public perception and opinion, there is apparently precious little concern that what we are being told by those who we are conditioned to trust may not actually be completely true and accurate.

Apart from the political mileage that was made thereafter in the press and popular media, let’s face it, anyone who thinks they are someone got to air their two pennies worth over the following weeks and now months, each busily furthering their own particular agenda, there is also the affects upon the lives of those involved to be considered and the damage to their futures, even though many of you may simply think they got what they deserved (typically three times longer sentencing than is normal – since when did politicians set the terms?).

Something else that disturbed me was a couple of text messages that were proudly read out on the early morning TV as I took a quick look before leaving home the day after. They were keen to show the negative ways in which text messaging and the social networks like twitter can be abused at such times by these criminal types, presumably calling for greater authoritarian control of these facilities when so desired. These messages (although may have been contrived for the sake of the news piece) did not seem to me to be likely to have come from any self respecting youngster, they read something like “you don’t know us but why don’t you and your gangs come over to such and such, we are going to riot and help ourselves” or something equally pathetic and was supposed to be a sort of call to arms to these youngsters.

Now the experts and politicians in their own words have said that all these youngsters were known to the police and had previous records of one sort or another so no doubt someone would have been keeping an eye on these little beggars and would have known how to contact them in a crises, maybe even know how to push their buttons just to make sure we get the desired result.

Now I’m not really suggesting that anyone with anything to lose would stoop to getting involved with something like this, it’s just my over active imagination getting the better of me, but you can’t help wondering can you, in the light of the recent phone hacking scandal – seems you just don’t know what to believe anymore.

I’m sure if you sit down in front of the TV with a cup of tea and a healthy slice of scepticism you could probably find more causes for concern and reasons to re-evaluate the news for your own peace of mind. Do you wonder whether you are in fact being informed or misinformed by the people you should be able to trust – do they really care about you or could they have the own agenda?

If there was ever a time in this world when all people should be sceptical and to look for verification before accepting what our leaders are telling us, it is now. The potential for politicians and money interests to want to mislead us, when you consider what they are playing for, in some cases, the control of the entire resources base of other nations, not to mention the benefit of debt slavery over their population is immense and to expect them to do otherwise is beyond naive.

There are now many people around the world trying desperately to wake us from our slumber and to educate us as to the ways of the controlling elite, fighting constantly to achieve some level of self determination for the masses, such that we may not be herded blindly into labour camps to be used and abused for someone else’s profit, and their efforts must not be in vain, but unless we can begin to see how the workings of this world have been deliberately hidden from us, where even the way that we think about the world has been engineered, and become determined for the sake of our children and their children, to become informed and united as a coherent force and to become active in resisting their control, with all speed, I fear we will soon be beyond the point of no return, and with the technological control grid they are building around us nearing completion our fate may be all but sealed.

To sum up the case:

To sum up, this case looks to me like an enormous machination that was born in England/Scotland and got "set in place" and "acted" in Portugal, where the (real?) girl Madeleine McCann, then aged only 3, nearly 4 years 'old', got 'missing' from. As you perhaps know, a gigantic organisation was then soon set in place by the infant's parents and... "friends" and family... Evidence showed up with very strong leads, elements and clues and FACTS (like forensic results... as no one had died on these very premises before, then WHO could the cadaver odour -detected by trained police dogs!- and the human BLOOD come from? No one else. really... Also the father said early lies (please see my blogs to read this for yourselves) and the £££$$$ "comedy show" went on and on... until THESE DAYS. It's STILL on, they STILL take donations, they're STILL protected by our UK government and some wealthy friends of theirs - like Brian Kennedy... In the VIP list , Mr "VIRGIN" Richard Branson and Mrs "Harry Potter" (Rowland) the author of books for Children and Teenagers... but that is JUST one sample of WHO has come to these "victims of a heinous crime" 's rescue.

Most of all, if the Child Madeleine (made a W.O.C. by a judge called "HOGG" in England, WOC meaning a Ward of Court, which only applies to LIVE people...) ever even EXISTED as THEIR daughter - as it still rests to prove...-, the whole case is still an true enigma in itself. Why so much protection? Why the calls for XENOPHOBIA towards PORTUGAL? Why now an astronomic amount of PUBLIC MONEY attributed to the "MET" (Scotland Yard - well, hang on, no! the "NEW" one!) = £3.5 MILLION!!! just to "review" the case?

Don't we ALL know that even in such a 'glamourous' country such as Great-Britain, tonight, there are a LOT of HOMELESS PEOPLE?! Maddy - and sorry to say- is very likely DEAD (well SOMEONE has died, or these forensics would not tell what they do!) and it only takes a good reading of the files to realise that all that it needs is a good TRIAL, not (as the NEW SY claims) 30 officers to look for ... what? new clues? a body that is buried? new witnessing after over 4 years???

So clearly this case is about finding the truth and realising that it's all about... MONEY. And is that right? Is 3.5 MILLIONS POUNDS STERLING a good and wise spending, these days in the UK -where everyone is struggling and saving on everything, including heating and food?! where the GOVERNMENT ITSELF encourages the People to SAVE on energy and to recycle, and chucks the Single Parents onto desperating job-searches, and JobCentre's multi appointments whereas there is NO job?! Not to mention the HUGE budget spent on searches, expenses and DEPLOYMENTS in the UK MILITARY sector! To basically KILL Innocent People! Yes... Yes wake up and do NOT ignore - next time you're UNalienated from your jobs and the motorway, at the week-end, come give a small comment to support/ SAY that you are HERE, still "ALL THERE", thinking not being robotised!

-when it would be just as simple to organise a trial and ask the parents of Madeleine McCann and their *FRIENDS* a few well-directed QUESTIONS that they CANNOT dodge, this time! Surely this wouldn't cost £3.5 million for some "THIRTY" SY / MET officers that are only "sometimes on the case" as a FOI quest has revealed recently! Is this (expensive) comedy show at the Central Circus going to continue for years and decennies, when WE KNOW that the PARENTS OF MADELEINE MCCANN HAVE LIED?!.