Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mother Goose Flew To The Rescue - that was close, wasn't it?

Leveson Inquiry Part 1 of 3 - Kate and Gerry McCann - November 23rd 2011 (Unedited)

And, in THEIR SELECTED words from the VERY CAREFUL and OBEDIENT BBC, since these broadcast the Show today:

Is it only legal that two main participants in an ONGOING investigation should be "giving evidence" regarding a topic, Ethics in the media, which they already have dealt with in the past, anyway?

I won't feed their habit and dependence (and I could even say addiction) to claim against, show up and sue whomever they do not agree with - preferably the people who do not believe their theory of abduction, and show grounds and even facts for it- so I won't waste my time in a full analysis of this laughable performance. However one point that did strike me was when he or she came out with the memory of, freshly coming back from Algarve, they had camera-men from some media houses BANGING AT THEIR WINDOWS, and this TERRIFIED the Twins... What is really terrifying for a Child of that age then is being left on their own in a foreign flat and waking up to see... emptiness, and what else they could have seen, felt, experienced... ALONE, UNATTENDED!

(One could always wonder why in a room that provides the security of their parents in a familiar environment, a knock at the windows would be 'terrifying'... or perhaps it was a case of dining in the back-garden once again? - One can also wonder which account of the truth is the true one in any story we are told.)

Another wow moment was to witness this close correlation between Leveson and McCann. Perks, corner looks, smirks all over... and finally this lovingly protective gesture that Leveson strongly demonstrated, tenderly and firmly, like a mother goose who would extend its wing to show the world that nobody will be allowed to go near its Babies! - see the very end part of the "Show". Nobody is allowed to ask ONE question! Twice it was attempted to be expressed but... I can't even write its content as Mother Goose has proven her abilities to shut anyone who could have a point in criticising younger ones of her own kind.

Ehhhh.... just another one to add to my collection on my Circus At The Comedy Central series. "Madeleine" starts getting used to it. It was THEIR holiday too!


  1. Indeed it is a circus and I think these two are either jumping on the gravy train or they were invited. The list of people in this enquiry all make me very suspicious. The McCanns and JK Rowling?

    Something doesn´t add up here.


  2. Hi Steph, yes how coincidential indeed... they are friends or at least associates in the "Look For Maddie" donations appeals and now just by chance in the same boat again to see what they can grab? I was expecting, for the McCanns to see EVIDENCE of phone hacking, since the whole event was about this. It seriously looks like we were all fooled into it as in mass-manipulation: we didn't learn anything new but once again the McCanns played the victims role and tried to push some arguments as facts... I wonder in which way this is legal, given that the investigation for their 'missing' 'daughter' is ongoing. Also this seemed to be a mere attempt to scare the press away and how is the press given any chance to reply anything at all? All there was in the end is a representative from the media trying to say something about the diary that she DID sell to some press herself! but he was completely silenced, made to shut up, with no right to say anything at all!

    Here is a link that shows that it was supposed to be about phone-hacking:

    -but what was said about it during the "show"? because that's what I call it, a mere show not a debate, not a court, an inquiry's hearing that is in PUBLIC... strangely when we do make FOI quests we can be answered nothing at all because it's an ongoing investigation...

    They talked about the early days, making "in passing" another complaint about the Portuguese judicial/ police system BUT they never said what I clearly remember: the fact they managed to DODGE giving evidence in the first place, on the first Monday when they could-and should, as is standard for Portugal, which is giving a witnessing in front of a judge!

    (IF they had nothing to hide in the first place why then hiring TWO solicitors to maneuver around this normal procedure? What did they fear? Being done for child neglect / having to tell more? - and if their story of child-neglect is true, then why do they still show their faces on TV with their scaring and triomphant looks?!)

  3. Links to videos and transcripts:

  4. Gerry and Kate McCann again ( YAWN ) attention seeking fools.
    The terrified twins ? As the twins get older think how terrified they will be finding out what their parents did night after night in Portugal
    It was the McCanns own choice when they called Sky news first instead of the police when Madeleine was " abducted ) COUGH COUGH.
    No one had the balls to put them in their place at that enquiry. It was a show put on to seek the publics sympathy for the coming libel trial this Feb 2012.
    How pathetic they are. Kate McCann could hardly lift her head with the shame. Gerry eyes shifting and tugging at that ear AGAIN. They also had those stupid wristbands on.
    Typical Mccann MARKETING PLOY TACTICS. Making money from their dead daughter. Its disgusting ans shameful. They have no morals.
    Those pair of phonies should have been in a court of law answering questions and the only interviews they should be giving are police ones.
    The GASPAR STATEMENT. Dr McCanns are not quick to want too challenge that. they shy away from answering where the fund money goes to. Only 13% was used to find Madeleine. Their other side kick Edward Smethurst who had paedophile friends on his Facebook
    That left comments like "fishing keeps children quiet " he then deleted his Facebook account. Too late screenshots are in the public domain Mr Smethurst. The creepuy Dr Payne. Who licks his fingers and makes cicular movements then reers to " does Madeleine do this "
    How many sick like minded people do those McCanns hang out with ?
    What a cheek they have to sit their and cry on national tv they are the VICTIMS. What fraudsters they are. They neglected their toddler children
    Kate McCann DID NOT ANSWER POLICE QUESTIONS. Their car boot DID have DNA and bodily fluids that pointed to a corpse being in the hired car.
    AS A GREVING MOTHER - WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU MEAN BY THAT ? No wonder Gerry looked pissed off with you as he walked off and left you still gathering your bits and pieces up at the inquiry.
    He really looks panicky when you open your mouth. You are the most vilest pair of inhumane people on this planet. Your days behind bars will eventually come. So keep digging that big hole.

  5. The disgusting filth Kate wrote in her book about perfect genitals torn apart. Her obsession with paedophiles and the disgusting photographs of Madeleine wearing make up and the one of her lying down.
    The media fades into insignificance compared to Kates master piece. Watch and see the media turn on them when the fund runs low.

  6. Anyway where has anyone seen a "grieving" mother there? I saw a jerk full of contempt for the audience she built.

    -oh and yeah she loves showing up - with sea-bass, I'm a show off, so I will do my 'offspring' to MY image, full of make-up and sucking on ice-cream, then 'she' will 'die', because it's part of the summer show, it's hot, hot and tense, the grannies in need will love it, never mind the fucking kids.

  7. You could hear the quiver in Dr McCanns voice as he spoke. His wife the ever obedient Kate looked strained.her face has aged ten years.
    Every chance they get for publicity they are there. They hijack every missing person case on the planet. So its no big surprise they just had to be at the Leveson inquiry. McCann with suit sleeve rolled up showing off the good quality wristband. His wife doing the same as she drank water.what more do they want ?
    They have the government spending millions on a waste of money review. They have made millions from a well publised media spinned fraudualnt fund and escaped child neglect charges. The McCanns have made a fortune from the horrific ordeal of Madeleine. Wherever there is publicity the fickle McCanns are there. Its a joke. They are a joke and one day soon the joke will be on them. They call themselves Drs and parents LOL

  8. Gerry if your phone was not hacked. WTF where you doing sitting there ?
    Did you get lots of money and publicity ? Your whole abduction ploy doesn't add up.
    You said the shutters were JEMMIED and then proven they were not. You said the dogs were more or less wrong - they got 200 ou of 200 cases CORRECT
    Kate how did you manage to be around 6 corpses in your part time one and a half hour job ? ( Later explained in the book as teaching your medical students ) its a bit like Gerry explain away excuse making blogs lol.
    Why was your car boot open day and night ? Why do some of your tapas pals talk about Madeleine in the PAST TENSE ?
    Why is the fund a re company with you and the wife having control about how it is spent ? Who pays Clarence Mitchell to spin your lies ? How did you manage to get three Prime Ministers to jump for your demands and not one done anythig for Bens mum Kerry ?
    Why did you leave Portugal after vowing never to leave no stone unturned ? Why did you say you would take a lie detector test andthen refuse to ? Why did youot let the twins be drug tested ? Why do all the timelines not add up for the night of 3rd May ?
    Where is the showercurtain , the cot sheets ? Why did you wash cuddle cat ? The curtains ? Why was blood found under the floor tile of apt 5A ? What happened to Madeleine pinl blanket and your blue holdall ? How did you know to make plans for Madeleines missing annivesaries ? ( She could have showed up but you knew , didn't you ? )
    Why did a team arrive that deal in restoring reputations ? Who sent them ? Are you a Freemason ? Why did you have already printed posters of Madeleine ready and waiting ? What was body fluids doing in the car you hired ? Why did the death scent dog alert to inside your wardrobe , kates white top Kates checked trousers car key, behind the sofa and in the car ?
    Why did you use money from the fund to pay your mortgage ? How did you manage to lose credit cards after saying you did not have a credit cards ? Where you got out in opertion ore ? Who gave you police CEOP books ( only used by the police ) and who gave them to you ?
    Why did the Gaspars make that statement and you are not quick to challenge that ?
    Why did Kate want a priest ? Why is the priest a shadow of the man he was ? And what did he mean by " he was lied to " ?
    Why was Brian Kennedy interfering with witnesses ? Who payed for Rome ? No other parent of a missing child has ever had the honour.
    Why did Kate refuse to anser 48 police questions ? Why did you use the media to whip up a fund frenzy ?
    What happened the fridge ? How could you jog play tennis and sleep normally within days of Madeleine being gone ? Why did you consider handing Madeleine to a relative ?
    Why did you have a feeling there was someone in the room and you still went out ? What did you mean by whatever situation Madeleine is in ? Why did you compare the dissapearance of your child to that of being over drawn on your student loan ?
    Does the fund cover the costs of staying in 5* hotels in your search ? Why has your brother and boss left the fund ?
    Body language experts have noted that your reactions show you are lying are you ? ( Silly question )
    I could go on and on. The media needs investigated ? NO ! Dr McCann YOU DO.

  9. What where they doing at the inquiry ? It still doesn't make them any less guilty of the terrible child neglect they both exposed those children to.
    Why have they not been prosecuted ? I have no sympathy for them. The poor twins are still left in their care. Scary that is.
    Mccann ccould not even pronounce his daughters name right at the Leveson . Shocking.

  10. As Gerry sat spewing his diatribe on Tv. I sat chanting - Fucking tosser, Fucking tosser, Fucking tosser.
    Bring it on to the Portuguese court in Feb 2012.

  11. Who said crime does not pay ? The mc.cs have just got to be the first to make money and be famous through child neglect. Karen Mathews tried and failed miserably. She just did not have Freemason help
    At least she had the decency not to be seen playing sport, jogging and smirking.

  12. I was waiting for yellow balloons to pop up at the end lol. Instead we had the pompous Gerry flounce off leaving Kate lol.
    What a performance or should I say the whole Leveson show has been. Laid on to protect the Mccanns with the media acting the pary as the fall guys.
    Nice try Government but we are not fooled. You forget we have put up with 4 years of spin and lies.

  13. Thank you All for your comments, sorry I don't have the time to reply to each of them, but you're finding me really glad of your Participation. Big, Big Balloons indeed that LOT is! - oh do you remember that Balloon week-end... what a FARCE this is and always has been. Yeah 'my kid is missing' but I smile showing my whole mouth with a polished French "finition" on, not forgetting the make-up - and the jewellery of course- and wear sunglasses to show I am crying really, cause I am MAKING a show with bright fucking balloons - I even attach a MESSAGE on in case my Little One could read it, cause I am... MOTHER GOOSE.

  14. McCann thought he had cleared up all the mess, Robert Murat the ONLY arguido and then Kate dropped them both in it, did anyone realize it was ONLY during the hearing in Lisbon when they were trying to screw Amaral that McCann first heard how the cadaver dogs ended up in Portugal...sitting right next to him was the traitor, his own wife ! Watch the footage when they leave court, he is not speaking to mother earth and spitting at reporters..later claims he had to leave on 'business' Fiona flew out to take his place. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when he got her back to their five star hotel that night ! I wonder if he called her a Fucking Tosser ?


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