Wednesday, 9 November 2011

To sum up the case:

To sum up, this case looks to me like an enormous machination that was born in England/Scotland and got "set in place" and "acted" in Portugal, where the (real?) girl Madeleine McCann, then aged only 3, nearly 4 years 'old', got 'missing' from. As you perhaps know, a gigantic organisation was then soon set in place by the infant's parents and... "friends" and family... Evidence showed up with very strong leads, elements and clues and FACTS (like forensic results... as no one had died on these very premises before, then WHO could the cadaver odour -detected by trained police dogs!- and the human BLOOD come from? No one else. really... Also the father said early lies (please see my blogs to read this for yourselves) and the £££$$$ "comedy show" went on and on... until THESE DAYS. It's STILL on, they STILL take donations, they're STILL protected by our UK government and some wealthy friends of theirs - like Brian Kennedy... In the VIP list , Mr "VIRGIN" Richard Branson and Mrs "Harry Potter" (Rowland) the author of books for Children and Teenagers... but that is JUST one sample of WHO has come to these "victims of a heinous crime" 's rescue.

Most of all, if the Child Madeleine (made a W.O.C. by a judge called "HOGG" in England, WOC meaning a Ward of Court, which only applies to LIVE people...) ever even EXISTED as THEIR daughter - as it still rests to prove...-, the whole case is still an true enigma in itself. Why so much protection? Why the calls for XENOPHOBIA towards PORTUGAL? Why now an astronomic amount of PUBLIC MONEY attributed to the "MET" (Scotland Yard - well, hang on, no! the "NEW" one!) = £3.5 MILLION!!! just to "review" the case?

Don't we ALL know that even in such a 'glamourous' country such as Great-Britain, tonight, there are a LOT of HOMELESS PEOPLE?! Maddy - and sorry to say- is very likely DEAD (well SOMEONE has died, or these forensics would not tell what they do!) and it only takes a good reading of the files to realise that all that it needs is a good TRIAL, not (as the NEW SY claims) 30 officers to look for ... what? new clues? a body that is buried? new witnessing after over 4 years???

So clearly this case is about finding the truth and realising that it's all about... MONEY. And is that right? Is 3.5 MILLIONS POUNDS STERLING a good and wise spending, these days in the UK -where everyone is struggling and saving on everything, including heating and food?! where the GOVERNMENT ITSELF encourages the People to SAVE on energy and to recycle, and chucks the Single Parents onto desperating job-searches, and JobCentre's multi appointments whereas there is NO job?! Not to mention the HUGE budget spent on searches, expenses and DEPLOYMENTS in the UK MILITARY sector! To basically KILL Innocent People! Yes... Yes wake up and do NOT ignore - next time you're UNalienated from your jobs and the motorway, at the week-end, come give a small comment to support/ SAY that you are HERE, still "ALL THERE", thinking not being robotised!

-when it would be just as simple to organise a trial and ask the parents of Madeleine McCann and their *FRIENDS* a few well-directed QUESTIONS that they CANNOT dodge, this time! Surely this wouldn't cost £3.5 million for some "THIRTY" SY / MET officers that are only "sometimes on the case" as a FOI quest has revealed recently! Is this (expensive) comedy show at the Central Circus going to continue for years and decennies, when WE KNOW that the PARENTS OF MADELEINE MCCANN HAVE LIED?!.

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