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-as copied straight from the British public press, ALL PHOTOGRAPHS SUPPLIED BY THE DISTRESSED PARENTS:

-Note: The parents, Dr Gerald MCCANN and his wife Ms Kate HEALY, as well as the BRITISH POLICE, have all STATED "ABDUCTION" WITHOUT ANY PROOF WHATSOVER.) The BRITISH POLICE SET THE INVESTIGATION ONTO A FALSE TRACK BY ALERTING INTERPOL ONTO A PAEDOPHILE RING. Nevertheless HERE is the sort of PHOTOGRAPHS the parents keep publishing all over the world (getting paid for it by the way, obviously) of their own  CHILD (isn't this heavenly material for paedophiles?!):

Copy from main-stream British Press article:

"British police were told that Madeleine McCann was snatched by an international paedophile ring which photographed her three days before she vanished, police files have disclosed.

This is the full email sent by an intelligence officer on the Met's vice squad on March 4 this year to counterparts in the Portuguese and Leicestershire police :

By Caroline Gammell in Portimao 9:13PM BST 06 Aug 2008
According to an email sent by the Metropolitan Police a child abduction ring based in Belgium placed an order for a "young girl".

Three-year-old Madeleine was spotted while on holiday in Portugal by someone connected to the gang who took a picture of her.

The photograph was sent back to Belgium where the paedophile ring agreed that she should be abducted, the email states.

Three days later on May 3rd last year Madeleine was taken from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve while her parents ate at a nearby restaurant.

The astonishing revelation supports Kate and Gerry McCann's long-held theory that their eldest child may have been taken by a child smuggling ring. "

As showed by the MIRROR newspaper, UK
"A haunting new picture of Madeleine McCann has been released – showing her after she raided a make-up box."


A Theory By Larry

"It was to be the last night of the vacation and both parents were anxious to get to the supper
they had planed with all their party buds and the twins [Sean and Amelie McCann] were tired from playing all day and they
had no problem getting them ready and put to bed.
Maddy was a problem because she knew it was the last night and did not want to waste any part of
it sleeping and really wanted to join her parents at dinner with her parent's friends and objected
to being left out of all the fun. She loved grownups and wanted to go too.
As the time for the parents to leave she got very unruly and demanded she should go with
them and it grew to be a war of wits between a 3 and a half year old Maddy and two parents who
wanted to celebrate one more time away from the children with friends.
One or the other parent, Both Doctors, suggested they give Maddy a sleeping pill or a sedative and
the case was made. Maddy would not be going to the dinner party.
While Kate was having a quick shower and did her face, Gerry got out his Medical bag and selected
a suitable drug for little Maddy and gave it to her. She had had this done to her before so she made no fuss
and accepted the needle as before.
The needle did not take the desired effect right away and Maddy started up again about wanting to join the party
and Gerry put his Medical bag away and left Maddy to continue to stew and protest and went and took
a shower as Kate finished putting on here face and....
When Kate was ready she came out and found Maddy searching her clothes for a dress to go to the party
and had to tell Maddy one last time she was not going with them and she had to go to sleep now as they were
already late and she got out her own Medical kit and proceeded to give Maddy a sedative and got her ready for
bed and put her there.
Maddy, at that point gave up the protest because the first setative was starting to kick in and when Gerry came
out of the bathroom he dressed to party and Maddy was quiet now and they did their final checks and kisses and left
for the Party.
To be continued.. in part two. cause there is more to the story, much more."

Part 2 of 2. The Night Maddy McCann died.
I have not read the accounts of all the visits and checking back and forth on the three sleeping children so
I will only say this to begin the account....

Maddy was standing, with tears running down her face at the window when her parent, Kate or Garry came to check
on the kids and that parent decided, that she needed more medication and was given a sleeping pill as the medical bags
were put away and the pill would surely knock Maddy out so she was give it and put back in bed.

Having done that it was back to the party and a few more drinks and laughts with the friends.

When the parents returned that final time from the dinner party Maddy was dead.

She had succombed to the drugs while standing at the window looking out for her parents...

Her heart stop beating and she slipped to the floor at the window.

Her little body was still warm to the touch and it took almost at minute to put her back to bed but
the parents soon realized that Maddy was not breathing because her little heart had stopped.

The horror of what had happened was overwhelming and after a full minute the two Doctors, Parents of
Maddy McCann started CPR because they have no knowledge of when Maddy had died and after all her
body was still warm and...

Two or three minutes of CPR had no effect so they stopped and tested the body temperature with a
rectal thermonitor and tried for another 5 minutes of CPR in a desperate attempt to start
Maddy breathing again.

They were both Doctors and decided they had to do something else. something very radical.

They knew there was no 911, no medical clinic, no Hospital in the town. no help available whatever
and it was up the them to bring Maddy back. They just had to.

They got out their Medical bags and after laying Maddy on the floor proceeded to use a scalpel
to quickly opened her chest and started to massage her heart in a desperate move to save her life.

The operation on Maddy's heart was a simple procedure and as her heart had stopped. There was
very little blood as Maddy's heart had stopped for a unknown length of time and the stopped heart did/does
not pump any/much blood into the incision on her chest.

Maddy had died where they found her and it was too long ago and the heart massage procedure failed.

Maddy was dead. Their daughter was dead.

The rest of the story need not be told here, the parts about the hasty decisions the parent made then.
The hiding and later the disposal of Maddy's body. The stories they had to make up and the lies that
must be told to protect the family that still had two children and the Doctor careers they would have to protect.

Was the dinner party and drinks with friends far away from home in England worth all this tragedy and travesty?
I will not judge?, God will do that for us." Larry


My comment-reply (extract): ...Whatever it was, there was no need to cash on either a real daughter('s death/ hiding) or even a total fabrication. One good clue I have remembered was that Telegraph (UK) article published at one minute past midnight on the same night, 4th May 07. How could devastated parents contact anyone and ask for the press to be notified at that time, only 2 hours after they claimed the 'disappearance'? Even if it was (as I think is said by the Embassy) a consul who called the press, it's rather unknown of - and still much to early to be honest. The PJ visited them at midnight so how did they know they could NOT find her in the next hours (as publishing this would have been too risky for the child, before being advised by the police)? What good would it do that the British press publishes this notification at that stage, also??? not many expats or Portuguese ppl/ tourists/ business ppl would read the net at that time and also be in the PdL area -and having seen anything!

You say they panicked because there was no medics/ etc. There WAS! Portimao is only 20 minutes away and surely less than this at night and by speedy ambulance. Had they put her in a car, straight to hospital, it would have looked less lousy if the accident by sedative theory is the one. Even if they tried ressucitation by any good mean just before and keeping trying while in a car. Lots of people would have offered to take Maddy and them there.

But like you I don't know, it's possible they did an open heart massage (I had never thought of this one, but had read of a 'trachea' or something of the sort, puncture in the throat to release blood hence reduce pressure.) Still though, even if she died because of an overdose of sedatives, it would have been simple to say they gave her too much independently ( Gerry/Kate not knowing that the other has already given her a dose) - at the most, if they used something illegal, they would have risked a suspended sentence, OR EVEN NONE! -because surely they knew what they were doing and the medication can't have been bad for a child of her age (and as you suspect, they'd done it before anyway.) A child can die of calpol! although CALPOL is legal in the UK, it's not in PT, though they could have said, if the case, that they simply didn't know it was illegal there. I think Kate said to PJ she had some in the bag just in case (but didn't use it.... if I remember correctly.) and she didn't get punished about it.

I will be happy to know what you think of the FUND creation (and all the surrounding circus with the media etc) in the case when your theory would be the truth. It would fit perfectly well, however there are some things that would remain unexplained. Their reactions and behaviour following the event and for months after wasn't typical of parents whose child has died - or even been abducted. I think that most of the people who have observed them in an impartial way have said the same as I have. There seemed to be a stage of bereavement or at least hard grief but it was quickly gone... and many of us wondered if all this wasn't an act?

I tried to comment on your first part on the blog in my blogger-name but the Google Blogger system works badly therefore I lost my whole comment, however I can sum it up: it matches many elements such as Kate slipping up twice in 4 years to pinpoint the event at NINE at NIGHT, NOT a ten! (see blog-post: "An intriguing revelation"); Gerry slipping up about the "RECOVERY POSITION" (same time, at NINE pm!); late calls for a PRIEST, gross errors on their ready-made time-lineS (two different ones!!!) and inconsistencies PLUS lies in general to fake an abduction; NOT sending the Twins for a medical check - whereas if any abductor would have sedated Maddy, he/she/they would have done the same to the twins - or at least it would have made sense for 2 doctors to ask their friends to take the children to the nearest hospital for a test - while THEY WOULD search! ("ERM"!!!). It would have also given clues if there was a sedation.

Thank You very much dear Larry for having sent this over and asked for a place for sharing it. I think it is a lot worth doing so.
Megafundline At The Lost Marketing Ploy Blog


The holiday flat Madeleine McCann was left on her own with her two siblings,
toddler twins, all the children being under the age of three years old then,
AT NIGHT, while their parents were enjoying themselves
at a restaurant which was NOT like "in the back-garden", but a LOT FURTHER THAN THAT,
with their friends, who were equally NOT supervising their children,
when the stated "abduction" suddenly "happened".
Or here is how the stories are brainwashed to the public via cheap press, because the Portuguese police,
PJ, equally doesn't believe a word of it. -and with serious grounds:
Cadaver odour and human blood containing 15 out of 19 DNA markers belonging to Madeleine
were found in this flat by police forensics standard methods.
Everything in this caption is checkable on the public police files.
5a appartment, Ocean Club, Praia Da Luz, Algarve, Portugal


  1. It make's me vomit that the McCann's, or so they call themselves, and the British police should use so many innocent children as a divertive tactic from their own crimes, cause the whole planet know's the UK has been a paedophiles haven since the 1950's, and no ammount of faking child abductions make's their sin's go away!

  2. I'll soon be adding more EVIDENCE. Like the SEMEN that was found by the PJ on "children's BEDDINGS" in the 5a.
    And of course the police used a STANDARD method which detected it. The method is 100% reliable and DID find that this stain in that holiday flat the McCanns were using then when Maddy vanished WAS SEMEN, INDEED.

    But there again we saw that, instead of being interested in this result, the McCanns ignored it, then denied it, then, WORSE, interfered in witnesses via a 'protector'. Which led to a ridiculous circus show again. Mr Brian KENNEDY went as far as to contsct the PREVIOUS tenants to make them agree that... this stain was from their boy's saliva!!!! - as if it hadn't been washed in-between, by the way..... Ka I think you're right, their PR's REALLY think that tampons are made to fix bike tyres punctures!!!

  3. And did you see the replys Tony Bennet got from the Leicestershire police about Kate's uncle Brian Kenneday running off to Portugal and interfering with the witnesses... they said basically that they wern't interested, it was a Portugese investigation and not they'res, so they didn't give a frig that Brian Kennedy was threatening witnesses!

    Here's Tony Bennett's letter to the Leicestershire police and replys:

    Just prove's the UK police don't give a fuck about Madeleine or other abducted or kidnapped children from the UK,and let any Freemason ex head teacher bully witnesses to keep their gobs shut about spermasota stains on Madeleine's sheets, and I bet those stains were from David Payne while Kate went for a shower and pocketed the money!

    Kate said Payne's visit was 30 seconds, cause she's trying to delete time she dosn't want to aknowledge, and Payne said 30 minutes cause of his dick ego!

    Yep, I bet Clarence Mitchell's fixed dozens of punctured tyre's on his bike with tampons, hehehehee!

    1. Hi - it is only since the death of Brenda Leyland that I looked deeper then just reading in the news papers about the circumstances surrounding Madeleine and have now come to the conclusion that she died in Apartment 5C and that there was a cover up and was coming to the same conclusion as you, not realising that others including yourself had done so already. Definitely, following the Gaspar's deposition to the police, there can be only one conclusion, M died in that half an hour period and the body had to be got rid off as any post mortem would reveal any abuse + something very fishy about Kate's comment in her book (I haven't bought or read it but only going on a comment that was posted) about Madeline's torn genitals - she must have seen this and can not get her head around this and that must be the reason that she ended up writing about it!

  4. Yes, appalling, my dear friend, isn't it? they couldn't care less. Thank you for the links, plenty others will find them very interesting, with your sum up.

  5. That photo of Madeleine reclining, obviously being carried by an adult, the pupils in her eye's show's the use of drugs, also her smile isn't real, it's solar plexus nerve torque, cause she's not showing dimples, which all little children do when they're happy, but this photo is showing that she's been drugged, probably with Ketamine or some other paralysing agent, which Kate would know all about being trained in Anesthetsia for years, and only rapeists use drug's on their victims! That smile is the sure deal that Madeleine's a victim, it's the smile of death when the solar plexus nerves shrink for lack of oxygen, and the McCann's are playing a sick joke on the public with that photo, they should be fucking hung by their neck's from the lamposts they're a pair of neckropaedophiliacs!

  6. The whole lot of them make me vomit.

  7. It makes me feel that McCann's are not realy liveing in the real would if i had an kid i would not leve them not ever life is an gift not something you just thought away when you fedup with it that's how it look's to me they have treded they kid's like pupes lol

    1. could you rewrite in English

    2. some people have dsylexia, maybe this person has, nasty comments like yours are really not needed here

  8. Lol, TheCommander900, thanks, I think we see where your comming from, in your own way, lol.

  9. How this page make's me feel:

    Spew, spew, loadsa spew,
    Carrot bit's and bile,
    If this were an act upon the stage,
    The critic's would call it Vile!

    1. How very true! These hate filled breathtakingly ignorant working class people have one thing in common. They're all uneducated lower-income council estate scrotes who in many cases have never done a day's work in their miserable pathetic lives. They hate the McCanns because they are an affluent family with a considerably above average income and because they worked for 6 or 7 years just to get to Junior Doctor positions that paid a pittance for 100 hour working weeks.

      That however is the only thing that these hateful retards have in common. They can't even possibly begin to imagine that the McCanns might be actually innocent and they've come up with literally over a hundred completely different conspiracy theories, all of which make Scientology's L Ron Hubbard look like a serious Booker Price winning non-fiction writer.
      These cretins can't even agree on a common conspiracy theory.

      None of them have a single shred of evidence of course. They all say cryptic things like "I am shortly to reveal conclusive evidence that......." LOL.

      The spelling and grammar of the majority of you shower of dole scroungers is astoundingly bad. I'm willing to stipulate that it wasn't your fault that your fathers were junkies and that your mothers were crack whores so its inevitable that you were going to attend (ok, bad wording, be registered at) dreadful inner city comprehensives, but haven't you fuckheads ever heard of a "spell checker"? Hello?

      I sincerely hope that the bile and hate eats you up inside and gives every single one of you the nastiest and most virulent strain of CANCER! Oh, and the slowest acting. Karma's a real bitch!

    2. One thing anonymous all these low class thick people you are talking about are still not stupid enough to go out and party, leaving 3 children under 4 to fend for themselves whilst leaving the door open to anyone who wishes to stop by!!!! Spell checking problems are better to have than to have the intelligence they have to neglect children, well done well educated high earners you people really set an envious example for any poor person to aspire too!!!

    3. Don't worry about it npm: He missed an apostrophe, too. :)

    4. What a f. Cock you are anonymous! What 'classy lady writes about 'torn genitals of daughter'???' Disgusting twat. There is theory about abuse and I agree. They are scum. They dosed their children, that 'class' Stop judging people by what they earn and by where they misspell, this is not about degree here, but about raven mother&father. Collecting money out of dead abused child. Shame

    5. The unemployed have no brains? Excuses those who work to do what they want and to write what they want,to do what they want? And to carry out any act that they want? Then watch your back

  10. Hi Commander and Ka. I'm glad that this page is making you feel bad, it proves your sanity! Ka lol re carrot bits and bile ;))- Commander you're right, a Child is a Gift, has parhaps Kate Healy realised this by now after writing her book? She has a strange face expression on a recent article...
    How I hate that "make-up raid" pic, cor blimey! mmm I wonder if Kate's book will expand on that a bit...
    as for the LP John SHORD email to PJ... that came with no evidence attached despite PJ's request... we are now supposed to be asking accounts to LP in a FOI request, says the depts of Justice and the Commonwealth and Foreign Office? But one question: why don't they ask for this themselves, since they (at Foreign Office) were the ones dealing with all this?
    Since they get a tip from people in the public interest, why don't they do their jobs and launch a REAL investigation on the McCanns and crew?
    -instead of throwing the ball to each other-
    ))) Doesn't anyone have concerns for Sean and Amelie in these 'high' offices? (((

    -- shall we perhaps take this work and redirect it instead to the Social Services in England, surely they SHOULD act upon their rules?!

  11. Well, the McCann case surely prove's one thing, that the law in the UK is run by imbasiles and incompetants only interested in their wage packet at the end of the month to feed their alcohol bill!

  12. TO THE ATTENTION OF KATE MCCANN AND GERRY ( OF COURSE ) Kate McCann, i have one word for you ( i actually have quite a few, too many to mention ) You are scum. You are the lowest form of life along with your husband , relatives and Tapas twat friends. Your book of lies, cover ups, slips ups and general trash makes me want to vomit. You are a despicable, sad excuse for a human being, " mother " That is some kind of sick joke. You have no respect for little children. You should be clasified as a shark. Cold , callous with no maternal instinct to protect your off spring. Sleeping normally within days ??? then rectified a few years later by your mothers interview in the press about " How Kate cant sleep " Another classic McCann statement being twisted and corrected by your enabling family. No what Kate ? I wish your mother had got a hold of you and shook you to within an inch of your life. Just so you could feel and learn how terrifying it is to feel fear. Not the fear that you both live with everyday about the TRUTH coming out and how you would both lose everything. The fear that Madeleine endured night after night alone in the apartment. The fear she felt when she called for you both and got nothing. How dare you state about people accusing you both of being involved in Madeleines death. You both are. The purpose of the fund ( and you well know it ) is to keep your lousy cowardly back sides out of prison. How about the proceeds of the book going towards searching for all missing children ? I must be dreaming, its all about you and Gerry, we are all sick to the stomach of you and Gerry. Go away, but you cant , Why ? MONEY. What searching did you do Kate ? You were asked in an interview why you did not search and YOU replied " That you were both incredibly busy " Are you for real ? and now we got in the book how you both searched LOL LOL LOL LOL. The whole " abduction " shit was so staged that Fionas mother never got her bum off the chair. She just sat there watching the play acting begin LOL LOL LOL. I could go on forever about what lousy greedy people you both are but i have not got the time. I look after my children Kate. Thats the scary part in all this .......... you and Gerry are allowed to be in charge of the twins. Enjoy the book flop.

    1. Well said hopefully the truth will come out soon I think every parent feels like we do! I have read all the police files, GA's book etc. and would tell anyone who believes the McCanns to read them then make up your mind!! The McCanns are Dirty Vile Lying Scum and that is going easy on them!!

  13. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your visit! You have many valid points in your comment, I noticed these too during my reading. I'm glad it was passed on to me because I would have never given their fund an extra penny - I got had on that 4 years ago you see, and the day after I realised that they were lying! by not physically searching.
    How dares she say to The Express she has initially written that for the twins...!!! So not only she drops the clanger by not including Madeleine... but also she shows her true colour as to what type of language is 'tolerable' towards children: "fucking tosser", "sod", "complete bullshit" etc...and of course "perfect little genitals torn apart"...and the rest of her horror-movie perfected scenario-script.
    One: Ricardo Paiva should sue her, for he's a real person who she publicly insults this way. "Fucking tosser"... wow perhaps he could get that book banned? Eh eh.
    Two: yes it just reads like a play, with the kept little speech notes etc. You're right, Diane Webster was watching the play cause she already new the script imo... and the tv producer Jeremy Wilkins' wife Bridget O'Donnel is writing a book with very similar topics by the be published in 2012. She also can count me out her purchasers.

  14. KA ... Cannot get bloody posting on the satiricals... having alot of problems doing so. A red box is coming up. I cannot see the icon thing M. I am now leaving a message for the McCanns.


  15. The mccanns are truly vile people. I think the dad made the fund and fuss to take the worlds eyes of them. They know Madeleine is dead and they know it is their fault. They just enjoy being in the news and living off lots of money. I was hoping the book had a full report of how the money has been used over the past four years, i think we all know where it went. I cannot understand why they were never punished for child neglect. Something needs to be done about this.


  17. Hi the Met police are doing jack shit had some strong leads about a certain item being not what the McCanns said it was, that item had been mentioned in the JP files in a witness statement, guess what they never heard of it, holy shit man, what are they doing. I bet they still beleive she was abducted, what bit of she is dead do they not get, and if they dont buy the abduction ticket nick the lot for fraud.

  18. I think it would be a good idea if this entire website were to be intrigrated in to new introgated Justice 4 . It would make the story of Maddy and the McCanns much more easily understood by John Q,Public when they go there to seek out knowledge about what really happened and who was responsible for what happened to Madeleine McCann on May 3rd.2007.

  19. I can't believe what the Mccanns have got away with. This reg company under the guise of a charity needs highlighting over and over. Don't buy the book. Its all about Gerry and Kate , their floundering sex life , their daughters ' perfect genitals torn apart and this they want their twins to read when they are older. How disgusting. Has social services asked any questions about this ? I take it they have been gagged also The Mccanns can try re write history all they want its NEVER going to change. The Mccann parents didn't even search for Madeleine on the night Maddie went missing. Gerry said of her disapearance that it felt like being overdrawn on a student loan WTF is this guy for real ? And their statement that really sums them up " IT WAS OUR HOLIDAY TO " Yeah, ok Gerry we gathered that. Cos your children where dumped in the creche all day and at night dumped alone in the apartment. So it proves what selfish dispicable people you are. Even after Madeleines ' abduction ' it still continued to be YOUR HOLIDAY. As people searched you set about making up a fund to pay the hefty legal bills that you use to sue anyone who questions or does not believe in your fantasy abduction story. Yes people searched all day and you both jogged and played tennis and sat in a church. Poor Madeleine - just a marketing ploy.

  20. I hope Kate didn't smash anything in the church. It is afterall a house of God. We don't want any F**king tossers vandalising and swearing in church.

  21. Disgusting parents neglected their kids and made up abduction lies. Living off Madeleines back.

  22. The Leics police were quick enough to protect the McCanns if anyone dare point the finger. So Brian Kennedy harrassing witnesses and getting away with it is no big surprise. It just proves how corrupt Leics police are and how bias. Moving the goal posts - don't point fingers at team McCann and their band of clowns but they would come down with the LAW at non believers in the fairytale abduction. What a joke they are and this needs to be invesstigate. Leics police held back the Gaspar Statement for over 5 months that needs investigating and the person or persons responsible for doing that should be sacked. But I suppose its freemason shit aiding and abetting other freemason arse holes. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT and ROTTON to the very core the lot of them.


    GERRY and KATE McCANN have NEVER been sentenced. Their daughter MADELEINE McCANNS body has NEVER BEEN FOUND. Despite the CADAVER DOGS ALERTING to
    THE APT 5A ( no deaths has ever occured there ever )
    THE MOTHER ( Kate McCanns ) CLOTHES.
    COME ON MR CAMERON. Something needs to be DONE about this. Is it one law for others and another for friends of EX PMs ? Its disgusting

  24. No 911 and no hospitals nearby??? 911 is also available in Portugal and two fantastisch hospitals facilities are located in the outside of Lagos, at a max. distance of a 5 min. drive from Praia da Luz.

    NO it is all bull shit!

    I hope for Madeleine that the truth will soon come out and that her parents will rot in jail!

  25. Im truly stunned

  26. Maddie is not being carried in the pic of her leaning back. She is sitting on the floor, hence the skirting board she is next to. What a load of sick twisted bollocks on this site. You should be ashamed

  27. There is nothing in any of these photographs that suggests sexual abuse of Madeleine McCann.
    I can't help but notice that these 'expert' theories always come from people who cannot use basic grammar and syntax correctly.
    In other words, the people on this site who 'theorise' about Madeleine's smile, state of mind etc... are uneducated individuals who really don't know what they are talking about.
    I work with abused children, and they all have a certain look in their eyes. The photographs of Madeleine McCann reveal nothing other than a loved, happy and secure child, who knew that she was loved by both her parents.

    1. 'I work with abused children, and they all have a certain look in their eyes'.Bet you don't really! That last little paragraph is just a little too .. pat.

    2. Have you seen the expert statement analysis conducted by Peter Hyatt, i urge any open minded people who are unsure as to if their innocent or guilty to watch Mccanns embedded confessions,statement analysis on youtube, I know i watched this unsure but afterwards and coupled with the Blood cadavar dogs,dna,ect i have no doubt what so ever that Poor Maddies death was an accident covered up bu her parents, also i suspect child abuse but obviously thats not definate. Scum people who only care about themselfs.

    3. Peter Hyatt is statement Analysis expert and is well respected. Watch His video on youtube and any doubters to their guilt will have their mind convinced by his finding, He is 100% convincing and makes sense how a guilty person acts, strongly recommend watching for those who have not yet, McCanns embedded confessions. I cant believe the media have been allowed to be bullied by Mccanns solicotors, if papers printed only evidence and truth(like they were never cleared) No one could believe the Mccanns, Sure Gerry is a pedo, i can tell by his stare at times, just see evil plus two married doctors reported Gerry and his friend(who was on hol with them) to leicester police for comments regardling child abuse make towards Maddie and the couple in question wouldnt let there daughter left with them. Pedo Gerry??? yes i say, will come out one day why Kate slept in other room to gerry night before abduction. Justice for Maddie

  28. You above should be ashamed and MOST of all the McCanns. Using public money to aid themselves oh, and pay THEIR mortgage. Poor Madeleine being brought up with selfish gits and their paedo pal Payne sucking his finger while circling his nipples while Madeleine was there. Now that is SHAMEFUL and DAMN RIGH FUCKING DISGUSTING.

  29. My theory is that madeleine was drugged and it went wrong, she was then embalmed (hense the blood found) incase her little body was found! Embalming after overdose covers all tracks of drugs in the system! And both being doctors... well that speaks volumes! Bastards!

  30. any even minded individual that has read the police files and looked closely as the mccanns actions and comments cannot fail to reach the conclusion that they are fully aware that the child is dead


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