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My Algarve In May 2011

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Here are two samples of photographs which could perfectly illustrate "Kate McCann"'s excerpt of her book that is titled "madeleine" - this is not a typo, this is the title as such, "madeleine" with no uppercase letter "M" at the beginning of the book title.

Kate, Madeleine's mother (or as far as we have been instructed to understand) described how she "saw" her 'missing' Child 'Madeleine' on a beach rock, this child looking lifeless, according to the description of the 'vision' by her mother, in the way I and many other people do interprete [as in reading] it. Here are two pictures from this spring in Praia Da Luz which can well illustrate this 'feeling-moment':

A Voice For Madeleine - Une Voix Pour Maddy

The First Ever Maddy Rose
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  1. I will resend the pics of Chaplins and the hurch with the church grounds.

  2. I was down on the beach, searching the streets. Yeah, I done more looking around than the so called devoted parents. To call Gerry McCann " a doting father " is like saying Dr Shipman was a great Doctor lol. The so called doting parents that dumped their toddlers alone in a room every night. The two so called respectable Drs McCann that thought it was no big deal. What a disgrace you both are. How you both have the brass neck to carry on this charade. Words fail me. I really struggle to imagine how you could both just walk away with out giving a shit about what could go wrong in the apt. After the Madeleine calander, what next ? The Madeleine doll. The doll you can just toss in a bag into the wardrobe and leave.

  3. Thanks for your Photos, Kathie, they are beautiful!

  4. Kathie, yes the problem is that THEY [the McCanns] never searched! -and they LIED about the WINDOW and SHUTTERS- That's it.
    Have a Wonderful Year 2012! I feel Positive Energy.
    Love, Mega FUND ;)


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