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I thought this was a satire at first but she did really say this on camera, 16th June 2014, Lisbon Court (Libel Trial)

By Bob Morrell

By Dan Gleebitz

By Ka Ossis ;)

Just Her Divinity.

by Mega Fundline

By Ka Ossis

by Mega Fundline

by Dan Gleebitz


Fiona Inspired by Page 129
Courtesy of A Forum Member

Courtesy of MentirasDeMaio

"Celebrating Success In Huelva"

and for even more satiricals:

Courtesy of UncleJohn

Courtesy of UncleJohn


By Ka Ossis

"The Story Of The McCann Book"
By Sasha

ShuBob's avatar Photobucket Photobucket


 BY KA OSSIS - showing text on image: "FOR SALE! OFFERS WELCOME!"

Co-Satirical By KaOssis And Megafundline
 Ka Ossis


Early May 2007 media interviews
-this is a simple inverted effect with no addition to it-


  1. "The cool night breeze brushed around my rosy cheeks" ahhhhh BRILLIANT, this, Sasha!!!!

    ---and thanks to KA OSSIS TOO for most of these other Satirical-Pics! They are Brilliant too, smart and very inspiring!

  2. Hahahaa, love the Walk Like An Egyptian, hilarious hahaha, wonder how good the McCann's are at line dancing?, hahahaha!

  3. SCORCHERS, KA OSSIS!!! I love them all: "Kates loses Penny", "Vodka Kate" and "Gerry turning to Vice!" What a talent, thanks for the laughs!!!!!!!!! xxx Mega

  4. LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO. It is 4.20 in the morning and i cant pll myself away from this sit .lol. I am PMSFL and i am trying hard to keep the laughing quiet. Brilliant, nothing but pure class in a jar.

  5. Daily Mirror line up LMFAO

  6. I can not stop lMAO and PMSL it is Hilarious, Brilliant
    Love it

  7. Hi Laurie and Thank You for your Visit!!!!!
    Glad you got a laugh, t'is the best medicine in this macabre case!!
    Cheers, Mega

    ps. I love the "

    _God Please is she dead?

    " Loooooooooooooooooooooooool ;)))))

  8. Hi Kathie ;)))))))) send some over if you want! Ka can give you my addy - and she can post what you want - we also welcome Written Satiricals, Texts, Prose, Poems, Dialogues, Mini Plays, faked articles, faked books lol.... tc and speak soon!xxx mega

    -Ka is holding a local line dancing club in Leicester if Some wanna practice the Egyptian sub-style of it, ;)

  9. Hi Megafundline, Thanks. Ka and i used to run " Madeleines online shop" on You Tube. We got wristbands, T Shirts , cuddle cats, travel packs, blood ,cadaver , DNA , books on " How not to answer 48 questions " " How to fool the public " " How to make the most out of your holiday " etc, etc , .lol.

  10. Brilliant idea you both had then Kathie and Ka, I would love to see this page or a few screenshots if any has been kept - is the channel still on? please send the link, post or email, I asked Ka to pass my email addy to you. Selling blood and cadaver scent mustn't be an easy task :) - Loooooooooooooooool can't help but giggling at this!!!! xxx Mega - and again Thanks a Bunch for your great Comments - I finally understood where the "irritating as a pile" bit came from! LOL that facebook page is hilarious to see, I caught a few extracts via forum reading. Why did KATE write this, has she got piles?
    Sorry dear Kathie I haven't had the time to reply back as many times as I wished. xxx

  11. "-Ka is holding a local line dancing club in Leicester if Some wanna practice the Egyptian sub-style of it,"


    If I was wearing knickers, i'ed have surely pee'd them by now, hahahahaha!

    Thanks Laurie and Kathie for the comments, as you know, if the McCann's can take the piss out of the public then surely the public can take the piss out of the McCann's, hehehehe!

    YES! Brillient idea Kathie, we'll have to do a spoofy Online MADASFUCKMcCann's shop, just wondering where I can get a product line of corpses from for car boot motifs, hehehehe!

  12. "My Captivity In An Age-Progression Lab"

    WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFFF- I'm only short of ROFL's smileys and all here, am pissing my sides each time I see it Ka!!!!!!!

  13. "I swear as God My Judge We are Innocent."!


  14. Hahahahahahaaa!... "GET LORRAIN KELLY ON THE PHONE..." hahahahahahahahahahaahaha!

    Hi Megafundline, I'm sooo laffin my sock's off at the Vemo vid, it's the most hilatioous vid I've seen about the Mccann's yet, hahahahaahhaa, sooo glad you added it to the Satricals, hahahaha, foookin awsome, hahahahahahaa!


    "Oh Kate... what perfect little genitalia you have!", "That's because they're hardley used Fiona!... Ooph's, sorry you fell in there Fiona, I'll go fetch a lifeboat!"


  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Ka!!!!! ;))) the life boat... hee hee hee......any lil skeleton left in the watercave?


    KATE : " Do you want to see my perfect little genitals " ?

    GERRY : Yes, i would love to have a look. Can my mate David see them also ?

    KATE : Very well boys ( throwing her head back ) but they might be too aged and droopy for David.

  18. Gerry: Kate why are you still not having sex with me?

    Kate: Gerry the last stiff I had in my hand put me off for ever.

    Gerry: I wasnt that bad, was I.

    Kate: Not you Gerry Madeleine.

  19. I was lying next to Gerry, The cool night breeze made me feel so romantic as it swept across my cheeks. " Gerry , i whispered softly in his ear , Gerry " .... " WTF Kate " he grunted. " Are you awake ? " i asked , giggling quietly. He turned and looked at me . " Not tonight hen, yer mingin of cadaver and have so fur fookin months noo. Ye need a guid scrubbin " ......... JOB DONE

  20. By the way Anonymous, JOB DONE , When you are both behind bars ...... soon, tick, tock. Thats when the jobs done. Glad too see you are not posting anymore of your diatribe in your blogs anynmore. The blogs like Kates book wee used to cover up little slip ups ha ha ha . We see right thru you both. Poor twins and shame on you both, cowards. The dogs told us BARK BARK BARK

  21. This page is so funny. Great posts from all.

  22. I vote for "Kate Loses Penny" -is there a vote? What do we win?

  23. The prize is Gerry and Kates expertise knowledge in child neglect.

  24. Along with Kate book, this is so funny.

  25. I thought I couldn't laugh anymore after the satiricals untill I read Kates book HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    Kathie 20

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. To Anon that left a message about my kids, I bet your the paedo that my kids were given to by the paedophile Birmingham Social Services after you were stealing my post and then claimed you were me in the family court acting like a nutjob to get your paedo hands on my kids weren't you Claire Whitehall 37 Heathside Drive, KingsNorton, Birmingham... and it wasn't me that had a relationship with a paedo, it was you Claire cause you were fully aware of it!

  28. Ka Ossis, or whatever stupid name you are calling yerself just now, why would anyone who knows about you, your filthy past and what you continue to do to your own kids, think that what you have to say about another couple's parenting is relevant to anything?
    The three of you are clearly insane. I pity your families, I really do.

  29. Shut the fuck up anon above and mind you own business and leave children alone


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