Saturday, 30 April 2011

Did you know that the McCanns CAN get the case RE-OPENED?

Yes, and Hello dear Readers, Followers and Commentors.

How can they, in FACTS?

1) They can volunteer to answer the denied police questions (the MOTHER, Kate Healy., as the Father, Gerald McCann, HAS answered his questions.) So what is she doing writing a book when she really CAN get her daughter's investigation re-opened? It's an ARCHIVED case now, has been since July 2008!

2) They can ACCEPT THE EVENTS RECONSTRUCTION as suggested by the Portuguese Police Unit PJ, but they keep refusing to do so! Why?

(by the way Kate Healy anf Gerald McCann you are most welcome to bring your replies and/or comments on this blog.)

3) They can PROVIDE the Child's (Madeleine) HEALTH RECORDS, MEDICAL FILES that they have always refused to hand ut to the PJ, Police in Portugal who deals with their daughter's case. I find this VERY suspicious. I find ALL this very SUSPICIOUS.

I do NOT believe the "McCanns" - well Healy-McCann because of factual elements of this sort.

So long, enjoy your "British Holiday".

Friday, 29 April 2011

A Sabotaged Investigation- UK Police Malpractice

-link to the related Freedom Of Information Request:

To sum up, with no evidence, no base to this statement, a police officer of a high rank from the Met (Metropolitan Police in the UK), Mr John SHORD, sent an official message to the Leicestershire police.
It said:
“Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken.
“Somebody connected to this group saw Maddie, took a photograph of her and sent it to Belgium. The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Maddie was taken.”

An that is a totally UNFOUNDED STATEMENT. There is NO PHOTO, NO PROOF of this, WHATSOEVER! This was solely based on RUMOURS...
How can such malpractice have been tolerated by the British authorities, at a time when both Madeleine's PARENTS Kate Healy and Gerald McCann were MAIN SUSPECTS?! (the John SHORD email was sent to DC Hughes at LP on 4th March 2008)

I wonder if some connections previously existed -or were established by arrangement. If you click on the RUMOURS link above, the article from Anarak will tell you more details. The Spaniard named TOSCANO, who had the information, offered to meet the McCanns, however they REFUSED!

"Toscano, who attributed Madeleine’s abduction to orders from a paedophile network to someone called “El Francés“, was interviewed several times by the Portuguese authorities, but his allegations were quickly ruled out after investigation. The Spaniard had even asked to meet Kate and Gerry McCann, who had refused."

Question: HOW did the Mccanns know that his information regarding, according to this, Madeleine in a Belgian paedophile ring, was not worth of interest?!
Even the BRITISH POLICE was taking to the bait! (and I repeat, without an ounce of evidence)

I find this all STRANGE to say the least. And: Would Anna Stam be connected with the McCanns? To me it's VERY likely. And the Loop would be complete! Loopy Loop.

To be honest I've always found it really weird that the McCanns had REFUSED to see that Toscano man.
That is really fishy. Why would they do that if they were sincere about their claim and the investigation? Imo it was a huge indication that:

1) they probably were in contact therefore Toscano was instrumental in that great action of SABOTAGING the case, all being orchestrated by them in the first place - if not pre-planned , etc.

2) they were not in contact, didn't know each other but the McCanns feared he would suss them out, flairing he was smart (if the case, I've no idea lmfao.gif ) so they prefered NOT to speak with him...

... or more simply they KNEW what had happened so just like for the sighting in Belgium, AGAIN, in summer 07 this time, when Gerry sucked on a lollipop at the PJ station, why bother at all...

...However, ... "Referring to the McCanns’ spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, The Telegraph states that the “revelation” added weight to Kate and Gerry McCann’s theory that their daughter may have been abducted by a child smuggling ring."


Fuck you very much!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Jim Gamble Put Children At Risk On CEOP Website!

Security breach found on Ceop website

11 Apr 11 - 12:03PM |
A web page set up and designed to protect children while they are online has been found to be insecure, it has been reported.

According to reports, a form found on the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) website to report alleged offenders was not encrypted.

Security experts claim that the breach of data could have put children at risk.

Ceop spokesman Peter Davies told the BBC: "The security was not as good as it should have been but it's been fixed now. But to have accessed it you would have had to have really gone hunting for it and would have had to have had very high levels of expertise."

As a result of the breach, there will now be a full investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office. The unencrypted pages meant personal details entered on the site could have been visible to anyone with a sinister motive.

Ceop was set up in 2006 to help find and convict individuals that pose a risk to children, as well as working to keep young people safe while online.

Enhanced and standard disclosure services available at Capita RVS.ADNFCR-2881-ID-800494602-ADNFCR
eVisit There's no way Jim Gamble didn't know he was putting victims at risk with the CEOP website, he deliberately exposed their details to every paedo on the planet!!!

"lllustrated Tavares Report" By HiDeHo

NUIPC-201/07.0 GALGS

Intercalary report

"For the attention of the

Criminal Investigation Coordinator
September 10th 2007

The child’s parents immediately attributed the fact (disappearance) to the action of a third party, defending the ABDUCTION.

The group’s members held a meeting during which they agreed on certain rules that sustained a version of continuous checking of the children, while they dined

By reasons, they said, of counselling and support, the parents asked for the presence of a priest, at around 02:00h/03:00h on the 04th of May.

There is a coincidence between the marking of cadaver odour and blood, according to the (partial) Laboratory Report that has been annexed to the process files.

Said marking occurred behind the living room sofa (cadaver odour / blood / DNA), which indubitably proves that said piece of furniture was pushed back by someone, after the death of Madeleine McCann was verified. Because of the few traces that were recovered on location and subject to examination, it has to be admitted as a strong hypothesis that it was subject to a “washing”, at a moment following the occurrence of death.

In the same manner, the soft toy that was used by the dead child, which was found at the top of the bed where she usually slept (cf. photos from the initial inspection) reveals that someone put it there at a moment posterior to death, given the fact that the bed doesn’t have any cadaver odour

This is to say, an intentional modification took place, in order to simulate a “picture” that doesn’t match reality, in an attempt to take advantage for the simulation of an abduction scenario;

It must be added that the cadaver odour detection dog strongly signalled the bedroom where the McCann couple slept, which may indicate the moving of the corpse from the actual death spot (living room) into a non visible part of said bedroom;

Furthermore a strong marking of cadaver odour was made on Kate McCann’s clothes, which may indicate that she was in touch with the cadaver;

There was also a strong marking of cadaver odour in the car that was used by the McCann couple (since the 27th of May 2007), which in conjugation with the blood dog’s marking and based on the forensics that are included in the process files, which indicate the presence of Madeleine McCann’s DNA in the car boot, lead towards not excluding a strong hypothesis that this vehicle may have possibly been used move the cadaver, 24 days after the death;

The indication from the cadaver odour detection dog, as well as from the blood detection dog, on the key of the aforementioned vehicle, where the laboratory would confirm the existence of Gerald McCann’s DNA, cannot be dismissed. This last signalling was obtained by the dogs after the key was put far away from the vehicle, in a non visible location.


From everything that is exposed, the process files result in the following:

A) the minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007;

B) a simulation of an abduction took place;

C) in order to render the child’s death impossible before 22H00, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was made up;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

E) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications that the child’s death was not the result of a tragic accident, yet;

F) from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, doesn’t want to deliver the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility that it was moved from the initial place of deposition.

This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.

On the tenth of September, two thousand and seven
Chief Inspector
(Tavares de Almeida)"

(Text from original)

Excellent work by HiDeHo, please see her site for the full illustration of this Report:


Monday, 18 April 2011

Card to The Twins From... Guess Who?

-to illustrate my previous post, here is a screen-capture of the 2008 Telegraph article:

Mind Games To Madeleine's Twin Siblings

Hi Ladies And Gentlemen. As you would expect such a title, had it been in the British press, to expose how vile and horrendous the "abductor" like the swarthy moustache-Man of Gail Cooper, or the other similarly bad foreign raptors "really are",  well now is the time to disenchant  and face reality, away from the fairies and the elves  of   your  childhood  books.

For, Ladies and Gentlemen, the very PEOPLE who have ACTUALLY PLAYED Mind Games To Madeleine's Twin Siblings  are no one else but these children's parents themselves.

Ok let me show you, it won't take a long winded monologue that eats half of your day in reading, and I won't facebook you in a desperate call for fame! So, straight to the point:

UK  News
Card from Madeleine at McCann twins party

12:01AM GMT 01 Feb 2008 Gerry and Kate McCann will throw a birthday party for their twins tomorrow - complete with a card from their missing four-year-old daughter, Madeleine.

In full: The Madeleine McCann investigation They want to give Sean and Amelie, who will be three, as normal a life as possible in the face of the continuing international hunt for Madeleine, who was abducted on holiday in Portugal. Around 30 family, friends and supporters of the McCanns' campaign to find her have been invited to their home in Rothley, Leics.Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said British police did not believe the couple were involved in her disappearance. He said Leicestershire Police child protection officers viewed the case as a "rare stranger abduction".Related ArticlesNew Madeleine suspect lookalike found 28 Jan 2008

-End of quote in this Telegraph article.

Food for thoughts, eh, but, hang on there is also... the monster game...

Press quote:


By Daniel Jones,

Maddie's little brother and sister are learning to cope with their devastating loss by playing a game called Find The Monster Who Snatched Her.

And three-year-old twins Sean and Amelie are also playing a vital role in keeping their mum and dad focused, according to top criminologist Ray Wyre.

He told The People last night: "I think having other very young children has given Kate and Gerry the strength to go on.

"It must be hard for them because the twins are now almost the same age as Maddie was when she was taken.

"But they are clearly a bundle of energy and fun.

"They still talk about Madeleine and even bring her into their games."

Wyre went on: "Kate and Gerry told me they were sitting together the other day when the twins rushed into the room screaming and shouting.

"They asked what they were up to and the twins told them they were going to go and find the monster that took Maddie.

"Then they dashed off to play the game."
He added: "Of course, it's a very sad story.

"But it's healthy that Madeleine remains a real presence in their lives."

End of press quote.
  - end of page or near end- Note: "top criminologist" Mr Ray Wyre is now deceased.

You would perhaps wonder if grieving parents would actually tolerate in their hearts such games... surely it would only revive painful memories to everyone so what was even the point to print this in the press? Had Mr late Ray Wyre wanted to drop a "little point" he had noticed while , deep-down, analysing the behaviour of these "responsible parents", who were so thoughtful to bring a bouquet of fresh flowers to his wife for dinner and had tucked into her home-made lasagna and banoffee pie? Again, FOOD FOR THOUGHTS.
Is it any wonders - if these young twins in 2008 were really taking the initiative to play the monster game - that such ideas could spring to their minds when they received "birthday cards" from their Sister Madeleine? -oh, and GIFTS of course, see:
You know what? I find all this SICK -and sickening. Apart from an "expert in criminology", who would genuinely be needed of course, I seriously urge an expert in Child Protection to lean on this case asap.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Maddy McCann "a TRADEMARK"

An Excellent Article In German

" McCanns: Madeleine McCann – Markenamt Nr. 2456061?Vielleicht ist einer der bizarrsten Aspekte des Falles der vermissten Madeleine McCann war, dass innerhalb weniger Tage nach ihrer Verschwindens, ihre Eltern in einer Markenanmeldung in ihrem Namen hatte. Marken sind in der Regel verwendet, um gewerbliche Schutzrechte zu schützen, so dass in diesem bizarren Fall, so scheint es, daß nicht nur Madeleine als vermisst Tochter wahrgenommen, sondern auch als zukünftige kommerzielle Anliegen, die Rechte von denen erforderlich, die kommerziellen Interessen geschützt werden von Team McCann. In gewisser Weise seine leicht einzusehen, warum mit Madeleines Bild erhebliche Summen für Interessenten anzieht. Persönlich 'markiert Handel "der Gedanke, dass eine fehlende Kind dann klingt ziemlich krank, gelinde gesagt, und bringt einen gewissen Ekel auf die ganze Frage der ihren Verlust. Aber was ist Ihre Meinung? ist es üblich, Marke eines vermissten Kindes? war das Kind McCann eine Ausnahme, deren Name benötigt, um den Handel mit den Umständen zu kennzeichnen? Quelle: … "

pasting google-translation next...:

'McCanns: Madeleine McCann - Trade Mark Office No. 2456061 Perhaps one of the most bizarre aspects of the case of missing Madeleine McCann was that was within days of their disappearance, their parents in a trademark application on their behalf. Trademarks are typically used to protect industrial property rights, so that in this bizarre case, it seems that not only Madeleine perceived as missing daughter, but also as a future commercial concerns, needed to the rights of those who protect the commercial interests by Team McCann. In a way, its easy to see why with Madeleine's image to attract significant sums for those interested. Personally 'trade marks "the thought that a missing child sounds pretty sick to say the least, and brings a certain disgust at the whole question of her loss. But what is your opinion? it is customary to mark a missing child was? the McCann child an exception, the name needed to trade in the circumstances indicate source: ...'

Comment: Excellent Article! BRILLIANT! YES A TRADEMARK, it's "all it is"! Glad that some others make Note of this in other Languages!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Thank You from "Faked Abduction" book Author:

Heartfelt, you are Welcome dear friend, it is a pleasure to advertise for your Book on this public blog The Lost Marketing Ploy. Many more references to be published here for your great work in the future!

Dear Blog Readers, here is the public article of Mr Steve Marsden, aka Brian Johnson:

-yes, the book is shipped on a worldwide scale. As much as I wouldn't be interested in purchasing the "madeleine" book (I repeat, title printed without a capital M) by "Kate McCann" whose REAL name is Kate HEALY, as much I have always congratulated myself for immediately ordering this outstanding book about the Truth.

Many Thanks to You All too who come to read on our Site and/or contribute in the Comments too and Share our link.
Warm Regards,
Megafundline and Ka Ossis.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Yet Another Pasted In Facial Part's Madeleine!

Here's yet another of the McCann's photos they published of Madeleine, showing again, using only colour filters to the entire image and nothing added or taken away, that obvious additions have been made, ie; paint and blending tools, and also pasted in image's from other photos, namely the forehead and nose. The nose is the same nose also pasted into the photo of Madeleine used on Kate's front book cover. So why would the McCann's use so many photos of their child with pasted facial parts from other photos of other children's facial part's added to them and then claim that this is their daughter Madeleine, unless she never existed in the first place!

Kate Put's Fake Nose On Madeleine On Her Book Front Cover!

Nothing has been added or taken away in these images, only colour filters have been used on the entire image to enhance site's that have been added or manipulated prior to publishing by the Mccann's.
In this image, taken of Kate's book cover, Madeleine's nose has been replaced with another nose from another image of another child and superimposed over the original image and a blending too used to blend both images together. The question is, WHY?

Madeleine's Nose & Eye's Deliberately Changed!

Nothing has been added or taken way from the original photos of Madeleine, only colour filters were used to show up any area's of purposely manipulated site's on the photos, namely the nose and eye's, which is evident that the McCann's, or one of their associates has deliberately painted over Madeleine's eye's in the tennis court photo and added a nose taken from another photo and pasted it onto the face of Madeleine in the red coat photo.... the question is, WHY!

Friday, 1 April 2011

The McCann's Photo Trick's!

Ever wondered why so many photos of Madeleine just don't look like the same little girl?... that's because they're not the same little girl, some of the photos are of Kate herself when she was around the age of 4-5 year's old!