Monday, 4 April 2011

Yet Another Pasted In Facial Part's Madeleine!

Here's yet another of the McCann's photos they published of Madeleine, showing again, using only colour filters to the entire image and nothing added or taken away, that obvious additions have been made, ie; paint and blending tools, and also pasted in image's from other photos, namely the forehead and nose. The nose is the same nose also pasted into the photo of Madeleine used on Kate's front book cover. So why would the McCann's use so many photos of their child with pasted facial parts from other photos of other children's facial part's added to them and then claim that this is their daughter Madeleine, unless she never existed in the first place!

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  1. Oh by Earth I see what you mean now with this, Ka, the edition shows clearly specially on the last edit, #4. I was watching it with too much brightness before as modern computers tend to do this. That paler 'square' patch where the nose is!
    Then it's the exact copy of the other nose, the one on the book cover (re your other similar post, you're right. Wow! I had 'taken' that the added lines around the nose base were due to make-up (cosmetics), but now in the light of your work it becomes evident in my views too, that it's been done by edition in compensation for the patching work.

    So indeed why paste a nose on 2 different photos? Whose nose is it really, etc?!and which Child is this originally?
    (Remember my question, "Was Maddy living with you in Rothley?")


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