Friday, 8 April 2011

Madeleine's Special Gift For Christmas 2006

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  1. Hi Ka, isn't it difficult to know for sure whether the eyes were pasted or not, as when we take a photograph of someone who is moving, such anomalies can happen as a result?

    If the child moved her eyes quickly to look at the camera it would do this.

    -but I understand you as yet again we have an example of anomalies in the eyes. There are always anomalies in eyes in these god damned photos!

  2. Lol, there's ton's of anomalies, and deliberate manipulated anomalies in lots fo photos of Madeleine, and not just of Madeleine either, I have a photo from a media news site that also has deliberate manipulation of the left eye of Gerry, also having the same cat's eye coloboma pasted over the original photo, so someone's playing a reptilian alien invasion game trying to make the public believe that the McCann's and Madeleine are the prophesy of the 2nd comming of Christ, the Fallen Angel from the Bible's book of Revelation, which make's me laugh of sock's off, cause the McCann's havn't got the neural intelligence to understand the metaphores used for Metempshychosis used in the Book of Revelation, they'ed have to experience their own physical death themselves to cipher the Book of Revelation, which they'll never achieve, cause their major concern is paying their legal fee's, not the Banker of their Soul's, hehehe!

  3. The eye's in this photo taken from a video clip are definately pasted on, thery're the only squares in the entire photo and overlap the eyelids... a very bad rushed paste job done on this photo, and so plainly obvious too, lol.

  4. If we look at this sample keeping in mind the possibility of photo-edition- and after all there are so many instances of proven edition in other photographs- then this left eye looks like it's been added upside-down!

  5. Yep, it's just one eye used in this photo, it's been pasted onto the right eye, then reversed and pasted onto the left eye, but because of the hair dangeling down over the left eye, it was a bit too far over to the middle of the eye to avoid covering the hair, it actually make's the kid look cockeyed... a pretty bad pasting jobbie this was!


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