Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Thank You from "Faked Abduction" book Author:

Heartfelt, you are Welcome dear friend, it is a pleasure to advertise for your Book on this public blog The Lost Marketing Ploy. Many more references to be published here for your great work in the future!

Dear Blog Readers, here is the public article of Mr Steve Marsden, aka Brian Johnson:

-yes, the book is shipped on a worldwide scale. As much as I wouldn't be interested in purchasing the "madeleine" book (I repeat, title printed without a capital M) by "Kate McCann" whose REAL name is Kate HEALY, as much I have always congratulated myself for immediately ordering this outstanding book about the Truth.

Many Thanks to You All too who come to read on our Site and/or contribute in the Comments too and Share our link.
Warm Regards,
Megafundline and Ka Ossis.


  1. Have you seen the latest comments by Bonnybreas1 on the JustAThoughtYouKnow forum regarding Stevo's book? She's defo got nothing better to do than come out with pathetic abusive slagging off crap about Tony Bennet and Stevo as a mean's of protecting the McCann's reputation, yet has fuck all to provide as evidence that the McCann's are innocent... she's a waste of breathing space that women!

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  3. "ThenThereWere4" for your information I am not a free public messenger platform, this site has a purpose of its own, my job isn't to pass messages on between people and I don't work as a bank clark at any debt recovery department, sorry you are broke LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, so send any more stupid message of the sort and each time they will get deleted! I will block you by the way.

    What is that farce. The REAL ThenThereWere4 would NEVER post stupidities of the sort! If it wasn't annoying for someone I know would laugh! But I won't say anything, ah ah, since I am not a Messagerie Service! Get it?


  4. Talking about Bonybraes Ka, mhhh..... ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see above my reply to 'TTW4".... anyone can comment using any name really, do you really see TTW4 posting that garbage? I don't. I am trying to contact the real poster with this name.
    Going in the settings now.
    That would be well yet another trick of the Ticks.


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