Saturday, 30 April 2011

Did you know that the McCanns CAN get the case RE-OPENED?

Yes, and Hello dear Readers, Followers and Commentors.

How can they, in FACTS?

1) They can volunteer to answer the denied police questions (the MOTHER, Kate Healy., as the Father, Gerald McCann, HAS answered his questions.) So what is she doing writing a book when she really CAN get her daughter's investigation re-opened? It's an ARCHIVED case now, has been since July 2008!

2) They can ACCEPT THE EVENTS RECONSTRUCTION as suggested by the Portuguese Police Unit PJ, but they keep refusing to do so! Why?

(by the way Kate Healy anf Gerald McCann you are most welcome to bring your replies and/or comments on this blog.)

3) They can PROVIDE the Child's (Madeleine) HEALTH RECORDS, MEDICAL FILES that they have always refused to hand ut to the PJ, Police in Portugal who deals with their daughter's case. I find this VERY suspicious. I find ALL this very SUSPICIOUS.

I do NOT believe the "McCanns" - well Healy-McCann because of factual elements of this sort.

So long, enjoy your "British Holiday".

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  1. Yes, this is totally true, the McCann's don't need a petition to review the case, all they have to do is call the PJ on the phone and agree to be reinterviewed, especially Kate, and give the answers to the 48 questions she refused to answer to aid the Portugese investigation to locate Madeleine, that's if she existed, because in Kate's refusal to answer those 48 questions, she effectively sabotarged the investigation herself!

    There's no logical reason for the McCann's to ask for thousands of people's signatures on a petition for a review of the case, as only one telephone call to the PJ and an agreement by the McCann's (Healy), and all of the TapHead Crew to a reconstruction of the events of the 3rd May 2007, would show that they're willing to actually search for Madeleine, that's if she really did exist?!

    The McCann's, especially Healy's and the TapHead Crew's deliberate sabotarge of the case only prove's their guilt in the eye's of the public, and Kate's book isn't going to change that fact, and the more they refuse to give answers and perform a reconstruction, the more their fund will fail.

    It's a fact, that people can only fool the public some of the time, they can't fool the public all of the time, and the McCann's should be intelligent enough to know this. But the question is, why do the McCann's want people's signatures on a petition to review the case, because there's no logical reason for it when it's the McCann's and TapHead Crew that sabotarged the investigation initially in the first place, and WHY should the public be dragged into signing a petition for a review of the case, when the Mccann's and the TapHead Crew's actions prove they don't want Madeleine found!


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