Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Self Descriptive Mason~Art Re Madeleine And Hollie, Etc., Cases (Children)


  1. 'The brother and sister of missing Madeleine McCann cope with their loss by playing a game called 'Find the monster that took Maddie','

    Well here he is, the monster that took Madeleine,and the very image of Gerry, hahahahahaha!

    Didn't Gerry say he used to play monster game's with Madeline, she calling him a monster too.... and that's what all Freemason paedophiles tell their kids after they've drugged and raped them saying: "It wasn't Daddy, it was the Monster that did it!.", yeah, and kid's grow up to learn whose Father Chritsmas paying them to shut their gob's too!

  2. Well seen, Ka, I couldn't put it better.
    So now I am realising what that monster game was about. What a strange it was to say to the press as well.
    I remember this well, it was when a "Mr. Wyre had been invited them to a meal and his wife had cooked lasagna and Kate tucked well into it"... I SEE.
    Also the twins were getting "postcards" from.... MADDY. (Oh LOOK Amelie, who sent you a Nice Postcard!How shamefully disgusting!) Apart from this they do NOT lie to the kids... no, better, they teach them to lie, and all.
    (As long as we are pretty and well spoken especially to strangers.)

  3. I just cannot wait till the twins are old enough to go on the internet and find out how much their parents cared about them. How little regard those selfish parents had. Just think what it will be like at school for the twins. Other children will tell them how impossible it is for Madeleine to send a postcard. Those McCanns are lying to their children just like they lie to the police and the public. They are disgusting.


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