Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kate Searches For Abducted IVF Daughter!


  1. "My God" Lol, where is that original photo from
    -On this, Kate HEALY (NOT "McCann") gives me the impression that she wants to copy old Movie Stars!

    -Song from Prince: "She got the Look, SHE got the LOOOOOK!" -and the bag that matches!!!! ;) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL KA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Bags For Hope"

  2. "bags for Hope", did you hear this, lool, you MUST have, their new Auction, Miss kylie MINOGUE gave one, - and they welcome SPORT BAGS TOO!


  3. Hahaha, Kate is a bag, lol.

    Kylie Minogue must be demented offering her handbag for auction for the McCann's fake fund!
    I bet it's been kicked around on the dance floor like a rag doll, used as a sicky bag in the back of a taxi following a night out with the girl's, and full of used snot tissues and the odd morning after pill, hahaha!

    Soo glad I never contributed a lose hair to the McCann's sympathy seeking propaganda campaign, they're child neglectors and will alway's be child neglectors!

  4. Thats Claudies contribution to the bag auction. Claudie always talking about how well developed Gerry is.

  5. I wonder if the blue tennis bag will show up ? I imagine it would be very foul smelling tho.

  6. Kathie... "Gerry's" looooooooooooooooooooool - the first horse-man crossbreed EVER

  7. megafundline .......... Me thinks Madeleine is concealed up Gerrys huge nose .lol.

  8. Hahaha, I can just see it now, Kate using a shovel up Gerry's nose to dig up Madeleine, and Clarence still trying to fix a cycle puncture with a tampon, hahahaha!

    Oh, and just a short message to all the McCann Fan's out there, we don't 'Hate' the McCann's because they have money, we just Hate the fact that they think they can take the piss out of the public with pathetic bullshite and reverse psychology and rob the public treasury and get away with it, cause they wont!


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