Monday, 28 February 2011

Kate Lightss One Up On The NHS For FREE!


  1. Am in stitches!!!!!!!!! Ok needless to say , it IS a satirical, SELF-understandable, saying that before they decide to be upset about it, so MCCANNS, don't be "upset", no need for that, you're all in a big caring family, after all it WAS like being in the back-garden, but later on in England, on a nice... June Night, on a Jointed action, with no chemtrails in view.

    (since you're chummy with Cameron and all now, as we all know, is there a chance you could make a Pet' ition to stop the chemtrails? Pretty Please... you know - KIDS breathe it too! ta)

  2. Lool, apparently the Mccann's think 150 yards is the length of their 20 back foot garden in Rothley... don't they teach these so called professionals in the NHS and Social Services how to calculate metric these days, cause the Mccann's and UK Social Services obviously think 150 yards is the length of a toe nail... where the fook did they get their education, lol.

  3. "It was like being in the back-garden...." NO, I DON'T BELIEVE THIS SCENARIO! (otherwise, what part of parenthood do these people NOT understand? Many of us have had toddlers to watch, I clearly remember having two of them at one go, and clear summer nights, would I spend these in my back-garden, drinking the Stars away, while my Toddlers could be wandering in the house, looking for me/us, because simply they woke up, had a nightmare ,feeling thirsty, or simply sensing that no parent was in the house? Would I NEVER, DID I NEVER! Seriously, had I wanted to have a summer/spring drink outside in the moonlight, my toddlers were in their little seats/playpen next to us, and if a parent still wanted a quick drink under the moonshine, the other parent was on the watch, INSIDE, anyway! Actually it never even occured to me to want to get 'rat-arsed-pissed' while I was such a young mum. When you have kids, at any age, for the first time, it makes you a YOUNG parent, whereas you're 16 or 49. If you choose to be with you friends AWAY from the HOME where your Children ARE, to eat fat and drink fat, then you're nothing else than a CLOWN.)
    Are all DOCTORS CLOWNS? No, and I do NOT believe for ONE SEC that these doctors ACTUALLY DID LEAVE ANY OF THEIR KIDS UNATTENDED.



  4. I just don't believe the McCann's had children of their own, their whole attitutde and behaviour is nowhere near the natural responses of natural parents, they're fake parents as well as crap actors as far as I can see, not even their passports are real, they're faked, the photos of their kids are all different kids, all IVF twins, including Sean and Amelie, Kate's never been pregnant in her life, she's wombless as well an lacking in empathy. Remember all the public outrage at seeing Gerry and Kate laughing and smiling hours after they screamed abduction, and as soon as the press picked up on it the Mccann's start off with the fake face pulling and waterwork's on camera... it's sheer bollox this abduction case!

    No parent, no matter what profession they're in would go jogging to relieve stress after their child had been abducted, they'ed be traumatised not stressed, it's like watching that tv series V, where the aliens are incapable of human responses and have to act at being human with fake responses cause they don't have the human emotion of empathy to understand what being human is, basically, the McCann's are seriously lacking in right hemisphere neurons and conscious coherence, lol. Look at it this way, if the Mccann's think their back garden in Rothley is the same distence as their apartment to the Tapas Bar at the Ocean Club, then they're obviously mentally incapable of knowing the difference between 150 yards and 150 inches, and would you let a surgen or GP with that mentality serve you drugs or have you anesthatised on an op table with a surgical blade in his hand?... noooo fooking way!

  5. Lol Ka, no way,;))-what a nightmare- it would be like being in The Silence Of The Lambs.

  6. Lol, more like being in the Texas Chainsaw Masacre come's to mind everytime I imagine what it must feel like being under anesthetic on an op table and Gerry the surgen with a surgical knife in his hand, it's enough to make one cure one's own heart attacks and never be subjected to any hopsital treatment on the NHS, cause all they appeare to be employing are psociopaths and murderers... Doc shipmen, Beverly Allit, Doc Christie, make's you wonder how these people got the job in the NHS in the first place, unless it's only psociopaths and murderers the NHS only employs! Look at the police, they're the same, corrupt and paedophilic!

    A POLICEMAN has been charged with child sex offences.

    Geraint Lloyd Evans will appear at Swansea Crown Court on March 11.

    He has been charged with three counts of making indecent images of children; possessing four images of child abuse; conspiring to incite sexual activity with a child under 13 and possessing extreme pornography.

    The 47-year-old officer, of Manor Drive, Coychurch, Bridgend, was held on remand after appearing at Llanelli Magistrates yesterday.

    No wonder Gerry was given an honourary award by the police in the grounds of the Rothley Court Hotel right next to a Freemason Lodge and Chappel, when all the police are Freemasons and protecting their Brother's from being publically prosicuted with the reverse psychology of 'Innocent till proven guilty' when all their crimes and the evidence is kept out of the public courts by Freemason police at the expense of the public taxpayer, yet the suposed law of 'Guilty till proven innocent' was never changed to the reverse of 'Innnocent till proven guilty' by public legislative law, it was changed by Government ministers without public vote in the 60's, it's only because corrupt police spread about the reversed term of the law to the public in the form of 'Innoicent till proven guilty' that Freemasons have been getting away with their crimes!

  7. Jes (Jeremy) Wilkins, the man Gerry said he was chatting with on the street at the time the supposed abduction took place?

    Jeremy Wilkins is the producer of Zig Zag Productions, and it was Zig Zag Productions that was behind Donal Macintyre's "Britains Toughest Towns" (also known as “Macintyre’s Toughest Towns.”)

    Jeremy Wilkins was also the former national secretary of the Zionist youth movement Habonim and producer of The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a story that some claim to be true regarding a renouned family in Texas that owned a cattle slaughterhouse, was involed in incest and kidnapping children for sexual means, and endulged in canabalism with the involvment and protection of local Sherifs over a period spanning more than 40 year's.

    You can actually hire the entire production team and equpement of Zig Zag Poruductions for your own movie making if you have the money for it. Here's what Zig Zag has to offer every budding movie director/Producer on their website:

    Zig Zag has its own in house camera equipment and edit facilities which are available to hire at very competitive rates.


    We offer a range of camera and lighting facilities available either for dry hire or with an experienced DV and digi lighting cameraman. Cameras include 5 Sony Z1s, a PD150, HC1 and various Handycams. Lighting kits are available containing a Kino Flo Diva-lite 400, Arrilite 800 with Chimera, Dedolights, Sachtlers and Paglight. All our kit is maintained and prepared to the highest standard so that you can be sure of a trouble free shoot.


    We have 6 brand new Avid Media Composer suites in our facility available for hire along with excellent and competitively priced in-house editors. We can complete both short and long-form projects from start to finish, whatever the budget.

    Zig Zag has recently invested in an Avid DS Nitris DX Suite on which we are able to finish and grade all projects to a very high standard. This comes with an experienced online editor or is available for dry hire.

    Please contact if you are interested in any of our facilities.

    Since 2010, Jeremy wilkins has been removed from the site as Producer of Zig Zag Protuctions, and all links on the web deleted or quite difficult to find, and the majority of active links to Jeremy Wilkins and Zig Zag Protuctions on most forums are now inactive... make's one wonder what Zig Zag has to hide relating to Gerry's tennis pal Jez?

  8. Jeremy Wilkins girlfriend, Bridget O'Donnell, worked at the BBC for ten years as a producer and director in Documentaries, Crime and Drama, including Crimewatch UK. On maternity leave she wrote her first play, Lie Back in Anger, which was produced by the Union Theatre in London. She now writes for the Guardian, Daily Mail and, and continues to work as a freelance director and in television development.

    She is now preparing her first book, a historical true-crime story set in the 1880s about the extraordinary events leading up to the raising of the age of consent. Inspector Minahan Makes a Stand will be published by Picador in 2012.

    The following link refers to a case related to Inspector Minahan during the course of his duty in the case of Mrs Jeffreys fined for £200 for trafficking young girls between the UK, Paris and Belgium for prostitution. The case also refers to Mrs Jeffreys brothel being frequened by high ranking officials, whom were also known by police and in their protection, and also the bribing of the Inspector Minahan with gold for his silence.

    Isn't it somewhat suspicioous that both Jeremy Wilkins and Bridget O'Donnell should be so closely allied to true storys involving child abduction, prostitution, corrupt police officers, high ranking officials, and the trafficking of young girls for sexual purposes in the EU, and whom just happened to be right on the spot of the scene of Madeleine McCann's abduction!

    What's also somewhat of importence here, is that the name Praia de Luz mean's "Beach of Light" a reference to the origins of Praia da Luz which date back to Roman times. Roman bath complexes and fish salting tanks have been found near the shore, and a comment made by Bridget O'Donnell in her statement to police relating to the day after Madeleine was reported abducted reads as follows:

    "We decided, in the end, to leave them for two hours. We put their bags on the pegs and saw the one labelled "Madeleine". Heads bent, we walked away, into the guilty glare of the morning sun."

    Would the reference made to Lucifer the Devil, known as The Morning Star in the Bible having a guilty conscience be a reference that Bridget was making about herself here?... and are both Bridget and Jez involved in a satanic cult?


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