Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Writing of the Wrongs Updates from the McCanns' Official Facebook site#55197

The Writing of the Wrongs Updates from the McCanns' Official Facebook site#55197


  1. I've had a bit of a read on the McCann's Official Facebook site, and one of the comments is a bit worrying to me!

    Official Find Madeleine Campaign
    We have pushed back the release of our book to Madeleine's birthday. May 12, 2011. We need as much exposure for the book so we can get Madeleine home. Thank you all for your continuous support and love. xxx

    It's as if the McCann's are basing the return of Madeleine on the sales of their book, sort of like extorsion, the more people that buy their book the more likely she is of being returned home, but not in the manner of exposure, cause really, the McCann's book has nothing in it regarding the abduction whatsoever and is only a sympathy seeking pile of crap to make it look like the McCann's were the victims of abduction instead of Madeleine, like all their moaning about the publics reaction to their pile of lies and bullcrap, which they hate. So I can't see how the McCann's book will benfit the return of Madeleine without any giving any points of interest in the case itself in their book at all, unless it's been produced as a form of extorsion and the higher the sales the more likely the McCann's will bring back their daughter from whereever she is, sort of like a ransoming trick in reverse psychology to make it look like the McCann's are innocent in their daughters abduction... does it look like that to you?

  2. Yes as someone pointed out on the "Madeleine McCann - A Sabotaged Investigation" video comments, how comes that the McCanns, authors of the book, knew that Madeleine wouldn't be found before the 12th May this year? Her 8th birthday... Logically they would have written the book, and only start publishing it once that it's ready, but it's not the first time we see long term projects... remember when Gerry said on the Vanity Fair very long article, about Madeleine's 'dash in the eye', the coloboma, that it was "a good marketing ploy"... I was sickened at this, how could anyone talk like this about their 'missing' daughter, all while making money with the press?
    As Brian Johnson calculated in his "Faked Abduction" book, only 13% of their fund, all made of public donations, were used to do something like "looking for Madeleine"... and I'm not convinced as to what was actually done in this purpose. I remember Mrs Healy (the mother, not officially called Mrs McCann)blaming the people in Praia on the 4th May at 6 o'clock in the morning, for not still being out looking for her daughter - when she herself NEVER looked, never searched the streets or surroundings! - had she been genuine, she didn't have a clue whether her child had wandered away or not! so why was she not looking for her, and apparently her husband only looked for 2 hours, is that enough, even if true??- and had the child really been abducted, no one knew where she could have been so why not looking around and do door-to-door to ask for help, and investigate in the surroundings, looking in every remote house and go to villages, instead of sending the locals and the police to do the job and NOT joining them!
    -as for lying on the "smashed windows and damaged shutters"....all was well showing that like now for the book to come, they knew that Madeleine couldn't be found, so how and why? easy to figure it out when looking at the found forensics material... blood in decomposition , 15 DNA markers out of 19 belonging to Madeleine, in the boot of the car, sorry McCanns and company but YOUR alibis of "rottening meat, leaking shrimps, dirty nappies and rubbish" are just what they are, gross alibis, inventions! What REALLY happened to Madeleine McCann, YOUR Child?


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