Friday, 18 February 2011

Sandy Cameron explains why the reward is not being advertised

Sandy Cameron explains why the reward is not being advertised
pretty hilarious stuff

shortcut to press link via MCCANN FUND FRAUD website


  1. Sandy Cameron writes:
    "However, we have had varying advice about the possible benefits and problems of rewards.

    So after consulation, a decision was made not to push the rewards on our website – although the situation is constantly being reviewed."

    I gather Sandy Cameron means consultation...I first read it as ‘consolation’

    I don’t understand what ‘problems’ would be caused if it was advertised on the official Find Madeleine site. Surely informing the public of the reward is a natural step to take? By not advertising the reward, it gives the impression that they’re worried someone might be motivated by money and go all the way to finding out what happened to Madeleine.

  2. Hi Sasha, thanks for your first visit! Really strange all this, indeed, isn't it? To me it's obvious as to why they didn't want any more publicity on the rewards. With all the donnors-contributors it had added up to a jolly packet hadn't it: £2.5 MILLION in May 2007 already. But all this now is swept under the carpet! WHY?

    I'm not satisfied with this answer either. I can imagine them all in their privy fund-meetings -and let's repeat very loud and clear once again, the FUND is NO "charity", being a PRIVATE UNLIMITED COMPANY(still called Leaving No Stone Unturned), - going 'Shhhhh!' about the rewards, so really which interest have they got in NOT loudly advertising for having anyone calling "who can help with information leading to the safe return of Madeleine McCann"???!!!

    -Mind you, LOL, anyone who contributes to the truth or elements of truth in this case is SURELY NOT included in that reward scheme - otherwise my friend, many of us would be a lot richer by now, ;))


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