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Kate the mother talks on TV after launching their "review the case" petition

"Imo this is eerie!" Forum, The complete mystery of Madeleine McCann, Jill Harvern
Significant video with discussion, with very uncomfortable interviewers to Mrs Healy, mother of Madeleine McCann, just after creating their own petition "for a review of the case". -Once again what is this all about? If you haven't guessed, here is a hint: you may read "The Sweet Sound Of Gling Gling", A Plan of A GENIUS, in this blog.


  1. I never saw this vid!

    Bloody Hell!... all she does is constantly closing her eye's and smirking her face off!

    Did you hear her, she said "as directors of the fund one of our rolls is to generate income..." at frame 1:50 - 58, and then at the very end she's smirking her head off cause someone on the right hand side of the camera is laughing their tit's off at her crap acting and bullshite, say's "fill the objectives of the fund which is obviously to find Madeleine alive, but also to find the abductor (smirk, smirk, look to right side to camera crew laffing their tit's off, almost burst into giggles), the person whose taken her (smirking again, still looking at camera crew rolling on the floor laffin), whose still out there" (still smirking head off and about to burst into hilairous laffin at crew pissing their pants), and then say's again "so we always have to think about income generation..." at the end, and that only mean's one thing, that they're going to carry this scam shite on for as long as they can bleed people dry for more "Income Generation", and get as many signatures, probably for fraudulent uses, on their fake petition to have an overview of the case, not a reinvestigation of the case!

    Oh, and she say's she spent 6 months going through the police files and she's identified areas which require further investigation, yet she caused the investigation to stop by deliberately refusing to answer the PJ's 48 questions to aid in the search for her daughter, so can't she see that she herself is one of the area's of investigation that requires fuirther investigation into why the fuck did she refuse to answer those 48 questions in the first place!... what a Schizo bitch, all she's after is the money!... mind you, with jowels like that she need's plenty of money for a plastic surgen to rectify her face looking like her saggy arse, lol.

    I'ed say her brains are a fucking jigsaw puzzel and she's lost plenty of pieces as far as I can see! Funny she should say "but the jigsaws undone...", is she talking about her brain stem being undone from her grey matter and she can't remember what she did with Payne for 30 minutes, cause it certainly sounds like she's definately undone neurologically to me, lol.

  2. LOL Ka!!!!
    I hadn't seen that vid either. Her game is so blatantly GROSS it's unbelievable. Why do they let her get away with it?! In the FINAL POLICE REPORT everything clearly accuses her! Unless Gerry played it smarter and dumped his clothes, or pet-incinerated them ;), some of the cadaver odour was ONLY on HER clothes! now she wouldn't go to work wearing holiday outfits would she, so how despicable is her petty excuse as an ex locum part-time GP(well what do we call 2 hours per week?! or was it not even one hour and a half?) contact with... 6 bodies (fuck me that makes a rate of 3 or more corpses per hour, was she working for a chain corporation for fast funerals? Kate the Speedy Gonzales of All Undertakers)

    + yeah peeling the files with a meticulous, continuous obsession, even going to court to GET more files -> the 81 pieces
    = HUNTLEY tactics!

    Her attitude becomes aggressive as soon as she feels the interviewers' HINTS. So she's the type of losing her temper quickly. Short tempered, bursting out then playing an act to cover her/his/their actions. But her acting is exaggerated, she is letting the real face show through the mask.

    Why and HOW don't the British police SEE this and arrest her for negligence, then pass the info onto PJ TO reopen the case? even just in that video there's enough NEW EVIDENCE! Ask any psychologist specialised in crime, they say the same: she lies, acts, covers! BRITISH NATIONAL POLICE AGENCY, even a dead Child has RIGHTS.

  3. Kate wa only working as a Locum for 1 and a half hours a week, and in the last week before the holiday she states she was in contact with 6 dead body's, yet her surgery can't colabrerate this at all! So if they can't colaberate Kate's statement, then it's obviously fishy iffy stuff going on, cause I'ed say she's either another Doctor Shipmen copycat on overtime, or she's been involved in satanic rituals involving sacrifices, cause being a Locum GP, she wouldn't come near any corpses in just 1 and a half hour's in the week prior to Praia, she worked in a GP's surgery and not a morgue, and if there was 6 people that all died in just one week in such a small area of Rothley, then DEFRA would have been called in and quaranteed the entire area to see if some fatel disease had broken out in the water supply of something!

    Kate's definatly lying, her eye's are persistently opening and closing everytime she mentions anything to do with Madeleine, a sure sign of being evasive, and yet wide open at the prospect of generating more money, and any 5 year old could work out she's not telling the truth, especially those smirks and almost bursting out with laughter while looking towards the right hand side of the camera, someone had to be there pissing their pants laughing for her to show those reactions, maybe the entire tv crew were giggleing their asses off, and I got the impression even the reporters in the studio had to keep changing the subject just in case they all fell about laughing their heads off too!

    "was she working for a chain corporation for fast funerals? Kate the Speedy Gonzales of All Undertakers)"

    That's a good one megafundline, hahaha, working that fast at a funeral parlour she'ed put the Coop out of the cadaver burial business, lol.

  4. "and I got the impression even the reporters in the studio had to keep changing the subject just in case they all fell about laughing their heads off too!" --> ;)))))))yes and that man looked even terribly angry at them , and his lady colleague (not the chicken one). Face expression is a lot in communication. Message carried out, thanks but next time be even more specific, remember INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM? Or will you burn in flames at reading that word, English Media People?

    Yeah it's either this or they were biting their tongues in order not to ask the logical questions cause the same big person who has constantly, continuously protected the McCanns had once again given SPECIFIC orders to just rant the same old scratched record that nobody falls for any more(or only a MINORITY of people who have understanding difficulties, or have never searched the case and are content with the TV "explanations", which is the same).

    I also had it up to here with their bloody ranters who keep seeing "Maddy" everywhere - and worse, who even know who took her, wow- and the CEOP morbid, DEATH-PHILIA-MANIAC "Post-Maddy" fabricated photos, where she miraculously looks like a teenage already, or more like that inflatable doll that was like doing street business in Praia (what became of it, did the dodgy priest end up getting it as a present, mpffffffffffffffffff)

    - ENOUGH OF THAT MACABRE COMEDY! If the McCanns have read too much of Stephen King or Le Marquis De Sade, it's THEIR "god-damned" problem, not mine! It was enough when my son, when he was just 8 years old then, was asking help from his bigger sister (10) to search in the home dictionary for the word "PAEDOPHILE" after a TV report on the MCCANNS in May 2007!
    Now I should SUE THE MCCANNS for the psychological damage they caused to my own Children! - one day I might do and win it.

  5. Funny how the McCann's were screaming on their mobiles to their family's and friends that Madeleine had been abducted for over 40 minutes prior to calling the GNR police, like the entire scene was set to a pre planned senario without a shred of evidence to substantiate their claims whatsoever... money for old rope to mind!

  6. OMG, The words " How hard we have worked " and " physically " " we just cant give up " " abductor" .. After nearly four years it is the same spin. They have went thru the police files ha ha ha and its not all in there. Is that the stuff you got removed by your high level help Kate ? No one is searching Kate cos she is dead and you both know it.

  7. How about you answer 48questions put to you by the Portuguese police ? How about an explanation for blood and cadaver ? Why did your clothes reek of cadaver ? Why was there a substantial amount of Madeleines hair in the wheel well of the hired car ? Why did you both leave Portugal after announcing never to leave Portugal without Madeleine ? What are your links to people in high places ? Why did you both put on a public show of wailing infront of the police ? Why do you have paedophiles as friends ? Why has John McCann and Gerrys boss resigned ? Why did you not look for Madeleine after she went missing but decided to call Sky news ? Why did you both delete your mobile txts ? Why did Gerry lose the rag during an interview ? Why did you say the shutters were jemmied open ? why did you all ( including Tapas twats ) change your version of events so many times ? Why did you buy a new fridge ? Why did you leave the boot of the hired car open day and night ? What did you mean by " We have let her down ? " Why should we believe you and donate to yor fake fund ???????


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