Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Yes, you there! You're reading this blog so really it means that there's some sort of interest in your mind about these horrid cases. While you're here why don't you use the new facilities to easily share some stuff.

-or carry on dontgivashitting, it's up to you...

as for some critics I've heard of via a friend on a forum, little pixie whatever name, will you please NOTICE that there are NO ADS on this blog. I said I wouldn't milk on Maddy nor anyone I support SO I am sticking to my word. Who would I be to put "adsense", adverts and clickmejollies when I reproach the McCanns with having created a fund! I CLEARLY want to show that I do NOT belong to the same species, yes we ALL need money to live but you see, money is NOT ALL. And my respected Friend Stevo did not write a book for money, BUT to expose the Truth. Capish?

-AND everything here is MY opinion or friends' when I write so, if you don't like this blog well, you know what to do! click "NEXT"!!!!

So Hello and Welcome, or Good Bye and... idontgiva.... if you like this place or not.

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  1. Gerry, Where is the blue bag that you used to carry Madeleines dead body ? ANSWER NOW, you coward.


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