Friday, 30 March 2012

La situation est GRAVE, mais pas désespérée!


Aucun reportage sur le RÉCENT Tribunal McCanns /  AMARAL, Lisbonne, Mars 2012?!

Bien! Au moins on en dormira + ! PLUSSSS! Ah ah. Eh oui, les Médias n'ont PAS reporté. Les Vilains!

A + pour davantage de détails... Notez qu'AMARAL A GAGNÉ.  Mais a-t-il recouvré TOUS ses livres? J'en doute. A +!


NO MEDIATISATION OF THE RECENT MARCH 2012 COURT in Lisbon, Portugal, McCanns Vs. AMARAL. Nope! NOTHING AT ALL! British People or Residents here are NOT allowed to get information when it does NOT suit the McCanns or their Protectors / Sponsors.
Surprise surprise? See a recent blog post here for more info... Well, LACK of it!

Isn't it sickening to KNOW something but actually only a few people in this country, "Great" Britain, are able to discuss it, because all the "REST" of the People haven't even been INFORMED about it?!

As this French title says, borrowed from a famous French Comedy Movie: "The situation is GRAVE, ( !), but not desperate!" Very GRAVE I'd say. Gravily GRAVE.... Shallowly.

Sang sur les rideaux / Blood on the curtains
Food for thoughts...

Maddy Woz ere



    NO NEWS ABOUT THE 7 500 BOOK Copies Compelled RETURN! These Books Amaral OWNS "A Verdade Di Mentira" = "The Truth About The Lie(s)"

    I and a Friend have searched too, this is real, there are NO MEDIA REPORT in UK about this, and if we go from above linked Forum, NO NEWS IN PORTUGAL EIHER!! WHAT'S GOING ON??? Today was the LAST DAY for the team McCann to hand the copies back, and ... NO NEWS! And from your article, no news report from that COURT either!!!!


  2. I for one have stopped buying newspapers. Who wants to read about Jodans hair colour and Kerry Katona has lost weight and got a new man ?
    This is disgusting. Child neglect / suspected paedophilia ( GASPAR STAREMENT ) Government cover up all going on and not one God damn newspaper reporting on this. This is like the HOLLIE GREIG COVER UP all OVER again. This is outrageous and should be made PUBLIC.
    This is because it is a VICTORY for Sr Amaral. The media is frightened of the TRUTH coming out and it will eventually.
    Truth of the lie is on its way and the sooner the better. Those vile Mccanns have got away with a lot but the tide is turning and for the better. Everyone should make it their duty to sign the petition and get this case reopened. Review ? What a waste of time and money. Madeleine is dead blood and the scent of death was found in the apartment and hire car. Is David Cameron stupid ? He must be. The investigation begins and ends with the parents of Madeleine Mccann and that's that.

  3. The child neglectors have been on Swedish tv plugging their bewk. Why ? Money. Money that is then used to suppress Amarals book reaching the UK. For they know that spells the end of any cash being given to them. Amarals book MADDIE THE TRUTH OF THE LIE blows the McCanns lies wide open along with the Gaspar statement that was given by the McCanns OWN FRIENDS who are also DOCTORS. Amarals book can be read online. Where will the McCanns be next plying their lies ? Timbucktu. The truth always comes out.


    "Madeleine’s father Gerry, in his submission to the inquiry in November, told how he had urged Mr Baggott to write to media organisations urging them to stop inaccurately reporting details of the girl’s disappearance.

    Mr McCann said Mr Baggott, who left the Leicestershire force in 2009, wrote letters in September and October 2007."

    Is this the ROLE of POLICE force to spare precious Investigation TIME to make sure the media do their jobs correctly, standardly? NO it isn't. This was USURPATION of an "Enquiry"
    -the article is right, the Leveson THING is a mere PR attempt FREE ADS FOR THE MCCANNS, ONCE AGAIN! Poor, poor 'great' Britain.

    This Comment is GREAT, though:

    30/03/2012 at 5:07 pm

    I didn’t think the Leveson inquiry would devote so much attention to the reporting of the McCann case, but it has become a main issue. And the objective, it seems is to discredit anything that implicates the couple in any wrong doing.

    Didn’t Mr. Brown make a visit to the Leicestershire facilities to discuss the case? Didn’t this police force also post a direct link to the McCann website?

    I fear that the Leveson inquiry along with the Scotland Yard review are nothing more than public relations exercises. I wonder how much more evidence it’s going to take before people like Blacksmith realise that the British government is not an innocent participant in this sordid affair.

  5. Remember the late night report on BBC with Jane Hill reporting ? The PJ had found a blood spray to do with the larnyx and cerebal fluids pointing to Madeleine having died of a broken neck or fractured skull. All because her selfish so called parents thought it would be " ANTI SOCIAL " if they didn't meet up with their friends. How sick and stupid is that ? I am sorry but my friends and nights out take a BACK SEAT when it comes to looking after my childrens welfare. Something the McCanns should have done. It should have been TOP PRIORITY. Now they seel books and tell more lies. Poor Madeleine, I hope someone has a conscience and comes forward to tell the TRUTH. If not - burn in hell the lot of you. PROPER MoTHER TO HER KIDS

    That make up pic is hideous. Its like her head is not sitting properly on her shoulders. Its vile. Questions need asked about that morbid photograph cos she doesn't look like she is having such a fun time. It looks creepy and sad.


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