Saturday, 24 March 2012


Where INCOME from a BUSINESS SCHEDULED RACE is far more "important" than the FACTS...

Yep, not ONE second wasted. Yet.. my question is:
1) How did the McCanns "know!" that they'd be FREE from court for the race??

Another question wandering through my brain:
2) HOW could they raise money BEFORE the race?

And yet another question, perhaps the most important of all:

3) WHY DIDN'T THE BRITISH MEDIA REPORT ON THIS LASTEST COURT??!!! After searching high and low, the ONLY links I get is: a- Mercedes Blog , b- Joana Morais blog with Mercedes' translated post (see a- !) on it. After this if you gogle " McCann, Court, Lisbon, Amaral, March, 2012 " all you get is: this blog of mine, the 2 ones I've just mentioned, and, so far, just another blog or two, like "Little Morsals". Well, fatty arses, are you still hibernating in the BBC Lounges? What happened to Anaorak...??? and to EVERYBODY ELSE? "Maddy WAS here" tv documentary - or MOCKumentarium!!!!

ITV? Anyone else who has always been "on the rolling BALL"?! SKY!!!  Seriously, This Is London SHIT and all SHEETROLLS, the SEXpress, The Slow, Slow telegraph and all..... The Tit-tits DayLight... We have YOU ALL SNAPPED! You and your (big?) ZERO BALLS!

Cause when it's not JUST QUITE to say: "Ooops this time the McFuckers didn't win" (copyright a Friend) (yes I need to keep me off the carter fucking!), it's: "THE NAZI SILENCE OF AUSCHWITZ"!!!!!

Here's a CLEAR view, the result of a previous search, when I already was very DUBIOUS about that GHOST COURT...:

What's all this about now? Look at the MAYHEMS in dates! "Kate runs for charity again-- 17th March 2012- today's the 15th and the McCanns were just in COURT! (wtf?!)

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  1. Why isn't the UK media reporting this ?
    What is wrong here ?
    Why are the filthy child neglecting McCanns not splattered all over the newspapers for their non stop hounding of Amaral ?
    Why was Amarals VICTORY with his book not reported in the UK ?
    THIS IS A DISGRACE. What have the McCanns got ?
    That pair of child neglectors are making a mockery of the law. Let's all neglect our kids now.Let's all sedate our kids and refuse to give up the body. THEY DONE IT. THEY DID NOT ANSWER TO ANYONE. They are the SHAME of the UK and our media SHOULD be EXPOSING them not PROTECTING them. What is our Government going to do about them. Was there a law past that allows us to treat our children the way they treated Theirs ? Whatwrong with this country ? What a farce


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