Monday, 19 March 2012

New Petition to REOPEN Madeleine's Case


  1. Hello to all Visitors of this blog - and Cheers to its Friends! - I am realising now that this petition isn't new, however the recent court events are encourageing towards a re-opening of the case. It seems that there are favorable times for the TRUTH in this world - sometimes all seems lost and at the hands of nazis, whereas other times , like NOW, feel like a sweet moment to wake up in the sunny spring: Hello Vérité!

    Thank you so much for your Comments, All, sorry I can't keep up with each one, they are much appreciated though. I saw Ka Ossis somewhere... ;) then I must CHASE Her!!! LOL. - Oh well, my dear Friend knows I can't spend my life on the internet. Merci KA! A bientot au téléphone! x

    -- Now, re this COURT thing.... Has ANYONE seen ANY BRITISH news about it? I've searched hard and all I see is this SAME article by Mercedes translated by Joana Morais, - WHY is this NEWS BLACKED OUT IN THE UK?????!!!!!!!!!!

    THE BOOKS TO BE RETURNED TO AMARAL.... I google: McCann, case, Madeleine, Amaral, Court, and NOTHING comes out apart from private Blogs and Sites! Eh, WHY is THAT??!!!!!!!

  2. A snippet perhaps worth sharing?
    "No they won't get away with it, at all! What's that? LYING on the "smashed window"... the "JEMNIED shutter"... I was there on the net, f me, not even being able to do do a C&P! when I spotted all these lies all spread out in the British press!!! As I wasn't the only one, I kept on reading on Sky forum while watching the TV, all these lies were confirmed by TWO heads of the OC resort, + even later, John BUCK, the ex British Ambassador!!!! {btw, didn't have to "resign" or something, "because" he exposed the lying couple in the press?!}

    I was then waiting til the PJ police catches them red-handed. It sadly, unexplained-ly never happened... then we see a BOOK by Amaral... on the same day we're told 1) G&K are no longer arguidos, 2) the case is ARCHIVED!

    WTF?! And they go on and on.... arghhhhh!!!! Call me a mental Unit, Quick!!!!"

    -Yes I would,Lol!, however not on my contact, but instead, on this lying pair! - I though perhaps you would accept my post? (Well done about your work, in particularly Freedom of Speech, thank's even if you don't keep my comment on, greetings. A.R.)

  3. "The McCanns (Kate and Gerald) are business minded people, this is shown by the quick timing of setting up a FUND (with the weird clauses it emcompasses) and also a DOCTOR (or so is assumed...) who GIVES UP her PRACTICE, which has cost herself many years, and her parents the same + money, and also the UK GOV for GRANTS. After a while, anyone with such Knowledge in her mind and Skills at her hands would at least want to still use it, even if it means going private, business-wise. Anyone who seriously thinks of themselves as a Professional NEVER entirely gives up, because once one has been IN the profession, one always is, personal problems or not - if you are a TRUE Doctor, you will ALWAYS be, same as if you are a TRUE Journalist, a TRUE Teacher/ Tutor, a TRUE Social Worker, a TRUE Builder, a TRUE Solicitor, a TRUE Sales Person/ Assistant in Customer Service! / a TRUE Nanny... and so ON. The carrer of Kate McCann has always interested me: it looks like a tv series... Once upon a time I was a trainee doctor in Scotland... but I flew off to the Land Of Oz... My future hubbie met *ME* there... and here is *MY BOOK*: The Story of ME."

    --something I got sent, + a big Thank You to All the Commentors!


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