Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I BELIEVE! ~ Les Croyances

Je Croie En Dieu*

* I Believe In God.

I also Believe that Madeleine's Parents should NOT BE PUNISHED!

Let's take this back (or "bachhh*... as the mother says in exaggerated *accent") to the Early May 2007 story event.

What these people want you to believe in, is that they have "SUFFERED ENOUGH". So here comes the Human Factor. You can't beat it. You see it everywhere: at Home, Trust me, I'm you partner. Yes I do go away and you're not invited, but trust me, it's for the best.
Then you see it with your Kids: Trust ME, Mum, I'm a Teenager!
You see at school too: Trust ME, I'm a Teacher.

Then you GOT to trust your neighbour: Trust me, you know I'm very busy with the local Church, OK you need to keep an eye on MY kids - but I know you'll go it for free - you'll be here no matter what, cause I'm not at home - I'm at the Church Friday Night Meeting.

-By the way, the School Head"master" (Mistress!) is there too - every little helps, even you whom we never even say "Hello!" to. You need to TRUST, these days.

So what about the McCanns? Well "WE" "NEED" "TO" "TRUST" "THEM".

-and BELIEVE. T_R_U_S_T_____I_N___G_O_D___A_N_D____T_H_E___MC__CANNS.

No more, no less. You fucking TRUST, or you DON'T.

(If / Eff you don't(ttt), you arrrre IN for PERRRSECUTIONNSSS!)

-Last Word Village- Kate is Intox at this time, midnight, the Hour of Crime? Fuck off... You're well PAST it! Now Leave Us, and GOD, *Alone*, Amen.


  1. "You fucking TRUST, or you DON'T."


    Great article my friend.


    1. Good morning Steph, thank You.
      GRadually we learn to trust People,
      and sadly we/--one learns to talk another way - we
      DO ALL learn to Protect Ourselves--
      even if we [as some of us] are 'beginners'.

    2. I really don't know "what to make" or interprete the comment-reply by "Name", lol, it seems that it's become a fashion for some readers to come onto this blog and talk in riddles? / 'Charades' ;)-however, thank you "Name" for your poetic visit, please call again! x

      - Anyway Hi Steph and thank you for following this Blog. It's always nice to see someone of your calibre taking some time to browse through these "Madeleine" topics, a little Child who may well be totally mixed up about what "Trust" means right now... and it's sad, really.
      If Madeleine is really the wee Little Girl we are given to watch in images, and has existed as such, -and, assuming she might still be alive- one day she will recognise herself and say: "HEY YOU ALL! I AM the Grown-Up Child whom you can see in all these hyped photos. Let me say a few things...."
      -I think or imagine that this could be rather sweet to hear, whatever the truth is - for I (for Many ppl!) am a 100% CONFUSED in these photos, like, how came that 'She' was photographed by the top-wack£ Photographer Mr Paul GROVER? (Please my post http://thelostmarketingploy.blogspot.com/2012/03/pro-photographer-owns-maddy-photos-why.html )
      -when a while after, we all found out via the UK public press, that her parents were struggling for money
      (re. the McCanns used their FUND to PAY TWO months premium of House MORTGAGE, fact. Google it if unsure, it's a fact.)

      -soz if unfinished sentences, I'm watching Football! ;)


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