Monday, 26 March 2012

Kate On The Twins' Early Memories

In the SVT Swedish show that Kate and Gerald attended to benefit their launch of BOOK "madeleine" in April 2011, Kate said that it goes through her knowing that the twins Sean and Amelie McCann CAN actually remember lots of daily life experience BEFORE the 2007 holiday. It's clearly making her feel uneasy, as I could well notice, so I 've just decided to post this, just to share it, in case it could help the search for... Madeleine or her shadow. I wonder why this mother shows uncomfortable at her children's early memories? Gerry then carries on, explaining (as he has noticed the mayhem!), showing much concern about the "vile garbage" that's on the internet in discussions, etc, and what they will think of it as they grow older, mmh, well if it's that much of garbage, then they shouldn't care, should they? It's the TRUE FACTS that, in my view, frighten Gerry. Oh, sooner or later... Someone will help the truth a little bit more through! This, I have no doubt about. Frightening for *Some* indeed...

A friend of the blog has reflected upon this as we were privately discussing it and has sent me this:
"Take one monster man that SEAN was going to fight

Take two little toddler kids and FEED THEM THE ABDUCTION STORY

Take two little toddler Kids and describe WHAT THE BIG BAD ABDUCTOR LOOKED LIKE.

Take two little toddler kids and GO OVER AND OVER THE DESCRIPTIONS AGAIN

Take two little toddlers and teach them enough that THEY DREAM OF THIS ABDUCTOR. 


The McCanns have  painted and made sure the twins HAVE A FALSE MEMORY OF WHAT HAPPENED. " -Well thought, but I wonder if it will work though? What will they say when they realise both parents FABRICATED THE FORCED ENTRY "EVIDENCE"? Family and closed friends reported they telephoned them late at night on the 3rd May 2007 and CLAIMED that the WINDOWS HAD BEEN SMASHED! FALSE. The SHUTTER was JEMNIED! FALSE.

 Telling The Tale

("Not me, but Kate. I thought she was a bit over-protective". Who needs a pink prince to spin a good story? Not Gerry, he's a Born Communicator!!! You've really wasted money on Clarence Mitchell, Gerald!
Click Here for the SHOW (starts at 39 minutes)

And hang on, by the way: see ... Just a hypothetical thought as there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE that the McCanns were 'actually' in their apartment WITH the Children on that evening, after the kids were "sleeping". I think we're slowly getting there.... read on The General Info And Links (McCann case) Page on this Blog. The KELLY's BAR is also interesting as TANNER mentioned Gerry watching football on a tv "documentary" (British Tale) - and that I have been tipped-off about this bar, The Kelly's in PdL - one good bar with lively ambiance, REAL QUIZZ and...
LIVE FOOTBALL on large screens.

(Feel free to add anything you wish in the Comments below! Every little bit of Info helps Madeleine... or her Memory)


  1. This reminds me a bit about the story of Guatam Buddha.
    When his mother, the queen, was pregnant, sadhus of vision came to the palace to tell the fortune of the prince.
    They all said there were two possibilities here - that the prince would either go on to become a great king with a unified kingdom or he would become a holy man.
    The king asked what he could to prevent him from becoming a holy man and the sages answered that he never see suffering.
    So the king kept him palace bound, and as a leaf decayed, it was swept away.
    And then of course we all now how on one parade , the guards had missed out on the dying old man on the corner. And at the moment the prince saw that he knew he had to ......

    Well the twins are going to one day see the different perspective. See a chink in the story they have been told. Unless they went through some very serious brain washing which will completely leave them with no desire to look into anything other than the official story.

    Unlikely - god who knows at this stage of the game.

  2. What Gerry wants is the TRUTH being banned in books about the case and if he could get his way the internet - it will NEVER HAPPEN.
    The McCanns will NEVER be able to sheild their children from what really happened. There will always be someone telling the tale always someone that will open their mouth and always someone will point and whisper about the TRUTH.

  3. I must thing about Goebbels - as a propaganda-minister he told always that 100 times repeated lie becomes truth. I did not believe this easy way, but he was right. The McCann clan believe what they say - always the same questions and same answers. It is their thruth, the only one, this lie became reality for them. Only an open confrontation with the facts would help.

  4. Gerry: "I think the strongest memory I have is of really, the photograph that was the last photograph we have of her"

    WTF!... Gerry sounds like a paedophile referring to the last photo of a child victim that gave him an erection!

    If Gerry was a real father of a child he loved emotionally, he'd have said: "I think the strongest memory I have of Madeleine, would have been when I was taking the last photo of her", referring to the child herself and not the last photo, because what Gerry's actually saying here, is that he dosn't know the child in reality, ie; has no physical memory of her, and that he only has the memory of a photograph of a child not necessarily his own flesh and blood!... no empathy equals Stockholm Syndrome!


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