Thursday, 29 March 2012

NO Photo Of Kate's Pregnancies?

Bit weird, isn't it. The Celebs from Leicestershire/ Praia, Algarve would, for sure, cashed on a £ Million if only they had provided some photographs of Ms Healy "wearing" a wee bump, with a caption: "My Pregnancy With Madeleine".
Another wee bumper could have been: "Here! You all want to see Maddy's health records? HERE they ARE!"

But NO. Nothing, and still nothing new in that department for the PJ. No Health Records / Files of any sort. TA-BOO! And the CC (Credit Cards) records / account statements copies are equally TABOO.
Though, imagine the financial BOOST it would have given to the FUND!

Here is something I have spotted from my readings (and it's brought me BACK to an OLD Topic of MINE on the "3as"' former forum... I'm glad that Thoughts Do Stick!!!):

maternity ward pic?
Post" juliet on Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:22 pm

I've seen a photo which looks as if it's taken in a maternity-type ward - with a bed and so on. The funny thing is that Gerry looks like the mother - IIRC he's on the bed with the newborn and Kate is sitting by looking fresh and dressed and in no way as if she gave birth in the last day or so. Do not have a clue where the pic might be found.

It makes you think though - esp as Kate never seems to talk as if she really carried and gave birth to Madeleine. It's all "the pregnancy was so easy", "when Madeleine appeared" etc...the last bit is how adoptive parents talk. "When dhe came to us," sort of thing.

Was Madeleine carried by a surrogate mother? Was she adopted?"

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  1. Kate has never been pregnant in her life. That photo looks like they are visiting a friend who has just had a baby. Jill Haverns has a few phoneys on there pretending to live in Praia De Luz and in ' the know '
    When challenged they are given their ' own little place ' by some who would do anything for little scraps on information that are all lies anyway.
    If by having their own little place makes them feel special so be it. I for one don't buy it. What lengths some people go to just to feel important. How sad.

    1. Hi. Mmh... I've always suspected that place to be a pretend "pro-truther" in fact paid by team Mccann. Infiltrators. What name is that protected troll? would be interesting to post about it?

      watch this video you might have a laugh: . I love the Guitar Intro. "Oh Maddie Maddie" ;)) where the f. did you go"... well perhaps nowhere if Maddy never even existed.
      Have you watched the Swedish show, Gerry remembers the last day as a "photo"!!! "The Last Photograph", what a blunder. I thought it was pertinent from the presenter to ask this question.

      Thanks for the Comment. Come again.

  2. Karen Mathews would have got away with what she done if she had friends in Government or was a Dr for the NHS. The Government look after their own and its not that, Shannon was found to be alive. Who PAID FOR KAREN MATHEWS SUPERINJUNCTION ? I got a feeling someone didn't want to look BAD but they already DO no matter how thet spin and have PR to TRY whitewash it all. Disgusting McCanns neglected their toddler under 4 year old children, night after night. FACT.

    Madeleine Mccann is believed to be in Nerja Spain. Don't get excited now. The sightings seem to always take place just before an anniversary and MORE important and above all else the RELEASE OF KATES SECOND InSTALLMENT OF HER NOVEL.
    Spin spin spinny spin spin once again. It still leaves the BLOOD and CADAVER FOUND IN THEIR APARTMENT and all the LIES to clear up. What rubbish is put out there. DISMISSED as laughable LOL

  4. Police are investigating a sighting in Nerja, Spain. There has been a few sightings of Madeleine around the Costa De Sol. I do agree that these sightings and leads always around the time of her anniversary.Another case of a Mcspin by team Mcliars ££££££
    MAD£L£IN£ Mc££££


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