Thursday, 29 March 2012



 All that low-life got is a MERE 12 months imprisonment AND he's banned from working around Children for ONLY 10 years!

Why ten years? Normally people like that would get banned for LIFE from working with Children. Why 12 months jail? Has the police tried to investigate on  the  SOURCE  of  the  MATERIAL PHYSICS TEACHER ANDREW WARD was using?? Tell me, after his healthy 12 months' break in a cosy jail, how can he ever be prevented from buying a laptop and viewing LIVE footages of kids who suffer sex abuse, again? ?

That bastard was also hanging around BEBO! collecting GIRLS' PHOTOS - advice: if you're on social networks, make sure your account is set for strict privacy...


First article:

Canon Slade teacher admits child porn charge

9:00am Wednesday 21st March 2012
A TEACHER has pleaded guilty to taking indecent images of children and storing extreme material on his computer.
Andrew Ward has been suspended from his post at Canon Slade School in Bolton.
Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to six counts of possessing indecent photographs of children, six charges of taking indecent photographs of children and one count of possessing extreme pornography involving animals.
It is understood the images ranged from levels one to five, five being the worst, and the computer had thousands of images and videos stored on it.
Ward, aged 46, was suspended from the Bradshaw school in November after police executed a search warrant at his home.
His computer and storage devices were seized.
The offences occurred between October 24, 2010, and July 1, 2011.
Ward, of Crompton Road, Lostock, has been bailed to an address in Leeds, and will be sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on April 11.
His solicitor, James Towey, made an application for Ward’s name and address not to be published.

But The Bolton News opposed the application, and it was refused.
Parents received a letter yesterday from the school, which said: “We are writing to inform you that a teacher from this school has been charged by Greater Manchester Police for offences regarding the possession of indecent images of children.
“The school is most concerned and saddened by the nature of the allegations.
“We are co-operating fully with the police investigation together with the Bolton local authority and the Diocese of Manchester to support their inquiries.”

A spokesman for the Diocese of Manchester said: “We are shocked by the nature of these crimes.

“The diocese takes all incidents involving the safety and welfare of children very seriously. Any abusive or inappropriate use of the internet by staff employed in CE schools is completely unacceptable, and staff found guilty of such abuse should be subject to the full weight of employment and criminal legislative powers.
Against such a backdrop, individuals should then be held to account for their own behaviours and actions.”


Original Comment

"I went to Canon Slade and we all thought this guy was wrong, we called him a paedophile behind his back and even made remarks to other teachers about him. If the staff as CS didnt show the students blatant ignorance, as if we knew nothing then this dangerous man would have been caught sooner. He was suspended once before, for supposedly locking a girl in a stock cupboard, turning off the light and feeling her up. Why was he let back into school? Yes Canon Slade is a good school, but it's because the students are willing to learn (even when their teachers are incapable) but the fact that CS put me and others in danger because they refused to listen and deal with the situation (and embarrassment) makes me sick."

Ladies And Gents, no you're NOT watching The Dafty News right now. As you can read, this has TRULY HAPPENED. That "school" has been warned about that PAEDO way before he finally got caught, as you can read. But as usual, who are Children? Teens? Obviously, "garbage to just ignore".


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