Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thank You Kathie - "On Lifeless Child On Beach Rocks"...

Our dear Friend Kathie has been visiting Portugal (including Praia Da Luz, The Beach Of Light) this year at the end of May 2011 / or, in early June - Kathie please feel free to respond and comment -and join as a blog Writer- your descriptions were so interesting, I think Others would benefit from reading them, so feel free to repost them (I have kept your mail and can edit it to publish it while removing your private data, so if you can't post it yourself I would kindly do it for you - contact me whenever you like! x)

Now, Reader. Do you remember the extract where Kate "McCann" describes natural rocks on the beach -rocks of an oblong, flattish shape, with crevices... Kate, the author, describes how she "saw" Madeleine, her Daughter, looking quite 'lifeless' on one of these rocks, with words of this effect. I will bring you the exact excerpt soon - or feel free to post in the comments below. A vision?

This extract of Kate's book has striken me. Forgive me if I offend anyone, but had lost a Child, I would never write such a paragraph in any book that I make where I would evoke my Dear Child - but this is only my opinion, I really think I would prefer to remember My Child as in happier memories or, even, in speculative wishes? Say I would have lost a Child of mine and I suspect, strongly, that she has been physically abused, then... killed... or even abducted... missing for sure, and, would I ever find the courage to produce a book about the situation, never, in any circumstance, would I nurture even one thought to let my mind publicly float and ramble about possibilities of sexual abuse (like Kate wrote on her page 129, vividly and to the point and, how I personally view it, disgustingly.), nor on the possibility of finding her DEAD on a beach rock... And, sorry to say but these two instances make my mind travel to killers/ criminals/ psychopaths who proudly fabricate or render a scenario, scenario that is either imagined or recalled from facts, / or from both fiction and facts, in which they 'buzz' (rejoice) from either bringing a terror feeling to their readers/ audience, or giving their sampled "tuppence worth" of "an account of the truth".

Here are two photos from Kathie that illustrate this point of mine very well, many Thanks again:

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